Xiaojin’s face smiled.


Six-style shave!
Xiaojin instantly disappeared in situ.
That amazing speed surprised the nightmare porcelain doll.
However, the perception of nightmare porcelain dolls is amazing.
Almost Jin appeared instantly.
It senses the direction of Xiaojin.
The nightmare is that the doll looks up.
I saw the little gold on my head.
Black clay around the nightmare porcelain doll
Immediately put a black barrier.
Condensed around the nightmare porcelain doll
Xiaojin kicked it directly.
The hard black clay barrier was kicked out of a crack in an instant.
But soon a lot of black clay appeared on the surrounding ground.
Filling the loophole of clay barrier.
Not only that, a lot of black clay swept towards Xiaojin.
Seems to know that these black clay are fierce.
Xiaojin doesn’t love to fight, and he pulls the distance instantly.
Wait until Xiaojin retreats to a certain distance.
The nightmare porcelain doll controls the black clay around her again.
And carefully observe xiaojin.
Xiaojin looked at it and showed a sunny smile again.
Obviously, for this opponent,
Xiaojin is very satisfied.
This is what it wants to fight!
It’s so exciting to fight like this!
When Liu Yuan saw this scene, a strange idea suddenly appeared in his heart.
It’s not the battle in front of me. How come it’s so like taking the exam in China?
Xiao Li and I love Luo to fight!
Chapter 362 Special skills, clay armor
Lu Yuan will have such an idea.
Because of that way the doll control the black clay during the nightmare.
It’s exactly the same as the way I love Luo to control sand in the forbearance exam.
Not to mention appearance.
Nightmare porcelain doll and I love Luo are also very similar.
I love Luo carrying a gourd.
Nightmare porcelain doll is carrying a black clay pot.
In a sense, there is no difference between the two
After a simple fight
Xiaojin and nightmare porcelain doll also know each other’s business.
Everyone knows that the other side is a very strong opponent.
At the same time, the nightmare porcelain doll looked at Xiaojin’s eyes
Also gradually some serious.
This guy with a silver star is not so easy to deal with …
And Xiao Jin is looking at it with a bright smile.
You are very strong … so fighting with blood is the embodiment of youth!
After laughing, Xiaojin once again rushed towards the nightmare porcelain doll.
And this time the nightmare porcelain doll didn’t care again.
It instantly controls the surrounding black clay.
Launched a fierce attack on Xiaojin.
These black clay are not fast.
Xiao Jinli shuttled around at a flexible speed.
And a little closer to the nightmare porcelain doll.
After getting close to the nightmare porcelain doll for a certain distance
Xiaojin figure disappeared again.
Six-style shave!
But this time, the nightmare porcelain doll was on guard.