When the arrested spy heard that he would be the chief inspector, the whole person was overjoyed. This position was his dream, but it unexpectedly became a reality in a few words of his own. Now, when he heard that dàng’s magic Buddha told him to continue talking, the whole person was particularly J: and moved, but he quickly suppressed his excitement, and said with a J: and moving expression on his face: "Third: It is said that the precious purple wind Excalibur that you have always needed also appeared in Tiangu.


"Purple wind Excalibur also in the valley? Haha, it doesn’t take any effort to really break through the iron shoes. The key to everything lies in the valley of heaven, boy. From today, you have paid attention to it. Now all J Ρ ng forces must be placed in the valley of heaven, and even a bird flies into the valley of heaven, you must report to me. " Dàng, the magic Buddha was so excited at this time that the purple wind Excalibur that he had worked so hard to send someone to look for appeared in Tiangu, and he found the sacred beast by the way, which made him particularly excited.
In the Demon Emperor Mountain, Demon Overlord Heaven is sitting on the main throne of the Demon Tomb. Demon Peng, Demon Moon, Demon Fox and Demon Charm are standing respectfully below, only to see the spy kneeling and reporting to Demon Overlord Heaven: "My emperor, there was a big battle between Tiangu and Tianyu yesterday, and Tianyu tried its best to besiege Tiangu and fought a big Hun war."
"oh? Interesting, I didn’t expect that I haven’t attacked them yet, and they have luàn in their own nest. Go on. " The demon bully said with great interest.
"As a result, the sky turned back. Originally, two thousand disciples came back in less than one thousand, and now they are camping in a hill named Nanmang, five hundred miles south of the nothingness hall. Relatively speaking, Tiangu lost less and only a few hundred people died. "
"As far as I know, Tianyu has returned a strong man whose strength has reached the realm of immortals. It is said that he should not be defeated so badly. What is going on?" Yao Ba Tian suspected that a real strong man can often control the outcome of the war. Now there is a man who has become an immortal in the sky, and he has ended up in such a fiasco, which has to be doubted.
"My emperor is wise. Arguably, it should be Tiangu who is losing this war. But at the critical time, Xuan Tian Men suddenly appeared a strange fairy beast. According to the description, this fairy beast is a legendary holy beast! It was this fairy beast that made a move at a critical juncture, and the strong dancers in Tianyu had no strength to fight back before turning the tide. Moreover, Tiangu also took out the purple wind Excalibur, one of the three treasures in the cultivation of immortals, which sealed the victory. "
"Saint beast? Purple wind Excalibur? " On hearing the spies say these two names, the demon bully whizzed up.
"My emperor, what’s the matter?" On the side of the male see demon bully day face se changes, hurriedly asked.
"Holy beast! Tiansheng beast is the most powerful beast in the whole world. It combines the talents and stunts of ten thousand kinds of beasts. As long as it reaches the adult state, its strength can be invincible in the world, and only it is the unique king among our monsters, the real king! " Demon bully day shocked said.
After a while, the demon bully genius recovered and continued to kneel down and asked, "Why did the holy beast help Tiangu that day?" What does he have to do with Tiangu? "
"It is said that Tianjun jiāo, a disciple of Tiangu, is very close to Tiansheng beast, but few people have seen it, and it will only appear when it is absolutely necessary. Moreover, it is because Tianjun held the purple wind Excalibur to kill the men in Tianyu, and Tianyu had no choice but to hold the purple wind Excalibur, so he only retreated." The spy didn’t dare to lift his head, but the demon bully asked him a question and he answered it.
"Tianjun? Who is Tianjun? " I can walk very close to the sacred beast, and I can also hold the purple wind Excalibur, the first of the legendary three treasures. I believe that this day will not be simple.
"My emperor, this is very clear to me. Tianjun is a disciple of Tiangu’s Zuo Hao. No one has ever heard of it before. It was at this immortal cultivation conference that he defeated many geniuses and made a name for himself. However, his talent is rare even in the whole history of cultivating immortals. After only twelve years of cultivation, the cultivation of the whole person has reached the initial stage of true immortals. "

