Qing Jian thanked the old man, only to see that the old man casually put a magic trick on Qing Jian, saying, "This is an earthy escape, which is three minutes faster than the ordinary escape, but it only takes three quarters of an hour. You can leave with this technique, but you don’t need to use it. Three quarters of an hour is enough to escape a hundred miles away."


It is also the first time for Qing Jian to use this kind of evasive technique. He carefully followed the old man’s instructions and even cast spells. Sure enough, he disappeared into the ground with a whoosh.

Chapter 46 Shenmu Jade Fruit Dew
It was not until Qing Jian disappeared in the same place that Tie Xing turned around and said, "Little friend, please come with me and I will take you to a place."
Zhangfan didn’t know where the old man was taking him, but he was full of doubts about what I needed to help, which made him so mysterious. He kept walking back to the giant tree with the old man until he entered the space inside the tree. Tiexing said, "Let’s go." And then use the technique of soil dun, suddenly, two people came to a place, I saw outside are tall giant trees, mountains in the distance, Pingping, Cui Yun, all directions are beautiful and beautiful peaks, and at this point, Zhangfan and the old man is in a half-peak cliff, opposite the fog, bottomless below.
And the huge apricot tree where the old man lives is abrupt on the cliff platform of dozens of abbots Fiona Fang.
With a wave of his hand, the old man appeared an antique wooden table and two square stools out of thin air on the platform beside the tree. There were several jade cups on the wooden table, which matched with the antique wooden table, just like nature itself. Then the old man casually conjured up a delicate jade pot, from which poured out some unknown liquid, thick as pulp, full of aura and faint fragrance. And the old man just filled one of the jade cups.
Old Tie looked at the small cup of jade liquid spirit slurry and said, "Little friend should pay for this jade fruit dew first. This dew is made of NINEONE Jade Fruit and Shenmu Spirit Liquid, which has the effect of improving eyesight and refreshing mind. Especially after taking this thing, as long as the spirit force is injected into your eyes, all ghosts in the world have no hiding place, and ordinary magic arrays can be broken." After a pause, he added, "I’ve only got three tablets in my life. I can make this half bottle of liquid, so you can use it at ease."
Although Zhangfan was not wet behind the ears, he also knew that when the time came, it was now or never. In other words, he thanked the old man quickly, and then took it down. As soon as the Jade Fruit Dew entered the entrance, it turned into a aura that flowed down the throat to the abdomen, then gathered in the abdomen, circulated in the abdomen for a week, then flowed around along the meridians, and finally gathered into a bunch of eyes.
Spiritual power runs in the body for a week, and Zhangfan opens his eyes again. Spiritual power has just been injected into his eyes, only to see a faint blue light in his eyes, and then disappear. Looking around, the surrounding scenery becomes clear and abnormal, and the fog in front of him becomes weak, and you can clearly see the cliff at the other end thousands of meters away.
The strangest thing is that when Zhangfan runs the psychic force and looks at the old man again, although he can’t see its cultivation, he sees that the aura in the old man’s body is unusually strong. There is an elixir in the abdomen, which shines in the body with all kinds of lights, but it just overflows. The aura runs around this elixir, and when it breathes, it forms a picture of Vientiane vitality.
But at this moment, I saw a flash of white light, and Zhangfan couldn’t see anything. He injected spiritual power into his eyes again, and the old man stood there naturally, only seeing clothes fluttering.
Although Zhangfan has never seen the demon Dan, he has seen a lot from some materials. He recognized at a glance that the old man in front of him was actually not human, but some kind of monster. Then he thought that the big tree where the old man lived was always inseparable from the tree, and he was shocked and said, "Are you a tree spirit?"
The old man smiled and said, "Yes, let me introduce my apricot tree in NINEONE, which has been in Kunwu Mountain for 100,000 years." Speaking of this, I looked at Kunwu, who was towering in front of me, as if lost in some kind of memory. After a pause, I added, "Hundreds of thousands of years ago, when the wind of cultivating immortals prevailed in the world, there were twelve famous families, such as people, sects, demons, Buddhists, Taoists and Chien-jian sects, and there were also several religions such as overseas immortals. However, since the fairy Yang Shouji cut the dragon and became immortal, all the twelve famous families disappeared inexplicably, and it was only after that that I was born. Although the aura of heaven and earth is still enormous, no one has ever realized the road. I am an ordinary apricot tree. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, I accidentally absorbed an essence of eucalyptus. Since then, I can slowly attract the aura of heaven and earth. However, as an eccentric, I have evolved purely by absorbing the qi of heaven and earth, and I will not mention the dangers of hundreds of thousands of years. Up to now, according to you humans, the old man has just advanced to the sixth order. However, we tree spirits are not good at attacking, so the magical powers of Taoism are far less than those strange insects and beasts. "
Zhangfan said, "I wonder what the elder needs the younger generation’s help?"
Tie Xing said, "I need your Mu Lingzhu to help me." Zhangfan took a step back, greatly shocked in his heart. No one knew about his own Mu Lingzhu, except Gelingsu, and it was wrapped in a jade box, but it was still present.
