Being swept by many eyes, Tianjun couldn’t help shivering. He had never faced so many people staring at the fairy realm alone. Fortunately, these people just cast a glance at random, then turned away, kept silent, and waited for the auction to start. Even Tiangu turned away and pretended to be indifferent.


Tianjun cast a glance at the chair on the field, found a relatively remote place and sat down with Xuanji.
After more than an hour, the number of people on the [Guang] field slowly increased. Tianjun glanced at it with moonlight, and most of them were people from the fairy realm, but there was no particularly severe angle Se. There was no one in the fairy realm, and many others in the fairy realm were probably servants of such people.
After sitting for more than an hour, I saw several men in black on the platform, standing in a row in front of the long table that the platform had already prepared.
Then there is the old man in a golden suit who has just seen the fairy realm, and he boarded the platform with two people in the true fairy realm and sat down on the seats already prepared on the platform.
The people in the audience saw the old man of the fairy realm personally coming to the stage for auction, and immediately they were silent, and the atmosphere did not dare to mess out. After all, the highest cultivation under the field was just the fairy realm.
The old man in Jinyi stood up from his seat, glanced coldly at the people sitting quietly under the stage and said slowly, "Today, the old man will preside over the auction. Do you have any objections here?"
Seeing that there was no answer from the audience, the old man in Jinyi continued: "Well, since everyone has no opinion, I declare the official start of this auction." Say that finish, he gestured to the man on the left and sat down at will.
"Welcome friends from all walks of life to participate in this auction. I think you are already impatient, but it doesn’t matter. At the next auction, there will be treasures that make you feel necessary." The man on the left hand side got a sign from the old man in Jinyi, clapped his hands and said loudly, "There are some new friends who don’t know the rules of the auction yet. We will introduce them immediately."
It seems that this person has a lot of auction experience and is quite clear about the purpose of everyone here, so he doesn’t say much. He didn’t say much about some unnecessary things, just put the words ahead and let everyone focus on the auction items.
As soon as his voice fell, the man on the right hand side of the old man in Jinyi said, "The rules are very simple. We have set a floor price according to the value of the goods. You can bid at this floor price without any limit. The so-called high price wins. Not much gossip. Start now. "
Although all the people present were awed by the old man in jinyi, they heard that there were things that could make them move at the auction, and they were also stupid.
As the man’s voice dropped on the right hand side, a man in black came out from behind, holding a brocade box in his hand and putting it on the long table.
The old man in Jinyi held up the brocade box in front of everyone, opened the lid of the brocade box, took out the brocade box and displayed it in front of everyone.
A spiritual herb appeared in people’s eyes, and the aura b contained in the spiritual herb made people know that it was extraordinary at first sight.
"This is Hui Xiancao!" As soon as the spirit herb appeared, there was an uproar off the field, and some people in the audience exclaimed, especially the people in the fairy realm were especially j: and moving.
"Yes, this is the main medicine for refining the true elixir." Jinyi old man said with a smile on his face.
Everyone in the fairy realm knows the wonderful use of the true elixir. When breaking through the true elixir realm, taking the true elixir can be immune to all negative effects, and its main function is to stay calm, because with the improvement of cultivation, the higher the probability of demons invading.
Therefore, when people in the realm of immortals rush into the realm of true immortals, some people basically take this kind of Dan medicine to avoid their influence, and those who don’t can only take their own destiny.
True elixir is the best elixir of this kind of auxiliary elixir, which is extremely effective for people in the realm of the fairy. It is no wonder that those people in the audience are so nervous.
The old man in Jinyi saw that the atmosphere on the field was alive, and he felt almost the same. He said, "The reserve price is 100 top-grade meteorites. Please go ahead."
"Auxiliary Dan medicine?" Tianjun looked at the fairy grass in the hands of the old man in Jinyi, and murmured, but he was not interested.
He is now the first-order cultivation of the fairy, and he is still far from impacting the fairy realm. Besides, he also intends to rely on this kind of Dan medicine to help him. After all, two grandfathers once said that relying on foreign things to cultivate, although the effect is remarkable, is often limited to this, and nothing is achieved in the future, so he does not intend to bid for it.
I want to come to Xuanji and have no interest in it. At the moment, her heart is still moved by Tianjun’s words just now, and she can’t extricate herself from it. Naturally, she doesn’t care about the auction.
Plus, we can see from the reserve price quoted by the old man in Jinyi that the more things behind, the more precious they are, and they are not in a hurry.
Of course, just because you are not interested doesn’t mean that other people are interested. For others, especially those who are in the higher level of the fairy realm, this is a good thing to close the door. One more true elixir will enable you to rush off the phone. Therefore, the words of the old man in Jinyi just fell, and the quotation under the platform is already endless.
The first auction, which lasted for more than ten minutes, was won by someone with a thousand top-grade meteorites, with one hand to pay and one hand to deliver. The person who took it naturally couldn’t put it down, but after just observing it a little, he immediately threw it into the storage bag. So many people were blind, and naturally they couldn’t take it lightly.
