Snow letter body spirit pressure will play the body drops to wear the clothes.


Put on your pants. Xuexin was just about to go back to the top of the mountain to get clothes. She suddenly turned her head.
"Captain Mao Hua"
Snow letter saw a man not far away, wearing long white feather woven hair and hanging freely over his shoulders. He looked pale and there was a cold breath there.
It’s a thousand flowers
"Is it an illusion?"
Snow letter staring at each other Maohua captain how can appear here?
But it’s not fake that she exudes mental pressure.
"Captain Maohua?" Snow letter gently shouted
"Come with me"
Light-footed flowers and flowers said that tiptoe flew towards the sky.
What the hell are we going to do?
Snow letter feet to step on the body prancing up toward the top of the mountain rushed to a few ups and downs came to the top of the mountain.
When I came to the top of the mountain, I grabbed Xuexin’s sword and threw it to Xuexin and said, "I need you to fight with me."
Xuexin looked at Captain Maohua blankly and asked, "Do you want to fight with me?"
Maohua nodded and said, "Yes, it’s you."
Snow letter looked at her forehead cold sweat straight drop "Maohua captain I I am not your opponent."
Sister, how can I be your opponent?
I’m no match for you in terms of martial arts strength, speed of hand and reaction speed.
The gap between instantaneous step and flower flow is the smallest.
"hurry up"
Maohua said coldly that he would throw the snow letter knife.
Xuexin reached out and looked at Captain Nai of Maohua and said, "What did Captain Maohua want to see me for?"
Maohua said softly, "I have a little chat because I haven’t fought with people for a long time."
A long time? It’s only been six months since the end of Quench War, right?
And you wanted to see me? I am no match for you.
Snow letter nai said, "you want to find someone to learn from, you can find his captain."
Even opponents can satisfy your desire to fight, right?
Maohua snorted and said, "They never accept my challenge."
Snow letter quickly asked, "then can I not accept it?"
"You belong to me and you are not qualified to refuse." Maohua slowly pulled the knife out of the scabbard.
Snow letter said with a wry smile, "Then you don’t want to find Vice Captain Xiao Ye?"
Maohua threw the scabbard aside and said, "He is not as good as you and he is not good at kendo."
Xue Xinnai said, "But I will die if I fight you."
"So do your best."
She said softly for a moment, and she appeared in front of the snow letter with a knife.
Xuexin tried to draw a sword to block it, but in an instant her knife crossed Xuexin’s chest.
A blood shot out and landed with a bloody pattern.
it hurts badly
Snow letter legs supporting one hand holding the knife and one hand covering her chest and then stared at the countless flowers.
Suddenly, I leaned out my hands to grasp the snow letter.
Snow letter want to retreat a chest pain has been spending thousands of hold down the chest.
Gentle energy appears into the wound to repair the injury.
This is the answer
Xuexin’s wound kept healing, and it didn’t take long for her body to recover.
"Come on"
Take a step back and hold the knife and say, "Do your best to fight with me and satisfy me, or I will really kill you next time."
Chapter one hundred and seventy Slaughter
What she said is true.
Xuexin felt the flowers scattered and sent a strong murder, knowing that she would really kill herself if she didn’t do it.

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