He blasted the Zijin hammer the size of a water tank with a heavy hammer, and with all his strength, there was a tendency to sink the vast desert.
It’s another group of strong people screaming and smashing the dust on the spot. It’s more thorough than death.
Dozens of masters were killed by him in the blink of an eye, and five or six of them were all vomiting blood, and their clothes were shattered and trembling, and their faces turned white and scared.
"Let’s go!"
"Devil, this is a devil!"
These people are frightened and trembling, desperate to flee to the distance.
The movement here will also attract the strong eyes in his direction. Many Godsworn Jiuquan are shrinking their eyes and indecision. They have a strong fear of murder for Xiao Yu.
There are also some strong people in the universe who suddenly flew into a rage and fled as far as they could.
"Xiao Yu killed him!"
"I really guessed it. This is a malefic’s concern. Even Godsworn Jiuquan is daring to kill directly. This is going to be a disaster!"
"A disaster is a disaster. This time, Xiao Yu’s dead end has provoked so many Jiuquan families that even the prison owner can’t keep him!"
Chapter seven hundred and seventeen Terror of the strong
Xiao Yu kills a bite of Zijin hammer, and when it is waved, it will be earth-shattering and extinct. It is like the birth of an ancient monster.
He soon scattered everyone and everyone dared to stop him.
After the death of these monks in Jiuquan, pieces of soul-eating iron also exploded and flew all over the sky, which was earned by Xiao Yu.
"Yes, yes, this is a good way to make money!"
Xiao Yu eyes flashing received all soul-eating iron body move instantaneous left here.
His eyes are cruel and direct. At first, he still had some scruples, but after killing so many strong men, he was already itchy with lice.
There is a great impulse to do a big job!
In many big universes, when Xiao Yuchong came at a distance, he immediately gave up everything in horror and turned to flee.
Xiao Yu is synonymous with death in their eyes!
After all, there were too many famous masters who died first. At that time, they still had a chance to be resurrected. But if they were killed by Xiao Yu again, it would be truly and completely destroyed. Now Xiao Yu has become the first master in the universe. Dare to stroke of bad luck?
Those who are fighting in Jiuquan, the strong face Zheng, just peak sexually, they are fighting inextricably, and the Godsworn in the universe actually turned around and fled without saying anything. Suddenly, one by one, his face looked weird and it was hard to figure out why.
"It’s interesting that these cosmic people don’t look at their brains well enough to suddenly leave when they come. Are we scared?"
There is a monk in Jiuquan who laughs at
Others have also had to accept all the soul-eating iron.
"The universe is just some waste. What’s the master? That is, those people walk fast, otherwise I will wait for the killer to come out and everyone will die the same! "
"It’s not necessarily that they walked fast and escaped death, but they met again!"
"Now I’ve heard from the family master that our prison master is preparing to attack the universe, and when the time comes, the whole universe will eventually fall into our hands!"
These Godsworn Jiuquan look proudly full of confidence.
But at this moment, a figure came from a distance with a purple gold hammer the size of a water tank on his shoulder. The body was burning tall and straight, and the flaming golden flame seemed to shrink into inches. Soon, it came to them, and waves of terrible forces poured out from him, distorting and changing the surrounding virtual world. Some laws of heaven and earth collapsed, and it seemed unbearable to bear his breath.
These Godsworn Jiuquan suddenly felt a burst of unutterable depressive breath from this figure.
Xiao Yu took a surprised look at the monk’s departure direction in the universe and whispered, "It’s quite fast to run. Is it really that terrible to be old?"
He turned his eyes to the monks in Jiuquan and said, "Hand it over, hand over the soul-eating iron and spare you from dying, or else you will die!"
These Godsworn Jiuquan immediately sneered at each other and scanned Xiao Yu with sarcasm.
"I don’t know anyway this is from drilling out? Here is a big talk! "
"Interesting. Did I hear you right? He actually asked us to hand over the soul-eating iron!"
"It’s another so-called genius in a big universe. It’s really interesting that a person dares to say this in the face of so many strong people. I just said that the human brains in this big universe are not very good!"
"Ha ha ha ha “`"
Some people just laughed when their shoulders were stirred up.
But responding to them directly is Xiao Yu’s Zijin hammer.
He didn’t bother to say more about the size of the water tank. The Zijin hammer brought up all the golden light, and it was as empty as the meteorite from the sky, threatening the sky and smashing it directly at everyone.
"Give me death!"
Xiao Yu folded a drink to show ferocity.
See Xiao Yu word directly, these people are furious, one by one LiXiao offering avatar to start work.

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