"When will the group of blue and white buildings in front of Xiao Zhou be built?"


Wu Danxing asked, pointing to Shangri-La Hotel and Scientists Garden in front of the car.
"It was only in December last year that the work was resumed."
Zhou Heng turned the steering wheel to control Audi 1 from the east-west direction of Wenhua Road overpass to the traffic trunk line and turned into the left-turn ramp.
Wenhua Road Overpass Shengjing’s first cloverleaf-shaped large-scale interchange bridge has done an excellent job in greening.
Cold-tolerant grass seeds introduced from Sweden have been green and green on a large scale. Evergreen plants such as conifers and cypresses are scattered all over the overpass. In places where pedestrians and bicycle passages have poor lighting, several antique palace lamps still glow with warm yellow light.
Just delivered, the concise white office building of Liaoning TV Station flashed from the Audi window soon, which set off the blue-white city horizon of Shangri-La hotel building group in the distance, and a modern metropolis atmosphere came to my face.
"Guangguang Shengjing city construction is not bad, is it?"
Wu Danxing pointed to the blue and white buildings standing in the distance outside the window.
"If I had been to Shengjing by plane, I was cheated by my mother," Ling Guangguang said with a smile.
"A few years ago, I came to see grandpa and grandma’s traffic in Shengjing. I still remember that the road just now was a direct train to Shengjing. Now we turn around and the new road is a direct train to Shengjing Airport. If we go straight along these two roads, the surrounding urban construction and the trains are as old as the planes."
"The Bund at home is so beautiful. Compared with Osaka in Japan, there is no modern city in China." Guangguang looked at the blue-and-white group outside the window and shook his head.
A year ago, in 1994, the follow-up of the China-Japan 3,000 youth exchange program made Guangguang go to Japan Osaka, a sister city of Wusong, and worked as an international friendly exchange student for half a year. Overseas, the country was rich and modern, which greatly shocked Guangguang in his growth.
"The country will firmly promote reform and liberalization," Wu Danxing said in an educational tone.
Audi 1 stopped at the entrance of the scientist garden community. Zhou Heng took out a pure black card from the sundries slot of the instrument panel step by step, and waved it in front of a pie line card reader. After two times, the yellow and black striped crossbar in front of the car slowly lifted.
Restarting Audi crossed two corrugated rubber belts and entered the scientist’s garden. At this time, the pedestrian road in Banzaofeng Community of Nanhu Science and Technology Park was bustling, but there was no one to graze.
"The diversion of people and vehicles is good, and the community is quite formal."
Looking out the window, Wu Danxing, a warning sign that just flashed across the park for 15 kilometers, said something unexpected.
"The management system of Xiaozhou Park was introduced from abroad?"
"Not all the imported software and hardware facilities are self-researched." Zhou Heng’s tone is faintly proud ~ ~
Chapter 17 New Year’s New Home and New Choice (4)
"Xiao Zhou, park your car here. Guangguang and I will walk on the first floor and walk around the community."
Wu Danxing glanced at the sign on the roadside garage in front of the driveway.
"Er, you can press 32 or 33 for the doorbell on the top floor of Block D of General Manager Tang’s house."
From the provincial government community to the scientist garden road, Wu Danxing and Zhou Heng talked a few words trying to get some information. As a result, Zhou Heng didn’t know that he was picking up people to go to General Tang’s house, but he was simple and honest. He said with a smile that he had just transferred from the stream to the provincial capital road and had just become acquainted.
A cobblestone paved the path of the park. Wu Danxing and Ling Guangmu watched Zhou Heng cross a limit sign and drive to the entrance of the community.
"That unfinished facility over there should be the dock, right? This community is really modern and can be compared with the advanced residential buildings in Hong Kong." Wu Danxing carefully looked at the community environment and chatted casually.
For human beings, the best living environment is that there are mountains and waters far away. It’s a bit exaggerated to get a mountain out of the enclosure scale community in Shenshuiwan area, but it’s quite easy to build an artificial lake. The scientist garden dug a type 1 artificial lake, which is not large but deep, and is connected by two artificial canals, Nanhu and Hunhe.
