Xu Ren’s speed is not slow, but it is not easy to catch up with Stuart’s blood. Finally, I can watch Stuart’s blood disappear.


"This guy is so cunning that he can run like this."
Little darling stamped her feet with anger, and she really didn’t like being full of resentment and dead Stuart blood.
"Don’t worry about it. Although this guy ran away, he should also be hurt badly."
Xu Ren wasn’t as anxious as Xiaoer, and it turned out well for him.
Actually, he didn’t think he could really leave Stuart’s blood here. He never thought that he would be seriously injured. Now the harvest has greatly exceeded his expectations. Xu Ren has never been greedy because he knows that Stuart’s blood must have been tourist trap this time. It is estimated that he will no longer come to Suzaku City for water poisoning.
Of course, it doesn’t rule out that this guy does the opposite and kills another comeback.
But even so, Xu Ren will not be afraid because there are a lot of spirit-eating insects left in the mountain springs around him, so he can know if Stuart’s blood appears.
This time, Xu Ren didn’t send out a spirit-eating worm because he was afraid that Stuart’s blood would notice something and his actions would become more cautious. Then it would be not so easy for him to think about chasing and intercepting.
"Since my brother said he wasn’t in a hurry, he wasn’t in a hurry. This guy smells terrible, which makes people feel uncomfortable. Seeing him is like seeing several dead bodies."
Xiao Nan’s possession of Tianfeng is very sensitive to many fluctuations, and Stuart’s blood and resentment can also be clearly felt by her.
"Well, let’s go home first. I’m afraid that guy will attack Suzaku City again after returning to the camp."
Although Stuart’s blood has been injured now, he still has hundreds of thousands of troops to mobilize, which is still a huge threat to Suzaku City.
Little darling naturally has no different opinions along with Xu Ren, and others have no different opinions, so this group of people directly rushed back to Suzaku City.
There is nothing important happening in the city head of Suzaku City. It may be that Stuart’s blood is really seriously injured and he is now treating the injury himself. He hasn’t managed to find trouble in Suzaku City.
Xu Ren often gave a tour of Chengtou together, and told every soldier guarding the city to be extremely cautious and not to be careless.
Nowadays, both Changsheng and Suzaku City in Xu Ren have a high prestige. Two people at the same time came forward to tell the defenders of Chengtou to make them feel honored. At the same time, they also know that they are responsible. Everyone is extremely energetic. It is estimated that even if a fly flies in front of them, they can tell the male from the female.
Looking at rosefinch city ChengTou ranks all dozen spirit Xu Ren and Chang Sheng are slightly relieved.
Situ Xue, the Great Inflammation Dynasty, always needs to be cautious when fighting with his opponents. Even if he is careful, he may be drilled by the other side.
"This time, thanks to the mask made by Mr. Wang, otherwise we are afraid that Suzaku City will be lying dead again."
Chang Sheng walked on the battlements of Chengtou, but his eyes were fixed on the place where the army of Dayan Dynasty was stationed.
"This is also our luck. Actually, I don’t know whether that thing is in charge or not. At that time, I was thinking about a dead horse and taking a gamble. I didn’t expect heaven to let me bet big and win big."
Xu Ren smiled. At first, when he made that mask, he didn’t think it would really play such a big role. It really blocked this plague demon. Maybe this kind of thing can be carried out in plague places, and maybe many people will die less.
Xu Ren’s thoughts are flying, and he doesn’t know what he wants at this time.
Before you know it, the sky has brightened. Even the morning sunshine in Suzaku City makes people feel very gentle and comfortable, which makes people ignore it. This is the Daning Dynasty, and the southern Xinjiang is very short-lived. Forget the terrible scorching sun.
Black gas appeared again in the direction of the camp of Dayan Dynasty.
In fact, the black gas has never been obvious at night, and it will only show up at day.
"It seems that Stuart’s blood has recovered almost."
Xu Ren looked at the direction of the Great Inflammation Dynasty barracks, which was getting heavier and heavier. This sign said that Stuart’s blood had been dispatched to prepare for an attack on Suzaku City.
Changsheng also found that the direction of the camp of Dayan Dynasty was different, and immediately arranged the defense of Suzaku Chengtou.
For the present Suzaku City, the attack of the Great Inflammation Dynasty is still a great threat, especially those soldiers who can climb the city with their bare hands make the defenders of Suzaku City feel very headache.
Xu Ren is also ready. He is ready for lightning and palm oil.
If you want to stop the Great Inflammation Dynasty soldiers from destroying Suzaku City, you can’t watch them kill it. You must keep them at a distance from the city head.
