Yiyi sounded in the small building but didn’t follow the words.


Jade hairpin must be the name of this jade hairpin. There is a love word in the name of Oriental Love. I don’t know this jade word. Is it because of Mr. Dong Da’s tuba?
Yang Tian thought of a love word on the face of Hosta, and he actually figured out the origin of Hosta’s name.
Yiyi, send him away quickly. Don’t you listen to what Niang said?
Oriental love sounds more miserable and seem to be full of grievances.
After 500 years of seclusion, this heart has been refined and exquisite, and the stone has already been cut to the death. I didn’t expect that after 500 years, when I heard his news, my happy mood was easily torn.
Yang Tian doesn’t know his own intention, but he has broken the way of Oriental love and monty killing love.
Mom, you are suffering.
Dongfang Yiyi mourns and cries for a small building.
I won’t leave until you personally take over the jade hairpin.
Yang day continue to call way
Yang Tianniang
Yiyi wailed
Yiyi, you know, your mother has suffered for 500 years, and now the opportunity to get her out of her misery is at this moment, and I won’t leave.
Yang day looking at yiyi way
No, but you just stay here and watch
Yang Tian resolutely way
Do you know how Xu Yun lived these years? He was in the Wenxin Pavilion of Tianrenzong for 500 years, and he was worried about the piano. He heard him play the piano and his piano was full of regrets, blaming him for his great achievements.
Yang Tian told Dong Da about himself.
There is no reply from Xiaolou.
Senior Xu Yun said that he knew he was wrong, but back to 500 years ago, he would love you forever and never leave you.
Senior Xu Yun said that his favorite in this life is that he can live or die without you.
Senior Xu Yun said that the best thing he did in his life was to know you, and the stupidest thing he did was to hurt you.
Yang Tian is getting bigger and bigger, and the more he talks about it, the more happy he is. In the end, he blames people on the street when he was a child. No matter whether Dong Da said that he cares about whether he is elegant or vulgar, he feels that he can impress the Oriental Love Discourse Department and blurt it out.
Oriental love is still silent, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t respond, but Yiyi has been moved to death, holding Yang Tian’s shoulder and crying.
After three hours.
Uh, cough, I’m sorry. I was a little confused just now, and I missed a lot of what Xu Yun said. Now say it again from the beginning, so you can hear it clearly and make sure it’s not wrong.
Even said for three hours, Yang Tian was already a poor poet and couldn’t help but pat his head hard and embarrassed.
Poop, giggle, haha
Suddenly a string of unbearable low smiles appeared in the small building.
Yiyi immediately followed the laughter, and the pear flower took the rain and the beautiful posture was very touching.
Hey, senior, you smiled, huh
Yang days immediately proud than silly way
At this moment, outside the small building, there is a silvery smile, and it is no longer suppressed. It seems that the laughter that has been owed for 500 years will be laughed.
for a long time
Laugh and calm down the figure in front of the small building. The oriental sentiment quietly appeared. Lotus feet moved slowly and strolled to Yang Tian. Although it was still veiled, the smile on the brow was still not dispersed.
Yang tianyi is looking forward to it with great tension at the same time.
Oh, you little villain, where do you get so many sweet words? It’s really ugly, but I
Oriental love stare at Yang Tian abrupt chuckle a hands stretched out and took Yang Tian’s Hosta and then disappeared in sight.
Mom agreed, agreed, haha, that’s great. Yang Tian, you are great. People love you so much. Hahahaha.
Yiyi suddenly jumped up and flung himself into Yang Tian’s arms for a hard hug.
Yang Tianli felt embarrassed than frightened and stole a look at the direction of the small building for fear that Yiyi’s move annoyed the Oriental sentiment.
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Tianmen than
A green light on the side of the moon wheel in the star quietly suspends its two backs and sits in fear.
The stars are so beautiful today
Was it not beautiful yesterday?
It’s also beautiful, but today is the most beautiful.

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