Someone’s new home is just located at the corner of the artificial lake. The pier at the sheet pile pier is very small, but it is only five or six meters deep into the artificial lake. However, at this time, the pier is half finished, and many building materials are piled up. There are also two green iron boats in the park, and many construction wastes such as cement bags, brick residues and wood fragments look a little messy.
"Well, the country with bay windows and floor-to-ceiling windows should be the first high-rise residential building. The residential area should not be completely completed. If it is completed, the external environment is better than that of Osaka senior apartments. It seems that the artificial lake should be connected with the Hunhe River outside, and it is rare for the park to have its own pier residence abroad."
"But mom, this time, my aunt said that this change is the main reason for us to visit relatives with Uncle Ning’s family?" Let Guangguang stretch out his fingers and point to a circle of parks.
Your aunt in Guangguang’s mouth is Ning Tao’s daughter-in-law Niu Xueping and Ning Lei’s second sister-in-law, Tang Wan, two maids and two aunts.
Strictly speaking, in some ways, Tang Wan and Niu Xueping are the same kind of sisters-in-law. Both of them are observant and exquisite, and they are good at receiving people and welcoming them. The biggest difference between them is that Niu Xueping is much more snobbish than Tang Wan.
Niu Xueping pays great attention to the right door and the high and low circle, while Tang Wan is influenced by Ning Lei. The civilians are full of mentality and have no care about their origins and possessions
In recent years, although Ning’s family has changed greatly, Liang Yuan has dominated the change. Although he has a successful career as a teenager, he is a little different from ordinary people when he is aggressive. Therefore, Tang Wan’s mood has not changed much compared with his early years
But for Niu Xueping, things are different.
In the early years, when Tang Wan first entered the door, she benefited from the excellent title of Tang Jingtian’s old daughter-in-law. However, Niu Xueping and Tang Wan were not very harmonious in the years before Ning Lei’s promotion to Nansha was very slow.
Facing the world outlook of Ning Lei Niu Xueping, who has been wandering around the department-level cadre circle all the year round, it is unusual to have words with thorns on weekdays. At that time, Tang Wan, an old girl, was used to it at home, and she had some small temper. How can she have the patience to endure any small thorns? Therefore, it is unusual for her sister-in-law to quarrel even though she is not blushing at holidays.
In the battle of Nansha, Ning Lei soared into the sky and was good at interpersonal skills. Niu Xueping corrected his attitude almost instantly and tried to restore it to the early years when Tang Wan had just entered the door
What Niu Xueping seems to be hung with twin titles should be assigned by the father to transfer the fan. I have to bear in mind the overall situation and give up reluctantly. I have made 600,000 such sacrifices in the name of studying abroad, which should always meet Tang Wan’s needs.
No matter how refined Tang Wan is, she can’t guess that two sisters-in-law have different thinking roots. She feels that Niu Xueping’s attitude softens, and Tang Wan also accepts sex. After all, although the three views are not quite consistent, Niu Xueping’s thoughts and actions can’t be said to be wrong. At the very least, there are still some merits in self-protection. Plus, on weekdays, we don’t see each other much before we can reunite. It can’t be difficult for her mother-in-law and sister-in-law.
Niu Xueping has a wide face on weekdays, and be adept at United Airlines, a government office in Beijing, often helps Tang Wan to become a guest from Air China, and it seems to be harmonious to come and go.
This time, Tang Wan didn’t go back to Beijing because of twins. The year before last, Niu Xueping’s words were so enthusiastic that people couldn’t pick out any mistakes.
Years ago, the Harbin-Shengjing-Qingdao-Wusong-Guangzhou route was connected by United Airlines. The mayor of Qingdao ordered Donglai to suspend the municipal government and Air China guests and simply threw themselves into the arms of United Airlines.
In the 1990 s, the local government of the Republic of China Airlines played an important role. In addition to the support of the airport economy and other aspects, the proportion of passenger flow consumption was large.