Everything in this auction is traded in the currency of upper-grade meteorites, because the upper-grade meteorites can better reflect the value of items. If measured by middle-grade meteorites or lower-grade meteorites, let alone the reluctance of the fair, these buyers all feel a little wronged. After all, those who can come here don’t have some inventory, and the middle-grade and lower-grade meteorites have little meaning, let alone disdain the eyes, and naturally don’t care about those meteorites with few spiritual powers. ! .

Chapter one hundred and thirty-six Asking
….. Thank you! There was no joy in the eyes of the last winner. Still a pair of B not rings not surprised eyes, but the ceremony is not waste, or bow to the brocade robe old man said.
Everyone stared at the last bidder in the venue, and Tianjun and Xuanji were no exception. They stopped talking and then looked at the man.
The logo of Tiangu surprised them. Unexpectedly, it was this hidden man who won the final Gui Yuan Dan. Tianjun looked at Xuanji, but Xuanji shook his head to indicate that he didn’t know who it was.
Others don’t care so much, their eyes keep moving from this person to Tianjun’s side and from here to there. After all, Tiangu’s logo is so conspicuous, and these three people don’t hide their identity, so it seems that there is something fishy between these three people.
"I didn’t expect that there were such hidden people in Tiangu, and I didn’t even know them. It seems that ten of them are children of the inner court, which should not be underestimated." Tianjun kept thinking in his heart, and his eyes fell on that person from beginning to end.
This person also seems to have noticed other people’s eyes, especially to Tianjun and Xuanji, and smiled, with few words and silence.
"Then this fair is over. Just now, the bidder came to the next house and took out the number of meteorites you quoted in exchange for the items you bought. If there is a quotation but no meteorites are delivered, don’t blame my heartless staff!" Say that finish, brocade robe old man breath, pressure to all off the field.
The old man in Brocade knows the rules of the game very well. After the auction, maybe no one can leave safely.
However, he can’t control this. All he asks is that such individuals don’t make trouble in the valley. After leaving the valley, it’s none of his business.
So he gave everyone a scare first, and they began to be stupid when the fair was about to end.
At the beginning, I paid the money in one hand and delivered the goods in the other hand because the value of the goods was not great. After the sale, there were some big problems and small things, so it was a big deal. At the end, there were thousands of big deals. If the rules were still like this, it would be unreasonable.
Tianjun and Xuanji got up and left, and came to the elder’s house to wait just now. When they were bored in every way, a figure suddenly appeared in their eyes, completely without a shadow. Even if Tianjun’s consciousness was put to use early, he could not detect the slightest movement. Sure enough, the fairy realm was well-deserved.
"predecessors." Tianjun and Xuanji hurried to salute.
"This is the 9000-grade meteorite for you two. Please take care of it, and remember that money is beyond your reach. I want to send you away in person later, and I believe no one dares to pay your attention." The old man carefully told.
"Why do the seniors love the younger generation so much?" Tianjun asked.
"Ha ha, smelly boy, what can you do to make my old man love you?" The old man changed his usual serious and playful smile.
Hearing this, Tianjun suddenly realized that it was not for himself, but only for the sake of Xuanji. He turned to Xuanji and motioned for her to thank the old man.
"Don’t thank humbly, also don’t ask me some friendship with your ancestors, naturally love me, love my dog, surely this is your sweetheart around you? Yes, yes, very promising. " The old man smiled at Xuanji on some faces.
"But boy, there is something unknown in my old man’s house. I hope you can help me answer it." The old man turned to Tianjun and looked it up and down and asked.
"Excuse me, senior, 1 boy knows everything." Tianjun said.
"Whether these five elements of Dan medicine were acquired by accident or passed down by your master, telling the truth is only good for you, not bad." The old man has some irrepressible companions.
"Family heirloom." Tianjun answered truthfully.
"Oh, I see! Then do you have Dan medicine such as Guiyuan Dan in your hand? " Asked again.
"To tell the truth, the first boy has some pills for cultivation and healing. This kind of pills for cutting corners has been taught to me by my master, so I don’t have such pills in hand." Tianjun is not disgusted with this kind of Dan medicine, but he always feels that something is wrong. As for what is wrong, he can’t tell you why.
"Yes, it seems that you have a word above the master guidance, the future is limitless.
Then I might as well tell you that your five elements of Dan medicine and Guiyuan Dan just now seem to be made in one furnace, and the atmosphere above is basically determined to be forged by an alchemist furnace, so I have this question. Strange to say, however, the five elements of Dan medicine understand the technique of age, which is probably owned by your master, and this belongs to Yuan Dan, which is only newly refined. Although the technique is pure, it is still slightly childish. It seems that it is not what you did. "The old man sighed.
This is constantly hovering in Tianjun’s mind, and the clues before and after are running through it. It seems that I have vaguely understood something, but I am not sure yet, so I can only keep it in my heart and dare to believe it after confirmation.