Happiness came so suddenly that the old man was a little incredulous.


"Er, Duke, that … I really wanted to be your teacher … but Medivh … that … I really …" The old man was a little incoherent.
Duke held old Norton’s hand the other day. "Don’t underestimate yourself. If North County Abbey didn’t discuss it with you, maybe I would have been killed by that guy Brando. Because I refused to be Medivh, it was not just because of ambition, but because there were deep reasons that you would be white in the future."
The old man’s mouth was crawling and his eyes were moist. After all, the old man didn’t cry, but sighed, "Please forgive me for being an old man who knows a little magic but doesn’t have much courage. I am really ashamed to be your teacher. I should be your safe haven. I didn’t come out at that moment. I knew that I had lost my chance to be your teacher forever, but I would be honored to be your official guide into the magic hall."
Seeing that the old man has made up his mind, Duke can nod.
Teachers and guides are not the same concept, but they can do the same.
The old man Norton immediately assumed the appearance of a strict teacher. He took out the "Introduction Notes for Apprentices of High Elf Mages" in one hand and a translation written by himself.
"I have carefully studied this [introductory note] for a long time, and I found that human beings have really detoured in the field of magic for thousands of years."
"yes! Magic training is nothing more than giving a qualified child a lot of magic knowledge first, then letting him communicate with other worlds such as the elemental world, then guiding magic energy into his body through meditation to transform himself, and then forming a magic circuit, and then practicing day after day to make the magic circuit thicker and stronger. "
Speaking of which, the old man suddenly spat, pointing to the handwritten elf text, "This is the safest way to practice. Yes, it was the safest way to practice when humans were not exposed to magic thousands of years ago, but the cunning elf left one hand."
"Left a hand?" Duke pricked up his ears
"yes! Save a hand! Do you know what high elves are born to play magic better than humans? "
Duke frowned. "Racial talent?"
"Of course, there is another reason for this factor-the sun well!"
Dukema realized something. "You mean …"
"yes! In fact, the foundation of Miao magic with excellent physical quality is complete and quick, and the general apprentice can easily be promoted to the level of Morningstar mage. Before that, he needs a source with high concentrated magic to transform his body day and night, and it must be the body of a child whose body is still in its infancy. "
Duke’s head is big. Where can he find a sun well? That thing, the high elves will fight hard with whoever moves. He doesn’t think he has that big deal to go to Quel’ Salas to take care of the sun king
At this time, Old Norton patted Duke on the shoulder. "I bet even the person who gave you this [Apprentice Letter] didn’t realize that he gave you an amazing treasure house!"
Duke added in his heart that "she" is not "he"
"The first 49 pages are no different from the human mage apprentice training manual. At best, they are refined, but the last page …" The old man turned over the last page of his handwriting. Duke didn’t know elvish, which didn’t prevent him from seeing that elvish suddenly became scrawled, which seemed very casual.
The old man also looked through Duke’s translation. Duke found that there was no translation on the last page.
"Do you know what I didn’t translate?"
Duke shook his head.
"Because this page of elvish language is nonsense," the old man squinted and laughed. "Just as you created a pearl course, I was suddenly inspired. This is not language, but a special magic circuit layout."
The old man suddenly excited "ha ha! It’s just me, the arcane expert, who will discover the secret. This is a special magic circuit design that can absorb the surrounding free arcane energy into the body like a vortex! "
"This …" Duke was surprised.
Moreover, this is a completely different way to expand that magical circuit, which is more extensive in absorb arcane energy. I don’t know what the Sun King would imply that the Kael’thas King was tempered like this, but it is different from helping you. If you follow this practice, you can quickly increase and strengthen your magical circuit even if you need a sun well.
Old man Norton said, "Du Ma Bai, what is this?" If we follow the historical process in the game, Quel ‘Salas will fall in the near future, and all the residual high elves are trapped in a strong addiction to arcane energy.
Anast Lian, the sun king of the senior elf king, certainly knows how bad the sun well is for the elf addiction. His sending Kael’thas to Dalaran to study is also a disguised form to give Kael’thas more hope and a broader future.
It was the sun king who didn’t expect his self-interest, which could not be discovered, to flow to Aurelia and give it to Duke.
