"good!" Candle nine Yin said very happy.


"…" Xu Qi couldn’t believe it. Believe my ears, Xu Qi’s last request was tantamount to extortion, and the candlestick and nine shades were so readily promised, which completely surprised Xu Qi. "Don’t the Wu people know the wonderful use of the jade die?" No way! None of the ancestors are fools. Is it … that the witches are not United internally and need external pressure? "
Xu Qi was thinking for a while, but he didn’t take advantage of the bastard. Now that it’s a big bargain, how can Xu Qi not? He said, "Good! Candle nine yin ancestors are so frank, then it’s settled! However, the ancestors of the candle nine yin should take a vow with the witch family, so as to avoid misunderstanding afterwards. "
Jiuyin nodded, then took a glass of wine, suddenly spilled it on the ground, and said, "Next Jiuyin, I made an oath as the ancestor of the Wu nationality, and the ancestor and the Moon Palace cooperated with each other. After the job is done, the ancestor will hand over the jade decree to the Moon Palace and the Moon Old Star King for a hundred years. Both sides treat each other sincerely, and if they break the oath, they will be condemned by heaven! Come to a bad end! "
At this time, Di Jiang filled everyone’s wine bowls, and after the vows were made, everyone drank a bowl of wine, glances at each other, and laughed in chorus.
In the vast mainland, the moon is dark and the wind is howling, and on such a bad night, the main fighting power of the Wu clan gathered quietly, and then three main fighting forces of the Wu clan quickly moved forward to the celestial alliance, and these three forces, each of which has two ancestors sitting in the seat, and the others are at the level of great wizard, with a total of 30 thousand wizards, which is already the strongest fighting power of the Wu clan!
It’s really weird that the three main forces of the Wu clan gathered together, but the outer sentries of the Heaven Alliance didn’t give an alarm. Moreover, when the Wu clan forces passed by those sentries, the sentries inside gestured to the Wu clan forces, meaning that they had a good wind …
Are these sentries all stupid?
In fact, the answer is very simple, because these sentries are all "one of their own", all under Xu Qi, or under Chi Chang, who controls a large number of puppet Yin gods with the list of gods. At present, most of these Yin gods are hidden in the celestial alliance, and now they are just used to cooperate with the witch attack …
After going deep into the Heaven Alliance, the three armies of the Witch tribe split up and attacked three places respectively, namely, the territory of elucidating religion, the territory of intercepting religion and the territory of Zhenyuanzi. Why should they attack the three territories first?
The reason is very short, Zhenyuanzi’s territory has almost no governance, and his power is scattered. As long as two ancestors suppress Zhenyuanzi, 10,000 wizards can thoroughly clean Zhenyuanzi’s territory within half an hour!
Then there is the territory of cutting religion, which can be said to be the strongest force in the celestial alliance. Among them, there are many demon saints, mainly because the doctrine of cutting religion is very simple, and there is no discrimination against all kinds of small demons, so there are countless disciples. The demon race has great respect for cutting religion, and most of them moved to the territory of cutting religion, which led to the explosion of cutting religion. The Wu army attacked the celestial alliance, so we must first give it a surprise blow, or wait for the cutting religion troops to gather.
As for why the attack on Interpretation is actually helpless, because the territory of Interpretation is similar to that of Interception. In order to prevent Interpretation from supporting Interception, an army simply attacked Interpretation head-on, and Interpretation is the most difficult for the witch family, because there are a lot of quasi-saints in Interpretation, and four quasi-saints and dozens of Jin Xian are sects that implement the policy of elite soldiers. It hurts to chew, and it is also very easy for the other side to break through. It is easy to defeat the other side and want to kill each other.
Wu clan three forces move fast, and Xu Qi is ready. At this time, Xu Qi is standing outside the North Ghost Demon Palace, waiting for the opportunity to sneak attack …
Nowadays, Chi Chang is standing on the beach of blood, and the list of gods is hanging above his head. But at the moment, Chi Chang has a leisurely face, patting it on a wine table, with a few dining tables on it, while Zhi Xian fills Chi Chang with wine from time to time …
The moon broke through the fog, revealing a corner in the sky, and it was just midnight!
Chi Chang looked at the moon in the sky and said, "It’s time to start work."
Chi Chang drank the immortal drunk in the cup, then threw away the glass, and his figure soared, holding the list of gods and waving it continuously. The sky that was just empty actually added thousands of puppet Yin gods in an instant!
"See the sea of blood in front of us. Today we play a very exciting game. Everyone has three chances to be resurrected. If you can destroy the sea of blood within two hours, I will give you freedom!" Chi Chang said thoughtfully.
Just thousands of puppet Yin gods bowed their heads, afraid that Chi Chang would see their hateful eyes, but now he looked up and looked at Chi Chang enthusiastically, trying to see if Chi Chang was joking …
"Opportunity is rare, you can grasp the opportunity, as long as you destroy the blood, then you are all free, otherwise you will honestly wait for the next opportunity, hahahaha … Oh, there is a powerful person in the blood, as you probably know, now he seems to have noticed you, and I wish you good luck, now! Game on! " Chi Chang said, then his body gradually faded away, and he was never found again.
"roar! ! ! For freedom! ! !”
"Everyone together! Kill! "
"Ruined the blood! ! ! Fight for freedom! ! !”
Cheers, roars, roars, these puppet Yin gods are all crazy. Chi Chang’s puppet Yin gods are all made by some big demon Yuan gods, and their strength is extraordinary. Among them, there are several low-order quasi-saints. Although they have been made into Yin gods, their strength has declined, but these thousands of people have gathered together, and their strength is enough to run rampant in the vast continent. At this time, these thousands of people are crazy, and the bodhi old zu of Styx is in trouble.
Thousands of Yin gods have their own specialty skills. At this moment, some people are scattered and some people form teams with each other, and all the purposes are to destroy the blood sea!
Lightning and thunder, burning fire, ice, lava, earthquake and blood sea are like fireworks, painting a colorful world …
Howl! ! !
There was a huge roar from the sea of blood, and the bodhi old zu of Styx jumped out of the sea of blood in a rage and shouted angrily, "Who are you waiting for?" ? Why did you attack my blood? ?”
"It’s a sea of blood!"
"Get out of here, don’t delay our time …"
The words of the bodhi old zu in Styx ushered in a noise, among which there were many abuses, and the people around him didn’t mean to stop. All kinds of evil magic techniques were released into the blood sea, and there were waves of roaring explosions in the blood sea. The bodhi old zu in Styx could clearly feel the water level in the blood sea falling …
At this time, the bodhi old zu of Styx was shocked and angry, and he didn’t care to argue with the people around him. He thundered again: "A sea of blood! Get up! "
Once the large array of blood was sacrificed, the blood around it immediately flooded like a flood, and the sky and the ground began to be filled with monstrous blood waves …
At this time, the fire unicorn among the Yin gods rushed into the blood waves crazily, and shouted loudly: "This opportunity is rare, otherwise we don’t know when we can get away. Don’t hide anything, come up with real skills! Desperate! "
When the fire unicorn finished speaking, it suddenly burst into flames, spreading around like a fire tornado storm, and the blood around it was dried up, and then the fire unicorn’s move was even crazier …
Boom! ! !
The fire unicorn actually used the false flesh and blood of Yin God to provoke the three flavors of true fire, and blew itself up with the three flavors of true fire. This explosion is enough to be worth the full blow of the high-ranking quasi-saint. It is a crazy move!
The bodhi old zu in Styx saw the fire Kirin’s move and almost vomited blood with anger. I didn’t expect such a crazy person in the middle of the universe, but he had a large array of blood to help him. The explosion of the fire Kirin couldn’t pose too much threat to him, and at most it consumed some blood waves.
And Yin gods puppets took the lead with fire Kirin, and many Yin gods became more crazy. First, these Yin gods used powerful magic and witchcraft crazily, and when their mana was exhausted, they directly rushed into the sea of blood and blew themselves up … Three points more horrible than terrorists …

