The face of the dragon beard is more bitter. Can you blame me? I’m in charge of military supplies and military monks, and I can’t get involved in such things as training! Besides, even if I practice, who knows this stuff? I’m a monk.


No matter how wronged he was, he dared not argue with the Lion King. He could only say, "Great-uncle, these people were all Tang … all death row inmates selected by the Duke from the army. Itself is extremely brave, supplemented by the means of the duke, naturally … "
"Natural fart!"
The lion king was so angry that his nose smoked, and two clearly visible white gases flew in the air, just like two long queues.
"A bunch of death row inmates can be practiced like this, leaving a good soldier to become a waste, but you are not bashful to take it out. Tell me, though, whether the butler has fed you too much and rusted your bones! "
This is heavy! To put it mildly, it is dereliction of duty. At worst, that is the fundamental sin of shaking the country. Dragon beard body tingle, directly kneel to the ground.
"Granduncle matrixay! I’m a dragon, anyway. I can’t do such a thing! Just a matter of the army, it is … "
Tang Qing couldn’t stand it and said, "Don’t be hard on him, old man. Let me explain it to you. But all soldiers, whether they are monks or others, the most effective training is not these, the key is actual combat! "
Conveniently recruited an ordinary soldier not far away, Tang Qing asked: "Tell me, what is your usual actual combat training?"
Above Guangmingding, everyone knows Tang Qing, even in Yanlong, everyone knows Tang Qing. It’s just that everyone saw Tang Qing accompanying a distinguished guest and didn’t dare to bother him.
Hearing Tang Qing’s personal questioning, the soldier shouted, "I’m very grateful to the Duke, a regular member of spike, who goes into the mountain once a month." A team of ten people can only return to the team if at least one third-class monster is killed! "
Tang Qing nodded and asked again, "The third-class monster beast is equivalent to the strength in the later period of the foundation. Ten people fight one, even if there is no interference, it is quite difficult. After such a long time, is there any damage? "
"no! Injuries are inevitable, and none of the brothers are dead! "
The soldier answered loudly, his face full of pride. Finally, he added: "Thanks to Fairy Ruotong and Master Yan Xian, if they hadn’t refined a lot of elixir and armor, I’m afraid many brothers would have to be broken."
"Ha ha, you deserve it."
Tang Qing, a deputy leader, deliberately asked, "Do you have the courage to deal with the fourth-order monster beast if you are given an blazing bow, armor and a horizontal knife?"
"Of course!"
The soldier flushed with excitement and replied proudly, "In fact, we are tired of fighting the third-class monster beast, and we have long wanted to go deeper. However, Brother Hei won’t let me, saying that I will wait until the latest guy makes it, and I will have a chance in the future. "
"Sunspots are right, this can’t be urgent."
Tang Qing patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him: "Don’t worry, the blazing bow is being upgraded, which will be more severe than before. The new horizontal knife should come out soon. As for armor, hehe, don’t mention the top-grade spirit weapon. As long as the strength is raised, there are magic weapons. "
Looking at the man’s excited face, Tang Qing also had some feelings and asked: "What’s your name?"
"My name is Mu Tiezhu, and everyone usually calls me Tiezhu." The man was a little excited and a little embarrassed, and he replied simply and honestly.
Name … wham! "
Tang Qing stared blankly for a moment, and finally managed not to swear. He casually said, "Iron Column, you said that if you fight the orcs, the infantry will stop talking. They are pediatricians. If you are against the orc cavalry, dare to do it with them! "
"How dare you!"
Iron column eyes a horizontal, excitedly said: "the duke, you don’t know, these days everyone is thinking. We don’t have a mount, even if we did, it is estimated that riding can’t catch up with those guys who are related to wild animals. Let’s think about it then, and simply use these logs as weapons. If this is swung, no matter how big he is, the iron-headed rhinoceros can’t hold it, right? "
"Ha ha ha!"
Tang Qing couldn’t help laughing, even the dragon beard, who heard some stupidity, couldn’t help smiling. Think about it, if the logs that are several feet long are swung open, it is really invincible.
With a smile, the dragon beard is a lament in his heart. In the great war two thousand years ago, the orcs fought against human beings by infantry. Now, these arrogant guys want to turn it upside down. Regardless of winning or losing, the momentum is better than others. If it is replaced by the army of the West Camp, it will be strange if the infantry meets the orc giant riding.
Thought of here, the dragon beard couldn’t help but look at Tang Qing, saying that this guy might really be a generalship, at least this training is far beyond the idiots in the West Camp.
Waving the iron column away, Tang Qing turned to the lion king and said, "Old man, give me an estimate. Can I be a potential stock in the Covenant of the Three Kingdoms?"
"calculate! Of course! "
The lion king stared blankly for a moment and didn’t understand what a potential stock was. But I immediately understood Tang Qing’s meaning, and said with a wave of his hand, "Tang Qing, I know what you mean, just to get some support!" Don’t worry, it’s my long-term wish to take back Yanlong. If you can do this by yourself, I will have light on my face. "
"Back to you according to the situation, make a list for me, let nothing transferred to you from the west camp. As long as it is not too illegal, the old man can be the master! "
That’s what Tang Qing was waiting for. He smiled and said, "Don’t worry, old man, it won’t embarrass you. I promise you, I will not let others say anything! "
Looking back, Tang Qing patted the dragon beard on the shoulder and jokingly said, "Little nothing! Have you heard all this? "
The dragon beard almost didn’t cry, and at the same time he was relieved. He repeatedly said, "I know, don’t worry, the Duke. Since the lion king has ordered it, the old man, the old man, will certainly do it."
As he spoke, the old man thought to himself, "Anyway, with the lion king on his back, it’s none of my business if you empty the munitions depot!"
Just then, I suddenly heard a noise ahead, and my voice was full of wonder and joy. Among them, it is the particularly thick voice of sunspots and others.
"I depend! So powerful! Cool! "
Ou Yezi’s voice also sounded, full of pride and disdain. "Nonsense, my old man’s house is out, can it be not bad!"