The little demon smiled, "That’s because of one person!"


Also because of one person? Moon Soul joked, "What you said is not all one person, is it?"
The little demon sank, "Yes, it’s all one person!"
The soul of the moon didn’t think that a joke was right, and I didn’t know what to say at the moment.
The little demon looked at him at a loss and walked a few steps closer to him with a smile. "Do you know what I would say to you?"
Moon Soul thought for a moment and then carefully said, "You don’t want to say it’s because I look like that person, do you?"
Small demon surprised eyes looked at the soul "the nangongshan soul is really bad? Even you guessed this. "
The moon soul suddenly cried and laughed. "What are you going to do with me?"
Xiao Yaojiao laughed. "Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. You look like him is one of the reasons. The second reason is that you saved me yesterday. The third reason, as you know, is that you haven’t given me what I want."
Moon Soul nodded and said, "I don’t want to lie to you again. Moon in the water was given to me by my mother, so I can’t give it to others. Before I could give you the nine ghost beads, I meant to give them to you, but I didn’t say that I would give them all to you. This is not my promise."
After listening to the words of the Moon Soul, the little demon thought for a moment and said, "Yes!"
The Moon Soul saw that she agreed and added, "I told you that the two things are in the Qingran Saint’s place at the Peak of the Holy Spirit. You should also know that you are at the same level as Master Yongjing. Most people dare not pay attention to this. I made an agreement with her ten years ago, and I won’t get them now. And I escaped from the Peak of the Holy Spirit. I swear here that I will give them to you ten years later."
The little demon looked at the moon soul and said, "Ten years?"
Moon Soul explained, "It’s not bad that you’ve waited for so many years. I’ll give it to you if I say it for ten years."
The little demon sneered, "Regardless of whether you give it to me or not, you also know that I’m possessed. It’s very serious. I’m afraid I can’t make it this year if I can wait for ten years."
Moon Soul thought for a moment and said, "If you trust me, can you tell me what you practice?"
The little demon frowned when she heard the Moon Soul ask her to practice martial arts. "What do you want me to do?"
Moon Soul knew what she was thinking and explained, "Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to covet your skills. In my opinion, you will be possessed, and it’s not because of your skills. Maybe it’s because you are eager to get results in recent years. If you can find out what’s wrong with you, I’m sure I can help you get rid of this obsession. If you are lucky, those demons that are out of your control will be yours. By then, your strength will fly over qualitatively. Can you say that?"
The little demon’s eyes flashed with joy, which of course could not hide from the eyes of the moon soul. Then she nodded and said, "Your suggestion is worth considering."
In this way, Xiao Yao told Yue soul even what she had practiced, and she herself couldn’t figure out why she believed in the soul of the moon so much because he saved herself last night. Or because he looks like that man? Or maybe both.
An hour later, the soul of the moon sighed, "The Demon Spirit Road is really an esoteric Daoism. I wonder who created it?"
Small demon light way "is my sister"
The moon soul looked at the little demon and asked, "Your sister? Is that the one who was picked up by Master Yongjing? "
The little demon nodded and said, "That’s my sister."
Moon Soul Pei said, "I think your sister is also a stunning person."
The little demon nodded and said, "We, who are called monsters in your mouth, actually practice a lot more than you. It takes at least a thousand years to turn into a human form. There is not much difference between my age and my sister’s age, but she practiced it for 500 years and turned into a human form and achieved the’ Demon Spirit Road’."
The Moon Soul wondered, "In that case, how could she be arrested by Master Yongjing?"
Small demon sighed, "because a person is precisely because of the reverse love robbery."
Moon soul some don’t understand the word "inverse love robbery? What’s that? "
Small demon wry smile way "how do I know what is this inverse feeling robbery? If I knew, I wouldn’t be in such pain. "
Moon soul really doesn’t know what she is talking about, but it seems that she is trapped by love. This person should be what she says she looks like a person.
The little demon went on, "I just forgot him a little when I was with you these days, but I know it’s because I took you for him and then she looked at the moon soul again."
The moon soul was looked at by her strange eyes for a moment and didn’t know what to do. "How many paragraphs of the’ Demon Spirit Road’ you just said didn’t you practice?"
The little demon said lightly, "Yes, that’s because I don’t think those paragraphs are there."
The Moon Soul thought for a while, "The problem may lie in these paragraphs. It is impossible for your sister to create a’ demon spirit road’ and add something without anything. In my opinion, these paragraphs are just for breath conditioning. You can practice these paragraphs again and estimate it."
Small demon laughed, "why do you want to help me so much? And yesterday, why didn’t you kill me or run away while I was possessed? "
The soul of the moon thinks, yes, what is this? But I can’t figure out what this is. "I don’t answer?"
The little demon regained her charm and said, "I will believe you if you help me so much. After ten years, I will ask you to take my nine nether pearls." Then he went away in a flash.
The soul of the moon watched her leave her mouth and murmured, "Is it true that you lost a person?" If so, who is that person? "
Then he blamed himself for thinking too much about others. Who did you care about?
I don’t know where I should go now when the soul of the moon walks in the jungle. Maybe I should go to Datong Peak to meet Song Ran and them!
At this time, several streamers in the sky fell around the moon soul.
"Don’t come to the Nangong Moon Soul!"
The moon soul looked at these people’s eyes and laughed. "The spirit peak spirit Ye Putuo Temple ancient wisdom master Mu Xinzong left patriarch Xiaoyao brother haha! They are all old friends, so don’t be sick? "
When the soul of the moon spoke, she glanced at everyone’s look. Zuo Xuanhuang’s eyes were naturally full of murder. The people who were scattered around were calm in expression. The ancient wisdom master Bao Xiang * * Ling Ye still wore a white hat with white gauze to make people unable to see her expression clearly.
Master Gu Zhi read a Buddhist name saying, "Amitabha Buddha, a few of us just found the evil spirit by the mountain spring. I didn’t expect to meet the Nangong benefactor after searching so far."

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