The white y- in front of Xi not ng flew out on its own, with no light and no s-, and it was like hiding in the dark. It flew up and down a few times and saw Tianjun lying on the ground. M not caressed the thin face, and then made a whining sound.


Radiant, the white y- instantly burst into the overwhelming white light, soaring into the sky, with a huge momentum, and all the people in Tiangu basically saw these scenes.
This white light lasted for just a few seconds, but it has caused a porch but not.
"Tianjun!" Pay attention to the fat, this white light comes from the direction of the hidden fog peak, who can it be if it’s not Tianjun? Once again, Xuanji left everything at hand, and Yan threw his sword and jumped to the hidden fog peak.
After the white light dissipates, it exudes a faint fragrance from the middle, which makes people feel refreshed. This fragrance swayed in the air without a trace, but in the end it all flowed into the nostrils of Tianjun.
White y- like light, fragrant.
After the fragrance was distributed, the white y- rocked y- pendant and fell into the palm of Tianjun’s hand impartially. The skin contact seemed telepathic, shaking and calling out to the unconscious person in front of me.
In the body, the fragrance turns into a whip, and the yellow s- aura is driven by this fragrance, and it is full of vitality and hard work.
Then it fell to the place of then, looked at the broken then, turned into a ray of light smoke and picked up the fragments that fell everywhere, gathered again, and piled up the fragments bit by bit, as if to repair them again.
The endless starry sky is still so mysterious and unpredictable.
"ah!" A slight sound of struggle sounded, like a brotherhood of the Wolf, in the dark night, y and n sen. ! .

