Xiao Feng stared at the letter and smiled. "Interesting! It seems that the business is moving!"


"Naturally, the value of Yang Guangli has disappeared, and the chaos has already appeared in the sky. At this moment, the public and nature have acted for a year and the bloody empire will reappear."
Kwai dark said the corners of the mouth with a faint expectation.
Xiao Feng really nodded and said, "It’s been a long time since the battlefield felt, but I’m looking forward to it!"
Xiao Feng said that his hand stretched out and a dragon rhyme emerged.
"Ang …"
A figure directly turned into a meteor, and an old figure fell directly into the hands of Xiao Feng.
"Ning Dodge’s three great masters are really in a mess now, but their ambitions remain unchanged!"
Xiao Feng stared at Ning Dodge’s hand, and the strength gradually increased. Ning Dodge stared at the two people with horror at the moment. "You … you … you are loyal to Mundus Imperial Day …"
Kwai dark shook his head and said, "Do you know a lot? Now the public wants your head to be auctioned off. You have to sacrifice it. "
A sword light flashed across the sword light and slowly emerged a trace of blood, which turned into a fog.
Kwai Dark directly holds Ning Dodge’s head. "It has been said that this auction is when Ci Hang Jing Zhai perishes."
A figure fell in the night.
Figure with vigilance is alert to look around.
Suddenly the figure seemed to see something and walked directly to one place.
"Cut cheep …"
The figure knocked at the door and walked slowly into the house.
A stunning woman sitting in the room was very excited when she looked at the figure and said, "Master, why are you here!" "
"Fei Xuan made you suffer … Mundus didn’t hurt you, did she?" Brahma Qinghui took a worried tone.
Shifeixuan shook his head with a hint of strangeness. "I didn’t see Mundus. I was just brought here by a few maids and stayed here until now. The acupuncture technique in Mundus is too high for me to solve."
Brahma Qinghui watched the motionless Shifeixuan directly deliver the skill to help Shifeixuan solve the acupuncture point.
At this moment, Shi Feixuan is staring at the eyes with shocking eyes. "Master, please go!"
Brahma Qing Hui felt a big hand emerge from one leng.
At the moment the Vatican qing hui one leng yishan in the heart "is not good! ! !”
Instantly Brahma Qinghui did not move as if he didn’t feel anything.
Shi Feixuan looked at the person in front of her. "Mundus, please let me go, my master!"
Bearer is the royal heaven to deal with some things. After dealing with things, I remembered that Shifeixuan was imprisoned by myself.
Imperial Heaven came to wait and see, but I didn’t expect to kill two birds with one stone to meet Brahma Qinghui.
At the moment, Imperial Heaven sat there and gently sipped at the two women in front of her. "You two are really interesting. One is dedicated to your brother’s hegemony and the other is dedicated to your master."
Imperial day staring at the Vatican Qing Hui and ShiFeiXuan.
Shifeixuan finally sighed, "Master nurtures kindness, Master nurtures kindness … These concubines naturally try to help Master!"
Brahma Qinghui said coldly, "Hum … Mundus can’t know."
Two people have two different reactions.
Imperial heaven is staring at the eyes of two people with a filar silk smile "interesting, interesting, now that I have the main virgin of Ci Hang Jing Zhai, you have no resistance at all. Besides, I don’t need to know what you are enough to make me happy."
Shifeixuan one leng Vatican Qinghui frowned.
Shi Feixuan stared at Yutian with a hint of excitement. "What do you want to do?"
Yutian shook his head and gently drank the tea, then looked at the two men. "Do you know the origin of Cihang Sword Code?"
Chapter 341 Unity of Fairy and Magic
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