Duke suddenly sighed that Aurelia was such a noble man!
Chapter 52 Magic Circuit ()
Old Norton handed me Master Kael’thas’s apprentice’s handwriting.
"Duke, put your hands on the surface. Don’t resist giving you an illusion inside. It will be a precious commitment."
Duke gently put his hand on his face and suddenly showed up.
"The host has detected that the unknown nerve system is less than 3% dangerous. Do you accept the transfusion?"
With the old man’s hand, a strange blue arcane energy was injected into the middle page of the last page, and the ghostly characters in the middle page suddenly came to life, as if their pages twisted and twisted and then combined with each other to form a new arcane pattern.
"It is detected that the new magic circuit construction mode and the function of strengthening arcane energy absorption will greatly increase the host’s absorption of arcane energy in the two sub-categories of plastic arcane and flame. It is suggested that the host synchronously polarize some of its arcane circuits." The wizard still faithfully performs its duties.
Duke’s vision was completely replaced, and a star illusion appeared in front of him, even Duke’s, which seemed to have disappeared, without breathing or thinking.
I feel that the whole person has turned into a thin thread of Qian Qian’s spirit. He can clearly feel that his spirit is excited by an inexplicable force and cheered. Every spiritual line has mana surging like a wave.
Then several mental lines are intertwined into clusters of braids, and these braids are corrected into a larger strip. I don’t know when the mental line barrier turned into a small thin line and became a small tube, and then the small tube merged into a larger tube.
When the tube becomes thicker than the Duke horizon, finally the elongated tube is wound into a closed circle end to end.
Duke can clearly’ see’ the brilliance of arcane energy surging in the huge tube, and they keep pounding and slapping the scab-like barrier that has been bonded to the head and tail of a tube.
It seems that the lack of arcane energy rushed this barrier, but in the end, the first wave could not say that the external spiritual fluctuation rose again, just like climbing the highest peak of a mountain and suddenly an illusory peak appeared in the clouds, which raised Duke’s imaginary cognition of power by more than one grade.
No, it’s not an ordinary technique that one mountain is higher than the other.
Duke not only felt the strength of the old man, but also a strange and mysterious force, which was full of soft and hot feeling
Suddenly realized … This is probably the spirit of Anast, the sun king of the high elves.
Duke doesn’t know if Kael’thas has enjoyed this benefit. Anyway, this spirit is cheaper than Duke now.
At this moment, Duke’s body is like a 3d printer, copying itself perfectly against this model like a projection.
One point, one line, one side, one solid, slowly projected, slowly shaped.
Duke can’ see’ that this is no longer a simple magic circuit. There are also several mysterious blue five-pointed star symbols in the magic circuit. These symbols are shaped like octopus suckers to absorb free arcane energy from the surroundings.
Colorful light spots are filtered by the five-pointed star of the loop and then enter the loop, which is already pure arcane energy. Although the light spots are absorbed like thin soap bubbles, it does increase the total energy of the loop.
Not only increase that energy, but also enhances the pulsation in the loop.
Unlike human blood vessels, which simply bear the burden of high-speed blood flowing through arcane energy, they have quietly expanded the width of the circuit, making the circuit wider, more elastic and thicker!
Duke seemed to hear Norton’s old man’s voice in a trance, which was a little blurred, like an incredible echo across a thick water curtain.
He can still be sure that it is an old man’s voice.
"Little crazy! I told you to learn, such as building your own magic circuit. I didn’t tell you to do it on the spot! Crazy! Crazy! It’s crazy! "
Duke knows very well that he has formed a huge magic circuit, which is the most basic [Arcane Circuit] in the magic circuit.
Just as Arcane was the mage’s magic energy engine in previous games, the mage’s talent was either Arcane plus frost or Arcane plus flame. Without Arcane, there would be no endurance, and the mana would soon run out.
I don’t know what level this magic circuit is now, but the Sun King’s smuggling of his own baby is absolutely not much worse.
"All right, young man, don’t be greedy. Let’s end it." The old man was in a trance again.
Just then Duke found himself unable to stop.
Suddenly a hole broke in the arcane circuit, and a batch of new spiritual threads mushroomed.