This layer of reiki shield comes from the law engraved on Zhangfan’s storage belt, which is somewhat stronger than Zhangfan’s own reiki shield.


As the shield opened, Zhangfan calmed down, his body shook and he turned around.
I saw a flowing wind beast standing a few feet away, its body hair was golden, shining with bright and strange light, while its hooves were still dark green, but they were faintly golden. At the neck of this beast, there is a thick layer of yellow fluff, like a yellow ring in the middle of the neck.
This is secondary. The most obvious thing is that there is a huge horn on the head as big as a giant bucket, above the eyes and in the middle of the ears. This horn is the same as its coat color, khaki, but the top of a foot-long scale horn is about an inch long, but it is pale gold and has a faint golden light. At the bottom of the huge horn, there is a thick layer of half-foot long fluff, which is neatly scattered around.
The body of the second-order variation wind-flowing beast killed by Zhang Fan is only 20 feet long, but this beast is not only longer than the average wind-flowing beast, but also has eyes the size of two bells, which are shining with golden light, and it is very violent and ferocious.
At this time, the beast stood several feet away from Zhangfan, watching him quietly.

Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Kill the beast and get the egg
In front of the behemoth’s eyes, there is a faint spirit of wisdom. Obviously, the spirit of wisdom is over the bottom of the order, so you must not spit on others.
But the meaning of refusal in his eyes is clear, and Zhangfan clearly feels that there is a kind of refusal in the eyes of this beast, which clearly means to stop himself from going forward.
It can be seen that the Lingcao in the cave must be different.
Then Zhangfan thought a turn, at this moment he was thinking of Lingcao, and the monster beast in front of him was big enough.
Zhangfan looked at the beast with a sigh, and God followed his heart. Suddenly, an apricot spirit sword burst through the body, suspended in front of him three feet away, like a three-inch long fish, and turned around the body.
Zhangfan know, in front of the monster beast, although it is a third-order monster beast, and the general third-order monster beast, most in the middle and late period of human foundation, unless it is the god beast, or ancient beasts, the third-order strength can reach the stage of Dan.
Even so, the strength of this monster beast is higher than itself. Although man is the ancestor of all things, he cannot be careless about it.
This is the first time that Zhangfan has met the third-order monster beast. Zhangfan knows that as long as he enters the third order, the monster beast has generally condensed the inner Dan, and there has been a qualitative change between the strength of the monster beast and the second order.
At the time of entering the Black Valley, Zhangfan met a second-order wind beast that was also a variation, but only the power of a sword could remove the beast. Although Zhangfan wanted to fight, he took advantage of the spirit sword of Yimu, but even if he didn’t move the spirit sword, the second-order monster beast was no match for Zhangfan.
The monster beast in front of me is different. Although she looks into Zhangfan, a powerful and dangerous gas emerges through the monster beast’s eyes.
Zhangfan a wry smile. I didn’t expect to just come from a desert island. You have to go through a hard struggle. Although the beast to bring their own pressure. But Zhangfan has now entered the period of building a foundation. Full of spiritual strength. Besides, there are many implements on me. It is not necessarily that it is not its opponent. Even if you can’t beat it. It is possible to escape.
Thought of here. Zhang Fanxian attacked. I saw that his mind had just turned. The spirit sword of Yimu surprises and leaves.
Just when the sun is shining, it is now being used more and more well by Zhangfan. The sword has not arrived. Linglei has appeared. Surprises came out in the sky, and thunder completely covered the place where the wind beast stood for dozens of feet.
Huge thunder came crashing down. Hit the wind beast.
But LingLei has just arrived at the monster beast several feet above the ground. The monster beast has lost sight.
Escape again. Zhangfan mind just move. In the moment when the wind beast disappeared, it was not good.
At this time, it was too late to bring back the spirit sword, so Zhangfan had to pat his hand to his waist.
The Sun Ring has just been lifted by Zhang Fan, and it has turned into a thousand ghosts and enveloped it.
Zhangfan also dare not treat sth lightly for a moment, although there is a protective shield, but still set a defense.
As the Sun Ring in Zhangfan was just forming a defense, the wind-flowing beast with a body length of three zhangs had appeared behind Zhang Fandi out of thin air, and a golden front paw was soon taken to Zhangfan.
Before the claws arrived, a strong wind came on my face.
Zhangfan figure did not turn, has been back to longitudinal, hands moving at the same time, dozens of spirit tactic out in a flash, the spirit tactic has just been shot out of the hand, has turned into a sea of fire with, wrapped all the dozens of zhangs behind Zhangfan.
But listen to the sound of "Luo", the Sun Wuhuan has lost contact with Zhangfan.
This is the first time that Zhangfan faced the monster beast so quickly. In the case that he was caught off guard, his defense was suddenly broken.
At this moment, Zhangfan’s Yi Mu Ling Jian has returned to the front with a change of Zhangfan’s mind.
With the sword in hand, Zhangfan just settled down a little and looked back.
See the sun ring has lost its former glory, broken in two, lying on the ground in a gloomy way, while the behemoth stared at Zhangfan through a sea of fire dozens of feet wide.
The Sun Ring was sent by Qing Zong, which is of great significance to Zhangfan. Now it has been destroyed at once, and Zhangfan’s heart suddenly gives birth to a sense of resentment. Look at the monster beast’s eyes is no longer just the peaceful qi, but also a significant calendar color.
Wind beast won’t wait for Zhangfan, just in Zhangfan’s view for an instant, the monster beast has opened its mouth, and at the same time sucked it into the fire in front of it.
Zhangfan suddenly saw a surprised scene, only to see dozens of feet of fire between the two sides in front of him. Under the big mouth of the wind-flowing beast, all of them were sucked into the mouth of the wind-flowing beast.