Chapter one hundred and two The cat was changed
The situation of danger and narrow escape quietly changed without the knowledge of Tianjun. From then on, I passed through an important juncture of life and death, exhausted physically and mentally, and after a while of thinking, I was dizzy and entered the dream.
The gentle call in the ear is like a refreshing cool breeze blowing slowly, as if it is a gentle caress to the lover, and the lightest whisper and lingering wake up the heavenly king from his sleep.
Tianjun, who was born again after the robbery, labored to open his eyes, turned his head to one side, vigorously supported the gentle arms that had been waiting for a long time, and at this point, as if he had exhausted his whole body strength, Xi not ng kept ups and downs and exhaled.
"Tianjun, eat it." A colorful Se pill was put into his mouth and swallowed directly without delay.
A warm current rose from the lower abdomen and spread to the whole body. Tianjun quickly climbed up from the ground with difficulty and sat down on a plate of tuǐ, letting the spiritual force on his body run and absorbing the aura between heaven and earth.
Then inexplicably grow back, incredible, dare not do what he wants in my heart, after all, this then is seriously damaged, if it is not repaired in time now, it will take longer in the future.
Gradually, the combined yellow Se psychic powers are gathered more and more in the elixir. Driven by a large number of psychic powers, the elixir runs faster and faster, and the more spiritual powers are absorbed, it seems to have become a bottomless abyss.
I can’t help but be overjoyed. I can’t think of every cloud has a silver lining, then I can recover and even prosper. The pain just now has not been suffered in vain, so I can see it in Se.
But it didn’t last long. It’s not a great effort, and it’s more difficult to absorb spiritual force, and it’s even more stagnant. The endless spiritual force, as always, keeps going regardless of it, so evil xìng cycle, the spiritual force fills up then, and begins to expand uncontrollably, getting bigger and bigger.
Tianjun quickly released his spiritual knowledge and manipulated the spiritual power, trying to stop them from running at once and do the opposite, hoping to avoid this disaster.
However, contrary to expectations, the spiritual power is out of control, such as mud cows entering the sea, and there is no news. God knows very little about this yellow Se psychic force. In such a bad situation, you can’t completely control it.
Spiritual power is like a broken bamboo, surging in, and the stranded spiritual power continues to increase, even more so.
Feeling that the situation is about to get out of control, Tianjun said anxiously, "If you don’t wait for such a trick, it won’t be enough once. If you don’t do anything, let it go unchecked and let it do whatever you want, your spiritual strength will become a scourge. At that time, I am afraid that then it will be crushed into minced meat by this madness."
Just now, I can still remember the feeling of pain when then broke. Last time, it may be a coincidence that then recovered, but again and again, I am afraid that luck will not come again and again.
But instead, blindly resisting is more unbearable pain. Huang Se’s spiritual power is like a flood. This time, it is not only sweeping forward, but also taking the opportunity to confuse the meridians in the [body]. The sound of spluttering is endless, and the frequent crunchy means that the meridians of Tianjun are broken.
"It seems that I really want to die this time." Unwilling, I couldn’t help but hold a sharp thing that I didn’t know when it fell into my hand, and it pierced my skin, and a little blood flowed out.
Rivers of blood, the white jade gradually became a blood-red se, creating it all the more.
It’s providence, so you can’t force it.
Xuanji had already noticed something strange. Handfuls of pushing Tianjun, calling him to cheer up, reached out to help him stop bleeding, but the white jade with red Se gave off a slight light, stupefied not to let her near, even if she used her magical powers, it would not help, and she could not get in.
Time waits for no one, the situation is very critical, but I can’t help myself. What should I do? Xuanji, who is usually clever, has lost his heart at the moment and has only one thought in his heart: he dies, I die, he lives, I live!
Then once again, the red Se white jade properly blooms into the sky of blood Se, such as blood cloth all over the sky, y and n sen clinking.
"Not dead?" Thought I would die, I waited for a long time, but nothing happened except that loud noise, so I couldn’t help looking up at the blood cloth.
Blood cloth all over the sky, showing a few lines of yellow se fine print from right to left, red se as the bottom, yellow se is given priority to, which is particularly dazzling in the air, and those words are also clearly greeted.
The true meaning sends true knowledge, and the spiritual knowledge also responds.
The two families are one, and Shu’ er is physically and mentally determined.
The spirit is clever and bright, and xìng is now dying.
Nothingness gives birth to light, while stillness gives birth to yang.
The bright night pearl is bright everywhere.
Noise turns into truth, xìng people change their minds.
The spirit knows the essence in the fire and the treasure in the water.
Fire and water are y and n, and it’s really good to be glamorous.
If it weren’t for divine fire forging, then how to split.
Attachment: then nine cracks, the secret is mysterious, endless changes, nine deaths and nine lives.
"Then crack, the cat was changed?" Tianjun murmured, and the great changes in his body at this moment are completely in harmony with these words.
Without much thought, this blood cloth covered Tianjun’s whole body in time, and slowly penetrated into it, only feeling itchy all over the body. Finally, it slowly covered the next body.
There is nothing to be afraid of, and Tianjun lets himself drift. He just keeps staring at the scenes above the then, seeing is believing, and blood cloth is dubious, so wait and see.
The blood cloth seems to have endless changes. Just now it covered the sky, but now it has shrunk like a fist, wrapping the egg-sized elixir, and the buckle is firm and airtight.
For a moment, the blood cloth began to derive, so dense that the surface has become sparse, and small square mouths are like wellhead, helping then digest the excess spiritual power.
Suddenly, it became bottomless, and the endless spiritual force seemed to perceive the crisis, gradually becoming stagnant, flowing quietly and silently.
In this way, after a quarter of an hour in peace, the blood cloth seemed impatient and unwilling to wait and regenerate.
The blood-red Se gradually recedes, reappearing in the appearance of white inside and red inside. Just now, the spiritual strength of the spurts is like small pools, and the streams between each pool connect them in series, which is endless.
The surface as calm as water began to roll and move, and then the water kept bubbling, completely reaching a boiling point.
The water seems to make people feel uncomfortable, and it is even more lawless. It forcibly collides with the elixir, as if to break the surface of the elixir and pour it in.

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