"How did you find out that I have Mu Lingzhu?" Fan Zhen ran way.
Tie Xing looked at Zhangfan and said, "Little friend, don’t be afraid. Since ancient times, the shemale has been at odds with the shemale, but I am a tree. Since I was born, I have been born in nature, close to nature, and aware of the changes in heaven and earth. I have no intention of harming others. Otherwise, when I meet you, I won’t try to get close to you, but take it away." After a pause, he added, "In the same way, the wooden spirit beads contain the essence of pure ethyl wood, which the little demon my friend met in the Woods naturally can’t feel, but the old man is different. Although there are no such strange beads in the old man’s body, the spirit of ethyl wood is homologous and homogeneous with me, but it can be felt."
After a while, Tie Xing added, "Of course, I just need you to help me with a few wooden beads, and it won’t do any damage to it. Otherwise, I may be able to help you." Moreover, judging from your coming here to collect Radix Scrophulariae, some of them have put the end at the expense and wasted Mu Lingzhu’s help. "
Zhangfan was startled. He didn’t know the meaning of this 10,000-year-old tree essence. He sincerely said, "What does the elder mean?"
Tie Xing said, "Old man, your skill is similar to the spirit of wood spirit, and you practice the skill of wood attributes. If you use the help of wood spirit beads, even if your skill is worse, you can make rapid progress in a few decades, but you are taking great risks and coming here for advice. Isn’t it a waste of money?"
"What should I do, according to my predecessors?" Zhangfan asked.
"Please sit down and listen to the old saying slowly." Iron apricot said, while sitting with Zhangfan separately.
After being seated, Tie Xing said, "Why do you cultivate immortality? What is the purpose of cultivating immortality?"
Zhangfan was about to open his mouth when Tie Xing said, "Little friend, there is no need to answer in a hurry."
When Zhangfan heard Tiexing’s words, he sat down slowly. His past experiences from birth to now were presented in front of his eyes. In his childhood, he saw that people who cultivated immortals could fly around in the air and were revered by the world. Cultivating immortality is not only a symbol of one’s own strength, but also an eternal life, which is one’s childhood and dream. Then he was elected to the sect, and he went away with his childhood dreams and hopes. In the door, he saw the strength of those high-ranking monks and the unparalleled strength and dignity of the ancestors of Honghe when they were born, which strengthened his will.
Then, on the day of joining the school, I passively accepted the break-off. How did I get a cold shoulder in the door? Without practicing day and night, it should be a kind of tempering, while hard work is a kind of proof for myself and a process of pursuing strength? But what is the powerful purpose? Protect your family? Or how to pursue the so-called eternal life of the avenue?
Then there is the mission of the sect, how to meet the only Qinghe who cares about himself, mothering, experience, Gelingsu, catching bees, all the strange things, spirits, fairies, and so on, all of which flow from the eyes one after another until I meet Tiexing, and now I am sitting here.
Some miscellaneous thoughts emerged in Zhangfan’s mind one by one. Gradually, Zhangfan’s aura was disordered, and his body was blue and white. The true spirit in the body became messy and abnormal, and he no longer ran according to the route. Iron apricot watched it, but he didn’t stop it. This is the so-called demons. It can pass, and it is not a temper to its unpaid; Of course, if you can’t live, that is, you don’t have enough heart. Although you don’t die, you are afraid that you will never push your luck again in your life.
Zhangfan is struggling in this pain, and his emotions are all on his face. The clothes outside are wet and dry, dry and wet. In a blink of an eye, most of the day has passed. It takes Zhangfan a long time to take a long breath and open his eyes. "I hate the hypocrisy I have encountered, and I like all the new things I have encountered." As he spoke, he took out a small heart-clearing charm and threw it into the air. The charm changed from the size of a page to half a foot wide and three feet long, flying far away, flying directly to dozens of feet away, standing still in the air, fixed in the air, and there were flashes around the charm, and the middle rune debuted with golden light.
Then Zhangfan took out another Lingcao, and a flash of light came out. The Lingcao suddenly dried up, and the water was pumped away, but the color remained the same, and it was still green. Zhangfan took out a few things again, and in a short time, he matched it, then took out a slightly larger cup and put it in it, and took out a teapot, applied a fire-fighting tactic, and suddenly the water in the teapot rose. Zhangfan poured water into the cup, and those Lingcao immediately turned into a cup of light green tea, emitting a faint fragrance. Zhangfan’s palm moved slightly, using exorcism, and the cup floated slowly to the old man Tiexing.
Tie Xing rubbed his beard and said, "Congratulations, Xiao You, for further cultivation."

Chapter 47 B wood spirit body
Tie Xing rubbed his beard and said, "Congratulations, Xiao You, for further cultivation."
Zhangfan will run the psychic force in the body for a week. Although the practice is not advanced, it is still at the peak of the seventh floor, but there is a feeling of being suddenly enlightened, and he has realized something vaguely, but he can’t catch it or touch it.
But the most obvious thing is that the spiritual force in the body is more pure and the running degree is smoother.
