Meng Yunan slightly narrowed his eyes. Today is Monday. How can Su Yun have a rest? But he didn’t think much about it. "Miss Su is ill?" Sounds a little low … "


He said it casually, but Su Yunyin was a little different than usual. Meng Yunan was sensitive to it.
Su Yun didn’t answer at once, but it took more than ten seconds to say, "Well, I’ll just take a day off with a little cold."
I don’t know that in the ten seconds when Su Yun didn’t answer, Meng Yunan felt very strange in his heart. The woman didn’t answer for a long time. He thought it was too slow at that time.
When Su Yun said it was a small cold, Meng Yunan breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.
Meng Yunan didn’t care about the strangeness in his heart, saying, "Don’t eat too much cold food when it’s hot every day in summer. It’s a bad day to catch a cold."
Su Yun pinched her nose and there was some pantothenic acid. Her voice was slightly hoarse and she said, "Okay, I know."
Meng Yunan’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, "I’m sorry I’m too busy at this time and I haven’t had time to see the stars … Miss Su hasn’t answered what kind of gift I like? But I can’t pick the stars. "
Su Yun smiled and finally felt a little better. She smiled and said, "I already have a star. I don’t want that one."
Meng Yunan said, "What about the moon? Do you want the moon? "
Su Yun said, "Can Mr. Meng pick it for me? Tianyueliang "
Meng Yunan laughed, Su Yun laughed, and the slightly unfamiliar atmosphere suddenly disappeared. Meng Yunan said, "Since Miss Su’s stars don’t want the moon, it’s not good, then I have brought worldly things to Miss Bosu to smile."
Su Yun’s mood is low again. She sighs lightly and says, "Mr. Meng’s heart is good."
Meng Yunan smiled and locked the eyebrows.
Su Yun said, "Is there anything else for Mr. Meng? I … I still have soup in the kitchen pot. "
Meng Yunan resumed his smile and said with regret, "It seems that I haven’t seen Miss Su for a long time and I miss her a little."
He sighed, "The stars are not in such a mood, are they?"
Su Yun smiled naively and said, "Mr. Meng thinks too much. You are a star father. It won’t change how long you haven’t seen blood."
Meng Yunan low smile a deliberate way "that miss Sue? Can I change with time, Miss Su? "
Su Yun micro leng Meng Yunan laughed again Su Yun knew that he was joking and would no longer mind.
The two talked again, and the car next to them suddenly pressed a horn, which was too loud and went directly to the mobile phone.
Meng Yunan lit a cigarette and said, "Miss Su is not at home?"
Su Yun’s face doesn’t change color. "I’m out."
Meng Yunan "oh" or not.
Su Yun hesitated for a long time when the bus arrived at the destination, and finally asked, "When will Mr. Meng come back?"
Section 46
Meng Yunan smiled with deep interest. "When Miss Su misses me, go back?"
Su Yunli held down her forehead and didn’t speak. Her heart was full of ups and downs, and all kinds of tastes took turns to drive Meng Yunan’s jokes.
Meng Yunan said, "It will take about four or five days."
Four or five days …
Plus the week before, it will probably not be seen for nearly half a month.
The car stopped suddenly and the driver said, "Miss is here."
Su Yun said, "OK, thank you for waiting."
Meng Yunan’s heart gradually became suspicious. The more he felt that this call was unusual today, the more specific it was, and he couldn’t get along.
Su Yun isn’t at home or just went out to listen. Should she be in the car? Why would she lie?
Meng Yunan couldn’t figure out the answer, and the smile disappeared.
Su Yun paid for the sliding door of the car. In June, the sun was bright and dazzling, and Su Yun felt dizzy for a moment. She held the door with her hand and the driver shouted, "Miss, are you okay?" Alas! "
On the other hand, Meng Yun ‘an came together and asked, "Where are you Su Yun?"
He didn’t call Miss Su but called Su Yun by her first name.
Dizzy Su Yun was blurred. When she heard someone calling her name, she opened her eyes and didn’t look at the sun overhead. The sun slowed down for a few seconds and said to her mobile phone, "I was a little heatstroke just now."
Meng Yunan one-handed ChaDou face dew not channel "you …"
Su Yun breathed a sigh of relief and quickly said, "Sorry, Mr. Meng, I have something to do here."
"Su-"was directly hung up before the last word was uttered.
Meng Yunan frowned and stared at the phone that was hung up. He put the phone on the table for a few seconds and picked it up and dialed Liang Rui number.
After only two seconds, he hung up.
Meng Yunan suddenly smiled and shook his head, throwing his mobile phone on the table and dropping his tablet into the bathroom.
Early the next morning, Liang Rui replied to him, "I’m sorry, manager Meng, I-"
When Meng Yunan called him last night, it was early in the morning, and it was normal for Liang Rui not to receive it.
Meng Yunan said, "It’s okay. You’re going to see Mr. Robin later."
Liang ruidao
☆ Chapter 5 [Anti-theft]++
Su Yun went downstairs and took out her mobile phone and looked at her face on the screen. She looked up at the window of her home. She was silent for a few seconds and turned to walk outside the community.
Before she went to a small clinic outside the community, she and Xingxing often went when they had a headache and brain fever.
Dr. Liu is a very young man in the clinic. Dr. Liu was not in when Su Yun came in. Another doctor and a little nurse were there.
The little nurse knew Su Yun and was startled when she saw her swollen face entering the door. She asked, "Sister Su, what’s wrong with you?"
Su Yun said, "Can you take a look at it for me? Don’t … so obvious "
The little nurse led her into the treatment room, took out the sterile cotton and iodophor, put them in and gently pressed them.
Su Yun eyebrows locked not out.
The little nurse looked at it carefully, but it was badly swollen without breaking the skin, but there was no good way to apply hot compress after temporary cold compress.
The little nurse said, "Sister Su has no good way. Can I help you with the ice now?"
Su Yun leng leng "there is no way? I mean … Quick swelling. "
Nai Dao, a little nurse, said, "Inflammation in the skin means soft tissue injury. It takes a process to reduce swelling, and it takes a while to recover. If it hurts badly, you can spray some anti-inflammatory drugs."
Su Yun was silent for a few seconds and said, "Well … would you please get me some ice cubes?"
The little nurse didn’t ask her why she didn’t go home. This clinic is just outside the community. Su Yun has no reason not to go home, but to apply cold compress here.
The little nurse said, "Good sister, wait a moment."
Su Yun nodded and sat there with a dull face and could not see anything.
The little nurse quickly brought ice cubes and towels to Su Yun and thanked herself.
The little nurse is not too busy to take care of other patients.