"Zhongshi Cliff?"


Baiye hurriedly said, "Let’s not talk about it. I’m here today mainly to take a look at your injury. We’ll talk about it when you’re well."
"There are workers!"
Baiye looked at the wretched man next to him, and the man quickly saluted Baiye and said, "Sun Qiao, the younger generation, meets the elder!"
They met before and ate something together. Baiye nodded to him and said, "You arrange these things in order of clutch, nine songs, hexagrams and thousands of Luo."
After all, the white leaves threw a flash, and immediately there were clouds of light floating in the middle. Each cloud of light was a fairy fruit. This is a relatively advanced fairy fruit named Suiyuan, which is of great significance to healing.
Sun Qiao has a great vision since seeing Zhong Shiya, but at this time, seeing such a multipolar fairy fruit is still a means of secretly surprised and sighing white leaves.
He hurriedly received the fairy fruit, arranged his eyes according to Baiye’s instructions, and looked at Baiye from time to time to see him as if he were dealing with Zhong Shi’s cliff injury.
Baiye carefully looked at Zhong Shiya’s body and was not shocked. He had imagined it before, but at this time it seems that the severity of the injury has passed his imagination.
Zhong Shiya has closed his eyes and concentrated on protecting his mind into a state of death. This is in line with Baiye’s sigh, and the spirit tactic in his hand is connected to ban Zhong Shiya.
After tens of millions of bans, the cliff body of Zhong Shi has become a bit penetrated, and clouds of halo are circulating in other bodies, and the whole person is like a gem with gorgeous brilliance.
Over there, Sun Qiao has arranged a white leaf for a light drink. "Get up!"
Zhong Shiya slowly flew up and landed in the fairy fruit array, and then kept playing tricks, and the fruits slowly moved.
"Sun Qiao, you are farther away!"
Baiye’s heart moved and opened his mouth to spit out a cloud of blood, which stopped in front of him. His hand gently touched a piece of black, which was separated from the blood and collected by him into the jade ruyi. Then he put the remaining bright red blood into the fruit array, and instantly a bright red mask covered Zhong Shiya, and a series of bright red flashes connected the mask and Zhong Shiya’s body.
These movements seemed to be completed quickly, as if it were not difficult, but after Baiye received the spirit formula, his head was dizzy and he almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Sun Qiao’s sharp eyes flew to hold Baiye’s way, "Are you all right, senior?"
"Nothing!" White leaves sit cross-legged and swallow a fruit.
There is nothing wrong with his body. Although he suffered from jingxie, the most serious damage was his soul. Just now, the rescue method was unique to the white family. Only people with white blood can be named by the soul!
Fan Guo added a vigor, feeling a little lighter than before, took out a purple gourd, opened his mouth and drank a few mouthfuls of wine, and then poured the wine out into the blood-red mask. Suddenly, those reds were more clear and crystal clear.
"That’s the fairy wine that will be scattered from time to time during the treatment. Please accept it. Those fruits may also fly out. You’re welcome. It’s a reward for taking care of him." Bai Yeqing said to Sun Qiao
Sun Qiao had some perverse boasting before he met Zhong Shi Cliff, but since he saw the immortal’s means and momentum, he felt that he was too small, and at the same time, his state of mind changed greatly. He felt that everything in this incident was not so good, and he wanted to pursue the avenue.
If he had seen Xian Brewmaster’s fruit before, he must have been full of possession, but now he is not greedy except for surprise. If Baiye hadn’t told him that he could collect it himself, he wouldn’t have thought of collecting these things at all.
"Go ahead, I’m fine. It’s very helpful for you to repair those things!" Baiye, look at this Sun Qiao and wait for a while. It seems that they haven’t returned to absolute being and added.
Sun Qiao nodded and went to the guard next to the hood.
Baiye closed his eyes to absorb the aura of fairy wine, mainly to restore his spirit. After an hour, he opened his eyes and got up and said to Sun Qiao, "I went out in advance and will be back soon!"
"Yes!" Sun Qiao got up and replied.
White leaves are dark outside the Zhongshan cave in the sea, and he forces the water to jump to the sea.
Floating to the sea, Baiye saw a fiery figure, which was the female brother of the fire island possessed by Luokun.
