But he can clearly feel that the strength of these barbarians is too much stronger than that of the barbarians.


"Interesting!" Jiang Feng sneer at beheading a demon barbarian.
This scene inspired many fighters.
Have stepped in to help the body fairy energy also increased a few minutes.
Shout and kill into a huge number of demon barbarians at that time, and some of them fell into weakness.
At this time, Jiang Feng shouted at the old consumption, "If you don’t want to act, then I’ll keep you."
Be Jiang Feng so a look.
Lao Haodang made a clever play.
Dare not have a snub mind move immediately fuelling his army of mice "whoosh! Whoosh Hey! " A mouse on the ground bulged like a torrent and rushed directly towards the group of barbarians.
These rats and grandchildren are fierce one by one.
Zhang maw bite directly.
It may not be a threat, but a group of rats rushed over and the barbarians were injured
(just) as expected/anticipated
A scream.
The demon barbarian’s flesh and blood were blurred, and even his bones were directly crushed, and he was bitten by his throat and died on the spot.
Just Terran fighters are also frightened to disgrace.
However, it was found that the mice didn’t start work on them, so they were relieved to shout and kill one by one.
See a group of demon barbarians have been killed in just a moment, and the ground has been dyed blood red with blood.
"Shout …" Everyone long out a sigh of relief.
It seems that the leader strode up to Jiang Feng and said, "Thank you so much, little brother."
I soon found that Jiang Feng’s clothes and face smiled more affable. "It turned out that it was the celestial fairy officer, and I was the elder of Tianluo Hall to meet again."
He is not the only one.
There are also several old people coming around.
They all gave Jiang Feng a hand and said, "I am the deputy temple master of Di Huozong."
"I am the elder of Qingyun Sect."
One after another, everyone introduced themselves.
Jiang Feng also nodded at them staring at a pentagonal stone "I don’t know what is in your hand! ?”
Each other smell speech leng one.
Looking at the pentagonal stone in my hand, I also wondered, "I don’t know what this thing was before. As soon as I took that group of filth from the altar here, I came out to attack."
"It’s a good thing you helped, otherwise we will win and I’m afraid we will be seriously injured."
Obviously, the other party doesn’t know what it is either.
"Can you let me have a look! ?” Jiang Feng stared at him and asked
The other party is also very cool. Pass Jiang Feng the pentagonal stone directly and look around him.
Sure enough, it’s the same as his pentagonal stone.
"You see the secret of this thing! ?”
"no!" Jiang Feng shook his head, but the pentagonal stone didn’t mean to be returned, but the arm directly earned its ring.
This move made them all stunned
This is what they have worked so hard to get. How can Jiang Feng take it away when he is a little angry?
However, before the action, a group of mice suddenly "squeaked!" Cried, which made a personal cigarette drum dare not make random moves.
"Something to send me! ?”
"This ….." The other party hesitated. Although they didn’t know what it was, they were not stupid. Naturally, they knew that it was definitely not extraordinary.

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