Chapter seventy-one The big war [in]
Chi Chang sent thousands of puppet Yin gods to surround the sea of blood, and the Yin gods used explosive tactics shamelessly, and beat the bodhi old zu of Styx extremely humbled. As the saying goes, the soft is afraid of hard, the hard is afraid of horizontal, and the horizontal is afraid of death. Nowadays, Styx fights with thousands of deadly Yin gods, and although Styx is biting, it dare not fight easily, which also leads to the inability to wield all its strength and make it worse.
Chi Chang led thousands of Yin gods to fight against the bodhi old zu of Styx, while Xu Qi, who is thousands of miles away, is fighting with Kunpeng Demon Division …
The celestial alliance was suddenly changed, and Kunpeng Demon Division certainly felt something, so he quickly sent his disciples out to find out, but all these disciples were inexplicably gone, and Kunpeng Demon Division immediately knew that something had changed, so he personally took several cronies out to check the situation …
Xu Qi had earlier ambushed outside the Demon Division Palace, and all the disciples who went out to find out were killed by him, and then Kunpeng Demon Division walked out of the Demon Division Palace …
As soon as Kunpeng walked out of the Demon Division Palace, he vaguely felt something was wrong. Based on the experience of Kunpeng Demon Division, he immediately became wary, and then a breeze blew around him now …
"retreat!" Kunpeng suddenly booed, and at the same time, his figure retreated sharply, and his cronies followed Kunpeng for many years, and they cooperated closely. Four cronies surrounded Kunpeng, each with a big shield, and no one walked in the same pace, and instantly returned to the defense of the Demon Palace, Jinnouchi.
Xu Qiwang looked at Kunpeng who returned to the Demon Division Palace, and his heart was secretly called. Unfortunately, if he could sneak into it, he even had information to slay Kunpeng in the next two hours, but Kunpeng was too cautious to give him a chance.
"Why don’t you come out and have a look? I’m sure I’ll treat you warmly." Kun Peng said loudly.
Xu Qi knew that he couldn’t hide, so he simply walked generously. When he came out, he saw a breeze blowing outside the Demon Master Palace, and the lotus flowers drifted away, and the lotus flowers instantly gathered into a human nature, which was Xu Qi. Of course, he is now an old man under the moon! Yue Lao xing jun!

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