Luo Kun saw the white leaves coming out and looked at them carefully and said, "Ye Er, you look terrible!"
Listen to Luo Kun so kindly call yourself a warm heart in Baiye and say with a smile, "It’s good to have nothing for a while!" "
"Well, Ye Er, don’t call your predecessors. Call your sister to listen!" Luo’s face is full of smiles.
White leaves one leng elder sister? Baiye once thought of calling her aunt. I didn’t expect Luokun to let him call her sister!
"Sister!" After the white leaves stare blankly, the call is still very crisp and neat.
"Ha ha, let’s go and talk!" Luo Kun saw that the white leaves were not in good condition, rolled up a spark and dragged him to an island not far away.
Section DiYiSanSi Luo Xun
"Sister, what possessed you but not everything?" This is Bai Ye’s first question.
The two men sat in front of the island stone, and Liu Hai said, "If this heaven is chaotic, if my body is chaotic, it will be destroyed!"
Bai Ye didn’t think about anything when he asked, but he didn’t expect Luo Qiu’s answer to be so serious.
"Destroy? This is like talking about it? "
"I’m not very clear about the reason, but this van really can’t help me. I have about twenty percent capability in this possession. If my body comes here within ten years, this van will be a mess! Not only I, the average celestial person, will have such an influence! "
With a sigh in her tone, Bai Ye suddenly thought of the three people she met in Qianchen Mountain before, and those three people also showed their integrity. Are they also for this reason?
In a blink of an eye, Baiye thought of the leech in the South China Sea. That guy is a veritable fairy. Will he not affect heaven? But maybe he’s divorced!
But aren’t there more than a dozen venerable persons in the Nine Halls? They also crossed the limit. What didn’t affect them? Or are they already influencing …
Baiye thought a lot of things in an instant and then asked, "What’s the situation in the celestial world?"
"There are still many people in the celestial world who know about this, but there is no abnormal reaction!"
"Those soaring fairy? This is their root, and they didn’t respond? "
"Some masters may have some reactions but can be like? They don’t come and dare not come. Besides, in the celestial world, they also know the truth that all things are born and die at any time, and one can be born at any time. After ten million years, another one will be generated … "
"What’s the reason why my sister came here?" Baiye looked at her.
Luo Kun also looked at Baiye’s face and smiled slightly and said, "Of course, I will take you back to this mess. If something happens to you, won’t those two young people and I have to bear the pursuit of your White House?"
With a wry smile on his white face, Luo Kun doesn’t know anything about his situation. He can’t leave now.
Seeing the bitter face of Baiye, Luokun said, "Taking you back is the most important purpose, but we also know that you must have been worried about everything, and it is not good for you to go back to your place. I and those two little girls made a farewell party, and you can go back to the celestial world through there."
Luo Kun taught Baiye a piece of Yu Pei and said, "This Yu Pei can send you to an array point at the bottom of the southeast ocean, and from there you can directly send it to the celestial world. Those two little guards can guard this Yu Pei, and you can also make it as much as you want, but that array can be made in a hundred years when you have to hurry!"
He has thought a lot about Luo Kun since he took over Yu Pei Bai Ye’s words.
"Well, tell me something about what you did in Fandu? I have been away from the mortal world for several years, and my sect has long since disappeared and I don’t know the mortal world. Please tell me quickly! "
Looking at Luo’s eyes, Baiye holds Yu Pei’s story about what he experienced after seeing Bud. Murray met the East Pole Lujun and Magic Kirin to find materials together, and there are many conspiracies and strange hearts in the East …
Baiye was a little surprised when she spoke slowly, but gradually her look became more and more calm. When Baiye finished speaking, she sighed and said, "You have experienced a lot. I didn’t expect that you could really toss about this heaven cause and effect!"
Is this a compliment or a criticism? Bai Ye nai said quietly, "I want to go against heaven, but I belong to the theory of heaven. What I do is that heaven has changed its form at most, so it is not for me to decide or that it is doomed!"
"oh? You still have this opinion? Very negative! " Luo Kun said with a smile
"Ye Er, do you feel that you have changed?"
Baiye doesn’t know why she asks.