For the local bureaucrats in Qingdao, the new mayor and new officials unexpectedly burned to the head of the ship, and the heads of all sizes in the city were relieved. How dare they not try their best to avoid the mayor turning the gun and catching something else? As a result, the passenger flow of Air China was almost cut off overnight.
Since the opening of Qingdao in 1995, apart from the fact that the military aircraft Qingdao route has been monopolized by Air China for more than 30 years, it has been a more timid Lunar New Year when it was accidentally trampled over by the nascent United Airlines.
The local government in Qingdao jumped ship to United Airlines. Niu Xueping and Wu Danxing were friends from childhood. They had an excellent personal relationship. Almost nothing to talk about. If Guangguang or Ning Anran had a girl, they would have married their children in-laws.
The so-called reciprocal exchange of human feelings is the fact that Wu Danxing returned to Shengjing to pay a visit to Tang Wan on his birthday with the light, which is also the follow-up of United Airlines’ affairs years ago.
Niu Xueping tried his best to narrow the distance between Wu Danxing and Tang Wan. Besides selling well, the twins in Tang Wan’s home did not know how much money the two girls had got from the fan-adjusting grant, but Niu Xueping estimated that five million must be possible, and it is also very possible.
Although Niu Xueping gave up the money for the time being, he can’t watch the fat water flow to a stranger’s field. Tang Wan gave birth to two daughters. If he can do the job of matchmaker well, who can say for sure whether things can be followed?
Let Guangguang be two years younger than Ning Anran and two years older than twins. Although it is still far from the legal marriage age in the Republic, it is nothing new to let Guangguang’s relatives and friends walk around at this age to see who can see the right eye in the future.
Of course, for the two girls, the age is still a little early. However, Tang Wan hosted Wu Danxing this time mainly because the United Airlines helped to make Guangguang a purely incidental product years ago
Wu Danxing knew that her son was precocious and asked such a question. She smiled and said, "Although the Ning twins are young, everyone said that you must be the first beautiful among your generation."
Make the light so-called shrugged his shoulders show don’t believe the so-called words.
"People will be beautiful soon, but the twins are rich, but it’s true that China sells adjustable fans. It’s the two girls who get along with you. The second child of Ning’s family is better off than going to study in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of them are paid by the two girls. The first money in your generation is their sisters. This is a definite doubt."
"Mom bully me what all don’t understand? I will go to Japan to buy an industrial patent and then go back to China to find my father to promote it in three years. I may be richer than the two of them. "
Wu Danxing looked at her son’s face and couldn’t hide her pride. She knew that Niu Xueping had exaggerated the two maids in the old Ning family, which seemed to arouse her rebellious mentality.
"Don’t blame your mother for nagging. It’s rare for a family like ours to have a love and marriage by their own nature. You are still young, and your mother doesn’t force you to make friends or not. It’s good to be rude."
Make Guangguang smile and nod and suddenly become a handsome young man.
Sunlight shines into the house along the light green insulating glass.
A light blue big bed, a girl in a goose yellow nightgown with half of her shoulders and two thighs exposed, is confused and trying to get up.
The girl was lazy and prone on the bed. First, she stretched out her arms and patted her side a few times. After feeling something, the girl pursed her mouth and snorted a few times. She stretched out her hand and scratched the bedside table at random, looking for something.
"Where’s the alarm clock?"
The girl in bed murmured, the snow-white thigh was stretched straight first, and then the little buttock suddenly tilted high, and the girl arched near the bedside table like a pink cabbage caterpillar.
Some girls who get up are still waving their white arm bedside tables with their eyes closed.
"Hey ~?"
After a long time, the warped eyelashes shook, and the eyelid owner was unwilling to open his eyes to reveal a pair of black eyes filled with moisture.
"Ah ~!" Delicate voice suddenly higher than the degree.
"It’s miserable ~ I overslept at dawn, and the dead girl didn’t call me when she got up. I said how hard I tried to persuade me to drink last night? I’m not finished with you ~"
The girl jumped from the bed to the floor with a small waist by the bed in her small hand.
"Oh dear ~"