But what about things? Sunday which have that ability; The main reason why Sunday will suddenly disappear in the perception of the three monks is that Sunday borrowed the ability of space and hid in the space before the three monks came over. If we really talk about hiding ability; Sunday’s talent in this respect is quite poor. How can he hide under the noses of three monks at the same level without being discovered by them?


But no matter how Sunday was originally planned, anyway, in the end, the three blood shadow monks seemed to be too confident. In the end, no matter what kind of consideration they made, anyway, their actions were in line with the original plan of Sunday, which naturally facilitated Sunday’s action.
So in the three blood shadow teach monks just disappeared without a moment’s kung fu, Sunday is then dare to retreat from the space. Carefully looked around and found that the three monks didn’t stay where they were. On Sunday, when they were reassured, they ran directly towards a certain direction.
Sunday knows; Although the other party can’t understand the space ability because they don’t know their specific information, they can’t be prepared for their disappearance and sudden appearance. But the perception ability of the three monks can’t be false. They can’t feel themselves when they enter the space, but when they come back; Sunday can be sure that they will find themselves when the time comes. After all, when they leave on Sunday, their location has been noticed by the three monks. Even if they don’t believe that Sunday is directly disappeared in their perception, for that small area; They should also pay more attention.
In such a case; If you act fast enough on Sunday, you may be able to carry out your plan, but if you act a little slower; Originally Sunday’s plan, but it is also possible to push Sunday into a state of perdition.
In such a case, it is very hard to catch up with the road on Sunday. Almost in the three blood shadow monks, it was discovered that Sunday, which should have disappeared, suddenly appeared again, but Sunday was also rushed to the other side of a member at that time.
In the face of this sudden reappearance of the opponent, it is obvious that the blood shadow monk did not put Sunday in the eye …
There is nothing wrong; Sunday is indeed some strength. Before the three of them came out, all those things that Sunday did in their base were seen by them. But so what? If it were for him; The damage he can cause will never be smaller than Sunday. What really surprises him is that Sunday can rush into their base. In addition to this situation, for Sunday’s strength, the monk who teaches blood shadow is not too concerned.
It can be said; In the view of the blood shadow monk, Sunday’s previous performance depends on his ability to enter their base. In addition to this reason, the strength of Sunday compared with the three of them is no advantage, if Sunday does not appear; The three of them are still not sure about finding Sunday, but now Sunday has run out at this time, but he has absolute assurance that he can stall Sunday, and then he will only wait for his two companions to come, and Sunday is not an escape.
It is for such a reason that even if it is clear that Sunday is a practice; Not weaker than the blood shadow monk, but in the face of Sunday; The other party still despises Sunday, if it is not Sunday with some skill; I’m afraid the monk who teaches blood shadow won’t even have the mind to deal with it on Sunday, will he?
Now, although I don’t think Sunday can beat them, I think Sunday’s sudden behavior is purely to die there. But in the end, the monk who teaches blood shadow is also a master of Mahayana. Who can practice to this state now has never experienced a wonderful experience for thousands of years, even thinking that Sunday is here to die; In the face of Sunday, such a monk who is not weaker than him, the monk who teaches blood shadow still took out his best, and at the moment when Sunday approached him, he also took the initiative to attack Sunday …

Chapter two hundred and forty imitators?
What you are reading is the chapter directory of the celestial resource tycoon: Chapter 240th There are no bones left? Chapter two hundred and forty imitators?
"Blood palm" Zhou Tiancai just appeared in people’s sight, and the monk who taught blood shadow directly attacked Sunday at that time, which is another common move of blood shadow teaching, but; Unlike those’ blood palms’ that were encountered before Sunday, when the same moves are used in the hands of the blood shadow monk, the power is too much stronger than what I have seen before, and the bloody handprints as huge as mountains are directed towards Sunday, facing such an attack; Generally, even if you are a monk at the same level, you probably only have to avoid it temporarily.
However; Who let the blood shadow to teach the monk this time on Sunday, as a result; In the end, the abacus didn’t work. How could Sunday act according to each other’s ideas? In the face of the attack of the blood shadow monk, Sunday was completely unavoidable and bumped into its attack.
