Chai Wanying looked startled at the serious little face of an egg, and the expression on her face when she said this sentence was meticulous without naive smile.


She didn’t know what to say or answer for a moment.
Sister let me be your boyfriend, will you be my baby?
Seeing that she was staring at herself with a dazed expression just didn’t answer. My sister always said that she would be together forever. Why can’t it be his turn to be a boyfriend?
Sister doesn’t want eggs, right
It’s incredible how much energy is consumed when you melt your tail and legs. Today, the egg’s spirit is at a minimum.
Therefore, Chai Wanying is just an ordinary person. Because she is an adult, she is stronger than an egg in the same spirit.
Nowadays, an egg can’t go deep into Chai Wanying’s mind to understand her thoughts, which makes it possible to guess when he sees through Chai Wanying’s thoughts in other ways.
No, of course not. How can my sister not want an egg? But you are too young to be a boyfriend. You don’t understand that the situation of our previous boys and girls is different. When you grow up, you will be white.
She can listen to everything now, but she can’t hear what an egg said that she didn’t want him, so she quickly explained it immediately after seeing that he was depressed and disappointed
What’s different? I’ll grow up soon, too
Egg looked at his little hand and looked at it again. He is still being held in his arms by his sister.
He vaguely understood what his sister said was different.
But he is really different from human beings. Although he doesn’t know how long it will take him to grow taller than his sister, it won’t take long.
He should grow up easily if he works harder and absorbs more energy.
Do you have to be a grown-up sister to accept it?
An egg gave himself a hard hint that he wanted to grow up, and he must grow up in the shortest time.
Egg, it’s not a question of whether you can grow up soon.
When two people are together, they don’t have to be boyfriends. Even if they become boyfriends, it doesn’t mean that the girl will be together just now. People’s feelings are a very complicated thing, and they will change at any time and place.
Even after that, they will change from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife, but there is no guarantee that their marriage contract will continue forever. That kind of love is not necessarily absent, but it is rare for you in the meeting now.
It’s ridiculous to say these things to a child, but the egg is so serious that she has to tell him all these things whether he can understand or not.
Chai Wanying listened to every word clearly. It was a temporary digestion.
But he heard the word contract clearly.
And I don’t know why, as soon as I heard these two words, I felt that his body immediately showed some faint strange fluctuations, and my mind flashed for a moment.
It seems that something is about to jump, but I just can’t catch the feeling.
Chai Wanying didn’t feel that she didn’t listen clearly for such fluctuations in the egg body, so she nodded again to the contract. It is a contract for two people to get married together forever.
Chapter 73 Virtual
Contract contract contract contract contract
Egg kept repeating these two words in his head, and gradually he felt his head hurt.
There seems to be some hallucinations in front of me. The first scene is that everything looks green and it will shake and sway.
The body also shivered slightly.
Chai Wanying because holding him, of course, the first time aware of the bosom guy is not very often.
This look has also startled her.
Because the egg’s expression is actually very painful, his eyes are wide as if there is something terrible in front of him. What is even more bizarre is that the green crystal eyes have turned into deep green at the moment.
The vivid air in your eyes is gone at the moment.
God is more like a fake plastic eye.
Egg, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you? Come on, egg, don’t scare me.
Chai Wanying was anxious to see that this is a busy shopping mall. You must not be seen by the second person. What should I do if such an abnormality will attract people’s doubts?
She used her quick wits to stop quickly, first put the egg on the ground, then took off her small coat, hurriedly put it on his head and picked him up again.
While calling his name lightly and hurriedly, he quickly trotted to the door of the mall as he spoke.
No, she has to take the egg home at once