Just as the siege troops of the Great Yan Dynasty approached Suzaku City, a fire wall rose in front of Suzaku City.
This is naturally not a general fire wall, but a fire wall condensed by Xu Renda’s five elements of true fire array.
When the fire wall appeared, many flying monsters also appeared. Their claws grabbed palm oil and flew to the army of Dayan Dynasty, and their claws immediately broke the skin containing palm oil.
Palm oil rained down from the sky on the siege army of Dayan Dynasty.
Although the army of Great Inflammation Dynasty is not afraid of pain, it is not stupid. They are suppressed by Stuart’s blood and resentment. However, when they see the fire wall, they will still be afraid, especially when they appear, and they are also drenched with a lot of palm oil.
But even if they are afraid of action, they can’t decide.
Because of those dead bodies and resentment, they can keep approaching Suzaku City.
All the soldiers of the Great Inflammation Dynasty exclaimed. They now have some regrets about going out with Stuart’s blood. It was an easy battle for Stuart’s blood to go out to the business. When they came, they could easily catch the military, but they didn’t expect that they would jump into the fire pit instead of catching themselves.
Soon, the siege soldiers of the Great Inflammation Dynasty burst into flames, but at this time they didn’t know whether the pain was continuing to rush to Suzaku City.
Some people have strong vitality and walked to the head of the city, but most people have fallen down.
It’s not stupid to hide from Stuart’s blood in the camp of Dayan Dynasty. He stopped attacking after knowing the situation ahead. If he continues to go like this, he may go to army of one.
At the moment, Stuart’s blood is really very anxious. His own means are high enough. Suzaku City Guard will never be able to resolve it, but I didn’t expect it to be constrained everywhere now.
Now he can’t easily walk out of the barracks because there are monks in the barracks to protect him. If he goes out and meets that monk in Suzaku City again, it is unknown whether he can come back alive.
The army of the Great Yan Dynasty gave up the attack, and the five elements of true fire array arranged by Xu Ren naturally went out with it.
For Xu Ren, the burning of these big five-element true fire arrays is not only a flame, but also something that Lingshi can save.
"Sir, this Stuart blood didn’t succeed in attacking the city several times. Could it be that a subsequent party is brewing? Now attacking the city is just paralyzing us?"
Chang Sheng feels that the situation is not normal. That Stuart’s blood attack was too hasty and too decisive to finish the siege. It’s more important that they didn’t move heavy siege equipment, giving people the feeling that they didn’t really want to attack Suzaku City.
"There is a possibility that I don’t know what medicine this guy is selling in the gourd."
Xu Ren complexion also became dignified. He didn’t wake up often. He was really frightened by himself.
In order to find out what Stuart’s blood really does, Xu Ren immediately mobilized the spirit-eating worm that had sneaked into the camp of Dayan Dynasty to explore the whole camp in detail.
This exploration Xu Ren found that there was something really wrong. The Great Inflammation Dynasty military camp was building an odd chariot. In front of the chariot was a hideous spectre, and each chariot was equipped with two big boxes.
In addition, the ranks in the camp of Dayan dynasty are also very strange. Most people are dark and the veins are exposed, which is both strange and terrible.
"It seems to the Lord that we need to make more masks and cloaks. If every soldier guarding the city has to have a cloak to distribute in the mask city, even the elderly and children have to wear it well."
Xu Ren has another bad feeling. Stuart blood of the Great Inflammation Dynasty seems to be brewing a very powerful means. Once it succeeds, it will definitely make the whole Suzaku city in trouble.
What makes Xu Ren feel uneasy most is that he doesn’t know what Stuart’s blood method is. Even Xu Ren is calm in the face of an unknown opponent.
Three days later, Stuart’s blood plot finally unveiled the mystery, and the army of Dayan Dynasty dispatched half of it to directly press the front of Suzaku City.
In every army, there are many strange chariots with dark boxes on their faces
"Always give up quickly, or I’ll let your Suzaku people die."
Stuart blood sat in a special chariot hoarse voice to warn Chang Sheng.
"If you want to fight, don’t play tricks. Suzaku City is not afraid of the dead."
Chang sheng certainly can’t surrender to the city. He is ready to fight hard.
"In that case, let this Suzaku City People’s Department bury you."
Stuart’s blood was surging in his hands, and then those army escort chariots were also angry.
For a moment, the ghost-faced chariot pulled the black box, but the overwhelming black gas has emerged and quickly enveloped Suzaku City.
At the same time, several wails appeared and got into the ears of the defenders of Suzaku City.
These wails are very sharp and penetrating. Even if the soldiers in Suzaku City cover their ears, they can still block the wailing sound.