It can be said; There is nothing wrong with the monk’s current practice, even the monk at the same level; In the face of an all-out attack from one side, there is no other choice but to dodge. So now that he acts like that, it’s not difficult to push away the monks at the same level. As long as he can’t get close to him on Sunday, he can easily stall Sunday, just waiting for his other two companions to arrive, and the end of Sunday will dare to come.
But; That monk would never have thought of it, that is, in his opinion, his performance can only be said to be an ordinary opponent, but he has practiced the Nine-turn Xuangong that few people can practice for thousands of years. In accordance with the defense ability of XuanGong, Sunday is done can completely ignore the degree of attack by monks at the same level. So; On Sunday, when facing the attack of the monk, he simply didn’t have to worry that he would be hurt by the other side’s attack, so he was greeted by the other side’s attack. In the other side’s surprised eyes, he also collided with the other side’s bloody handprint.
"He really doesn’t want to live." Seeing Sunday’s move, it is impossible to understand why Sunday is now facing Sunday’s reaction, and there is only one idea that flashes in his mind. Because of some reasons why he couldn’t keep up with his thinking, he even made a fatal mistake when he saw Sunday’s reaction.
And obviously; Sunday nature is impossible to really hurt under the attack of the other party, so when the monk thinks about why Sunday is such a reaction, Sunday is directly rushed out from the attack of the other party.
When the person who should have died in his own attack suddenly broke through from his own attack and appeared in front of his eyes; You can imagine how shocked the heart of the believer who teaches blood shadow is. Because there is no corresponding psychological preparation at all for a while, in the face of such a situation at present; The monk was so stunned that he rushed out of his attack on Sunday. It failed to make a correct response in the first time, and finally let go of the opportunity to make up for the mistake, so that Sunday successfully rushed to its side.
According to the strength of Sunday, if the monk who teaches blood shadow pulls the distance between the two sides, with his cultivation; It’s not easy to beat each other on Sunday. If there is a real conflict between the two sides, I am afraid that the final result will be a seesaw battle.
Obviously, if things really come to that; It is quite bad for Sunday, but now the monk who teaches blood shadow is careless and has made such a low-level mistake. Under such circumstances; But it gave Sunday a great opportunity.
The most feared thing about Jiuzhuan Xuangong is melee. Basically, all the people who practice this skill are some fighting maniacs, although Sunday doesn’t consider themselves belligerent. However, because of the achievement method, Sunday was influenced by it, in terms of combat; But he is good at melee, at least among monks at the same level; If it weren’t for the practitioners of some special achievement methods, there would really be few people who could fight with him in the first world war if they let Sunday get close.
Now it is obvious that the monk who teaches blood shadow is not a practitioner of that special achievement method. In the face of Sunday’s attack, it can be said that the monk who teaches blood shadow has no resistance at all. Although when it comes to realm and cultivation, the other party is not weaker than Sunday and a half, but who let Sunday practice the achievement method is better at fighting, and now he is fighting Sunday best there with Sunday, in such a case; The monk who teaches blood shadow is no match for Sunday, but it is only a matter of time before he loses.
And things are going very smoothly, no matter how the original three blood shadow monks planned, anyway, because they were scattered, they finally gave Sunday an opportunity, but they were really caught by Sunday and gave them a hard blow.
Maybe before that, the idea of the three monks who taught blood shadow was to attract Sunday by using decentralized methods. After all, Sunday disappeared into their field of vision. Although they were very confident about their own strength, they were afraid to say that they could definitely find Sunday. In such a case; Trying to draw Sunday out of the shadows became an option for the three blood shadow monks.
There is nothing wrong with their plan, depending on their strength; They are confident that they can stall Sunday and wait for the arrival of their companions under any circumstances. And they did it like that; Sunday is indeed running out of the shadows for the behavior of the three blood shadow monks.
Just; What the three blood shadow monks didn’t think or miscalculated was that Sunday’s strength was much stronger than they thought. Facing their arrangement; Sunday clearly knew it was a trap, but he still made a decisive move. And after the hand, Sunday is indeed took out the strength that matches its behavior. Before two blood shadow monks came, Sunday leaned against the flaw exposed by the carelessness of the blood shadow monk, and decisively approached the other side with its own advantages and constantly attacked the other side, and finally before the other two blood shadow monks came; Zhou Tian narrowly and dangerously killed the blood shadow monk with brute force and some rogues, and by exchanging injuries for injuries.
