"Nothing is just a dollar. He didn’t come to rob, he wasn’t forced, he didn’t have a fever, he didn’t lose his mind, and it’s not a joke," added suluo, who also broke free from the crazy swing of Gun Brother in the answer mode.


"And I am willing to regret that this dollar has earned a lot."
Chapter 46 One and a half days to
"Not cheating"
"Definitely not."
"That’s not making a lot of money. I don’t think you should accept that dollar."
"I was going to give me a lot of money when I made a lot of money. I have done my best."
"You are awesome"
"I think so, too."
"I feel that I will have a heart attack sooner or later if I stay with you."
"The exclusive secret of strengthening the body, read more newspapers, manage less and sleep more"
Brother Bao was dumbfounded for a long time and couldn’t say a word. Two people looked at each other with their eyes blinking, just like a couple making eyes.
The decoration workers next to us looked at each other with horror. Our two bosses didn’t mean the indescribable cold.
And suluo paid a high salary, almost twice the market price, which made the workers work hard. The progress was very fast. suluo was very satisfied with the renovation of July 7th in one day, so that the progress was completed after one day of work, cleaning up the equipment, tables and chairs, and moving into a brand-new workshop.
At the end of the day, both of them were exhausted, and the workers all called it a day and went back. Brother Bao collapsed in his new office chair and turned around.
"I feel that I really can’t help you. You can do it by yourself. You don’t even need this workshop." Brother Bao said that he was sad because he couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of suluo. He wanted to contribute and didn’t know where to go, so he always felt like following suluo for nothing.

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After you are in a hurry, I promise you will be too busy to do it, but you are very important. After the preliminary work is done and on the right track, I will leave everything to you to take care of. I will go behind the scenes and I will not die. "suluo said that the psychological suluo of the gun brother is actually very white.
"All right, bring it on." Brother Bao is eager to say what the DreamWorks workshop is going to do. I talked to suluo about many specific projects and didn’t book them. But suluo said that the main line policy is exciting and exciting before people think about it. I don’t believe it, but it is suluo’s serious fantasy.
Now it seems that after doing a few things, Brother Bao feels that although it is still very slim and far away, maybe it may be true.
To be a man, you still have to have a dream. What if he realizes it like this?
The one-day course of the Conservatory of Music has ended. The clean school road is clean. Students in twos and threes are laughing and slowly withdrawing from the teaching area. The setting sun hits a small corner on the top floor of the teaching building. This is the piano room.
A light and refreshing melody floated in the air, and the students slowed down one after another.
The window was gently pushed, and the piano changed greatly, and a short hair head leaned out and looked around.
A touch of sunset dyed her hair red and shiny, narrowed her eyes, pouted her mouth and held out her white hands mischievously. A group of pigeons flew over the sunset and it was beautiful.
Playing the piano is Gong Yu’s weak bones and slender fingers dancing lightly on the keys. Although Xia Han actually wants to go back to play games, she still stays with Gong Yu. After all, it is actually very enjoyable to listen to her kannika nimtragol playing the piano.
There was a female professor sitting in the piano room with her eyes closed, and her hand was gently raised and slowly swayed with the melody.
Piano master, a famous piano player in China, Li Fang, is also one of the few women. It is not so easy for her to have a private kitchen because she is currently working in the Conservatory of Music. It is a dream that has greatly honored several students.
After playing Xia Han, she came back and sat on a leather sofa stool with Gong Yu. Gong Yu looked forward to looking at Li Fang and waiting for her evaluation.
"This song is called" Li Fang asked slowly with your eyes open.
"Tiancheng" Gong Yu replied.
"Master-level music is great," Li Fang praised. After listening to it again, she was still very excited. This can make her feel shocked and continue to ask, "This is the famous artist."
Gong Yu level she still knows that it should not come from her hands.
Xia Han’s mouth pursed and he didn’t care. He muttered, "What is a famous artist is a scum."
"His name is suluo, and he used to be a student of our college. Later, he dropped out of school because of something," Gong Yu said urgently, interrupting Xia Han’s muttering.
"Oh, suluo doesn’t seem to have any impression, but I really want to meet him now. Can you invite him over?" Li Fang asked. This world-class song was still written by the original students of his college, which is great.
"Er, it should be ok." Gong Yu was not sure.
"I’ll go back and read his information for a while. Let’s comment on your performance first.
This song is not difficult for you to control horizontally. It should be said that it is a great pressure. You are really talented, and your level is even higher than that of me when I was your age.
My teacher, Mr. Liu Kun Mr. Liu, once commented that I am a half genius. I don’t want to and don’t need to define you any more, but there is no doubt that this half genius is less. "
Li Fang looked at Gong Yu and was full of praise, but he was very satisfied with this younger brother. The unique beauty alone can make people crazy with jealousy. His family background is good and he is talented and willing to work.
"Yu Xiahan"
Take another look at sitting next to you with your legs crossed and a face that doesn’t care about Xia Han’s heart. I got up and walked over and knocked on her little head.
"Ouch!" cried Xia Han, covering her head.
"You are absolutely, absolutely a genius. If I remember correctly, you have never been exposed to music. You can pass the Conservatory of Music exam after just two months of study. It’s simply a uber. Don’t talk about music and instrument playing. I grew up watching you grow up. You learn everything quickly. It’s your jumping." Li Fang was very nerve-racking and a sense of frustration that he hated iron and did not produce.
"Short oil somebody else to take an examination of the Conservatory of Music is to accompany GongYu to come and have fun. Then I said that the exam is such a thing. Who knows if my dad stuffed a red envelope?" Xia Han pouted and shook Li Fang’s arm with a charming way.
"Oh, I have a headache, too." Li Fang said, clutching her forehead. Looking at that lovely face, she couldn’t get angry at all. She and Xia Han’s mother are best friends, just like Gong Yu and Xia Han now.
It is precisely because of this that I know more about Xia Han and feel more pity for this child. She can’t get angry. It is also because of this that Xia Han will be spoiled and cute to please another person who dares to knock her on the head. She would have jumped up.
Raise your hand and want to knock on it. I just want to see that pathetic little eyes, but I still can’t bear to endure it.
"Well, let’s get down to business. You should also know that the centenary of the university town will be very grand this time, not just one school, but all the colleges in the whole university town will participate.
At that time, there will be many celebrities, singers, movie stars and directors going out here to watch and celebrate, which is a great opportunity to show themselves.
We are a conservatory of music, with a slightly larger number of programs, but we can also get three. Now these three programs are all fighting for their heads in the conservatory.
This song is perfect, I’m sure it’s no problem. I want to report it to you, "said Li Fang.
"Really Centennial Celebration" Gong Yu is very happy that this is a rare opportunity.