Chapter two hundred and fifty-one How insidious
Chapter two hundred and fifty-one True Y and N risks
Seeing that the demon bully asked about Tianjun, as the palm of the demon tomb, Men shemale day, I still knew a little about this, so I explained it to the demon bully.
"oh? Twelve years can actually reach the early stage of true fairy? If you don’t rely on the assistance of natural resources and treasures, it is indeed a rare genius to achieve this realm. " Demon bully days when I heard that twelve years of cultivation to the early stage of true fairy, the whole body was slightly shocked, and obviously it was shocked.
"My emperor, since the sacred beast is the unique king of our demon class, I think the magic deity dàng of the magic clan must have got the news, and he must have gone to rob the sacred beast that day. What should we do?" Inclined male leaned down and asked gently.
"You may not know the significance of this sacred beast in this world. He is a legendary peerless strong person who can save our demon race. As long as it can grow safely to adulthood, and J Ι sends out its own potential and learns all the talented stunts, it will become an invincible existence, and the status of our demon race will be improved accordingly. It is the savior of our demon race."
"My emperor means …" Demon day asked not sure.
"dàng, the magic Buddha heard that the holy beast is in Tiangu, and it will surely send someone to rob it. After all, even in Hundun, there is no one who is not salivating at the holy beast. If nòng gets into their hands, we demon race will be in danger. We should first find out the relationship between the holy beast and Tiangu, and then see if we can invite the holy beast to our demon tomb. After all, this is the safest place. Demon Day, you immediately give orders. From now on, you should keep a close eye on the movements of Dang’s magic Buddha and Tiangu, and you must never let Dang’s magic Buddha and inferno take the lead in getting the sacred beast. " Looking at the direction of Tiangu, Yao Batian’s eyes are full of wings and he commands Yaori.
In the Xuan Ying Hall of Tiangu, deep and remote clouds sit high in the palm teaching position, and several people are among them at dawn. Even Tianjun, who has rarely participated in their discussion, is rarely pulled over by Zuohao.
"Tianjun, after more than a month of adjustment, your injury should be all right?" At the sight of Tianjun, Youyun immediately asked with concern. After saluting Youyun and several people at dawn, he looked at Youyun. Tianjun clear voice said, "The power of the magic knife really deserved its reputation. It was not until yesterday that my injury was completely cured. Now it’s all right. I don’t know why Zhangjiao asked me to come here …" Tianjun bowed to several people and sat in the following seat. clear voice asked Youyun.
Under normal circumstances, deep and remote clouds will never disturb Tianjun, but this time, men are specially asked to take part in their high-level discussion.
"We just escaped from Tiangu last month, and now, there is an even greater disaster coming to our Tiangu." Sighed, deep and remote clouds helplessly looking at Tianjun, leisurely said.
"oh? How do you say this? " Tianjun has been accompanying Xuanji at Zhulin Peak. As for other things, he didn’t ask anything, so he doesn’t know anything about the trend of cultivating immortals. Anyway, there are deep and remote clouds and several elders taking care of it, so he naturally doesn’t have to worry. Even the elders of Neimen will only come out when they are in danger, and they always stay in Neimen for practice.
"Now the whole world of cultivating immortals is rumoured that I have got the sacred beast and the purple wind Excalibur in Tiangu. I estimate that this will definitely lead to the attack of the demon tomb and the magic Buddha of dàng." Deep and remote cloud worried said, a good, if the two attack together, rao is day valley between people out is of no help.
"Saint beast? What sacred beast? " When I heard the holy beast, Tianjun immediately asked in disbelief.
"The so-called sacred beast in their mouth is your baby eagle of Warcraft. In the outside world, it is called the sacred beast. It is also said that the sacred beast gathers the talents and stunts of ten thousand kinds of beasts. As long as you reach adulthood and learn the talents and stunts of various beasts, you can walk alone anywhere in the world, and it is invincible." At dawn, the spies of Tiangu were gathered outside to gather information and said to Tianjun every word.
"Kitty hawk if adult does have so much, that’s right, but the name holy beast is too smart, there must be some y and n .. Zhang jiān, what about the purple wind Excalibur? Only a few of you know that I have the purple wind Excalibur, even Feng Ling doesn’t know it. How do those people know that I have a purple%% Kitty hawk, which is an acceptable beast? But as for the purple wind Excalibur, Tianjun is very suspicious. Only these people and Xuanji and Yunxi know that he has this sword, and he has never used it himself. But Tianjun can’t believe this.
"Not only did they say that you had the Purple Wind Excalibur, but they also said that you used the Purple Wind Excalibur to beat away all the people in the sky." See tianjun haven’t begin to understand, ZuoHao helplessly continued.
"Master means … that the gang in Tianyu deliberately planted our Tiangu, so that we can become the target of all people. When Tiangu and dàng’s magic Buddha or demon tomb are killed, he will take advantage of the fishermen again."
Se in Tianjun’s face changed slightly, but I didn’t expect myself to be used by all the people in Tianyu.
There are still some rumors about Mercedes-Benz, but as for the purple wind Excalibur, it is completely fabricated, which can not only attract attacks from all sides, but also make Tiangu doubt each other internally, and it is really risky enough to retreat before fighting.
"You finally figured it out, but then my Tiangu may be besieged by all sides. I’m afraid this time is even more difficult than last time. After all, the dàng magic Buddha of the inferno is a figure born in the inferno, helping the devil to unify the inferno by himself, and its strength is higher than that of the dance idiot. This time …" Zuo Hao saw Tianjun’s touch-and-go, with a pleased expression on his face, but then Se hesitated again. After all, this is related to Tiangu.
"Hum! At the beginning, I should have wiped out the sky in one fell swoop. It is shameless to let them go like a tiger returning to the mountain and use this inferior means to deal with my valley. " Tianjun’s face turned cold, and he cursed Tianyu with resentment. After a pause, he looked at several people in Zhangjiao seriously and said confidently, "Zhangjiao, you can rest assured that I will be able to keep Tiangu, no matter whether dàng’s magic Buddha comes or the strong man in the demon tomb comes. If Tianyu dares to come again, well, I must let him be wiped out and removed from the cultivation of immortals."
"oh? Tianjun, are you really so sure? " Seeing Tianjun’s self-confidence, Youyun immediately cheered up. Last time Tianjun said that he could defeat Tianyu, he finally got his wish. This time, he said that he could defeat dàng’s magic Buddha. Although a few people in Youyun don’t know what means Tianjun has, it is also a glimmer of hope, which can make Tiangu survive in today’s luàn world, at least not like the cool breeze Men, who has almost been removed from the cultivation world.

Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Helper
Text] Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Helper
Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Helper
"Zhang Jiao, Master and Uncle, just wait and see. I won’t let you down. I’m going to practice first. Just let me know when the demon Buddha or the demon tomb comes to challenge. Take care!" Say that finish this sentence, Tianjun disappeared in front of a few people like a streamer.
"alas!" Youyun sighed a long time, looked at the direction where Tianjun disappeared and said, "Rain and rain are coming, and I don’t know if I can escape this time."
In the square in front of the nothingness hall in the sky, the demon-swinging Buddha ordered all people to stay away from the square and dare to kill those who disobey the order.
At this time, I saw him standing alone at the top of the square, with a faint smile on his face, his hands behind his back and his eyes shining in the distance.