Just as soon as he killed his opponent, he didn’t hesitate at all on Sunday, so he fled into the space in the first time, but let the other two blood shadow monks get to the property, except seeing the body of his companion, and even didn’t see how the opponent left on Sunday.
Until this time; The two blood shadow monks are afraid at this time …
Although these blood shadow monks are more confident in their own strength, they never think they will be weaker than any monk at the same level. But even if they are confident in themselves, it is when they face the facts; But I can’t tell myself anything.
There is nothing wrong; Sunday’s cultivation is indeed only comparable to them, and it may even be worse than any of the three of them. It is precisely because they feel this way, so in the face of Sunday, the opponent, they will not put Sunday’s opponent in the eyes as before.
But; At present, Sunday told the two blood shadow monks with facts. Although Sunday said that it was the most equivalent to them, it was a monk who could pose a threat to them. In the face of such an opponent, it is impossible for the two monks taught by Blood Shadow to be careless in front of him again, and even the two monks taught by Blood Shadow have some regrets for their previous performances.
If early know Sunday so interested; How could the three blood shadow monks act separately? Now they have been killed by a member on Sunday, and they don’t even know the whereabouts of the enemy on Sunday. Appear for a while and disappear for a while, in the face of such a shadowy opponent as Sunday, if you don’t worry about fear, it is absolutely false.
If I had known this; I believe that what the three blood shadow monks said is impossible to make such an arrangement at present. However; Now what should have happened has already happened. Even those two blood shadow monks regret it no matter how much. They don’t have the ability to turn back the clock. Now all they can do is how to save their lives. As for the original purpose of finding out and killing Sunday, it is already early and I don’t know where they threw it.
If you want to leave the place; For the two blood shadow monks, nature is nothing difficult, depending on their cultivation; If the two blood shadow monks really want to leave, they can return to their base in minutes.
But now the problem is; Because Sunday escaped the space, in the view of the two blood shadow monks, there is an enemy who can make a fatal attack on them around them, in such a case; How can those two blood shadow professors dare to make a move? Even if they have the ability to leave, they are always worried about their actions. Will there be an attack on Sunday at that time?
No action, nothing; If you are on your way, then your mind will inevitably be affected by some things. If you sneak attack them on Sunday at that time, the two blood shadow monks don’t have even the slightest confidence to say that they can stop the attack next week.
After this step at the moment; In fact, the most important thing for the two blood shadow monks to do is to find a way to bring reinforcements, and then find out and kill Sunday by virtue of the number of people, or withdraw on the condition of ensuring safety.
Surprisingly; The two blood-shadow monks are obviously so scrupulous in the face of the threat of Sunday, but even now, since they have been enduring not to make a move for help, this situation has a great source with what they thought before Sunday, so they are hiding in space on Sunday now; It is a bit redundant.
The reason why I was in such a hurry to hide when I just killed a member of the other party and took advantage of it, what I was afraid of on Sunday was nothing more than the reason why the two Mahayana monks would call the two scattered immortals. If you know that the other party is reacting like this at the moment, there is no idea of calling reinforcements at all, then Sunday is there is no need to hide. After all, no matter from which aspects, Sunday’s current strength; For the last two monks in Mahayana period, it is impossible to be opponents, but with the help of space, it is not impossible for Sunday to win.
It’s a pity that on Monday, if you enter the space; For the outside world, it is completely blind, and it is completely impossible to collect any information. Under the influence of a big weakness in this space, Sunday naturally failed to find the situation of the two blood shadow monks. Until Sunday, the state was nursed back to health in the space, and it was estimated that the blood shadow monks should have left, and Sunday was retired from the space at that time.
Undoubtedly; Obviously, because of this potential threat on Sunday, the two monks taught by Blood Shadow did not choose to leave. When Sunday came out from the space, what he saw was that the two blood shadow monks stared at their own situation.
"Bad" although it is already known that such a situation may be encountered, when Zhou Naive found himself out of space and let outsiders see it; At that time, Sunday was still in Inner Mongolia at the first time.