Zhangfan stood up and returned the gift: "Thank you, senior." Then he asked, "What can I do for the younger generation? The elder is in charge."
Tiexing said, "Little friend, you can see this apricot tree where the old man lives. This is the old noumenon, unless the enlightenment avenue is in the fairy class, otherwise, no matter what, it can’t escape the change of time. The old life has been hundreds of thousands of years, and that’s it. However, in this continent where we live, since Yang Shouji made a dragon into a fairy, no one has directly achieved the fairy class, so there is no hope. "
Zhangfan listened to Tie Xing and said, "The elder wanted to borrow the Mu Lingzhu of the younger generation, but can this bead help you change?"
Tie Xing said, "It’s true that although the old man is the body of the eternal spirit wood, the spirit of the spirit of the spirit wood itself is purer than that of the spirit wood in the ordinary tree spirit monster. How can it be compared with the essence of the spirit wood implied in the spirit wood beads? After all, the true essence of the spirit wood is hard to find even a drop, so although the spirit wood beads only contain the essence of the spirit wood, it has been called the Five Wonders."
"The land where we live, the five elements are mutually reinforcing, the golden water, the aquatic wood, the wood fire, the fire earth, the native gold, and so on, endless, constitute our boundless world. Therefore, the old man only borrowed this pearl for a few days to breed the five elements of aura in the evolution body and make it look brand-new. And after that, the old man will help you refine this pearl and make you an ebony spirit. How about that? "
"The spirit of wood?" Zhangfan ash way.
"Yes, the spirit of Ebony is one of the five elements. It is born by adhering to the aura of Oriental Ebony, and it is a kind of innate spirit. The biggest advantage of this constitution is that it can transform the aura inhaled from outside into the aura of Ebony, and it can get twice the result with half the effort."
"Of course, you are pregnant with this thing, but you haven’t met those monsters who become psychic, otherwise they can be sensed, and then you will be guilty of it. Another advantage of this bead is that it originally implies the essence of Et-wood, which is similar to your own skill. After I refine this bead into your body, if this bead becomes the foundation of your Dan Yuan, of course, with your current cultivation, it can neither be used nor felt, but when you become a monk in the Dan period, you will be able to show its benefits. " Tie Xing finished, sighed again, and said, "But your spiritual roots are extremely poor, and how much luck you can have depends on yourself. However, after you become a spirit, it is not a problem to build a foundation and knot Dan. The road ahead is entirely up to you. "
Having said this, Tie Xing said, "Little friends can think about it."
These still need to be considered, Zhangfan thought, with his own spiritual roots, I don’t know where I can fix it, but there are so many senior brothers in the door, all of whom are their own role models. Some of them die of old age for life, and they can’t get into the foundation. They can get this great benefit unexpectedly. Can they still be dissatisfied? Think further, if the old man wants to get his own things, he will never be able to protect them with his own cultivation.
Thinking of this, Zhangfan said, "The younger generation is willing."
Then take out the jade box wrapped with Mu Lingzhu from the storage bag and hand it over to Tie Xing.
Tiexing took the jade box and took out three spiritual fruits from her bosom. These three spiritual fruits were the same as those exchanged with the giant toad at that time, and they were also full of aura and fragrance. Tie Xing said, "Little friend, take these three apricots and meditate here. The old man also needs to borrow Mu Lingzhu to change his physique. Let’s meet again in seven days." Then he walked to the giant tree, but this time he didn’t go into the hole in the old tree’s body, but went straight to the tree and disappeared.
Zhangfan took three Lingguo, and looked at it. Now Lingguo is no different from ordinary apricots, only slightly larger, thinking that it may be the fruit of the old apricot tree itself, and it has become a Lingguo.
Zhangfan is not willing to waste, only one of them will be swallowed, and the fruit will melt in the mouth. Even the fruit core will be swallowed into the stomach. Just after entering the abdomen, the next abdomen will "soar". Zhangfan knows that when a certain fruit contains too much aura, it is always like this. Immediately, he no longer thinks about it, and his mind sinks into practice. In an instant, seven days have passed. When Zhangfan opens his eyes, now his cultivation has entered another stage.
But I want to come, too. Zhangfan itself has reached the peak of seven layers. Although the Shenmu Jade Fruit Dew just taken is not something to improve the cultivation, it is also a panacea, which is of great benefit to rob the body of impurities. Plus, it has just experienced some kind of "demons" and deepened its understanding of the Tao. If it is not advanced, there will be no justice.
Zhangfan woke up from the meditation and saw the iron apricot old man already on the stone table beside him, looking at himself with a smile. Then he looked at the iron apricot. Now it looks like a different person. First, the tip of the silvery white beard turned pale blue, and the huge old apricot tree behind it was originally seen. Although it looks green, some leaves are yellow, but now it is given.
Zhangfan quickly stood up and said, "Congratulations, senior."
Tiexing smiled and nodded, saying, "I owe this happiness to my little friends." Then Tiexing moved his left hand, and the wooden spirit bead appeared out of thin air in the middle of his palm. But strangely, this bead was in the old man’s hand, although it was also full of aura, but it was not the kind of aura.

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