"Moer, don’t be afraid to remember that we can live a happy life again after death, and everything will get better." Mu Lian comforted Yunmo around him.


Yunmo couldn’t help but nod immediately. "Even the elder brothers must come to Moer."
Said the cloud foam cheeks tears bead.
61 Chapter 61 Such as every autumn (13)
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"hey!" The official made a chop gesture, and immediately the knife man raised the broadsword in his hand and held it high, and then he would chop it hard.
Let everyone be surprised and shocked. Suddenly, there was a sound of "dang dang". Two strong men raised broadswords in their hands and were shocked by hidden weapons.
This is the rhythm of someone trying to rob the court.
Five people in white tights suddenly flew out of the position.
At the same time, they shot out of their hands, and hidden weapons directly shot two strong men with knives in situ.
When he saw it, the scene immediately became chaotic, and the onlookers fled in panic. Without mercy, they stepped on the back of the fallen person.
Some people screamed and some people shouted "escort". At the same time, the officials present were afraid to hide behind Chi Xuan, and the guards with knives wore yellow jackets to protect Chi Xuan and other officials behind them.
Five people who flew directly landed beside Mulian and Yunmo and waved their weapons to the rope.
The rope was easily cut off, and Mulian and Yunmo were free.
They wouldn’t have thought that someone had come to rob the court!
Who are these people?
"Who are you? What is coming to save us? " Mu Lian asked one of them strangely that he didn’t ask for help from the outside world.
"Cut the crap and escape." Among the last five people, two of them grabbed Mulian’s arm and the other one grabbed Yunmo’s arm and was about to fly away.
When he saw it, Mulian immediately stopped, "I didn’t ask you to save you and let go."
But the masked men don’t care about Mu Lian’s reaction, such as seeing Mu Lian’s uncompromising grip on Yunmo. One person has already flown towards the roof.
When he saw Mu Lian, he flew quickly to the roof, and Yunmo was taken away. Of course, he wanted to chase him together!
Chi Xuan looked at Mu Lian and Yunmo who were taken away and immediately said, "Chase me!"
After Chi Xuan, the soldiers and horses will follow them with flying skill, but they will quickly chase them from the surface without flying skill.
The minister is still a little stunned. It’s all developing too fast!
Cloud drunk to chaos situation can’t help but feel suspicious.
Isn’t it a little too simple to rob the court?
And ChiXuan how don’t fear?
People wearing white invisibility cloaks grabbed Yunmo’s arm and flew forward quickly. Yunmo couldn’t help but struggle. "Let me go! Let me go! "
But Yunmo struggled but there was no place at all!
Mu Lian was worried and followed him quickly. He didn’t know whether these people really saved him or not, but he didn’t welcome anyone to save him.
Finally, the cloud foam is too annoying. Holding the cloud foam, people will directly split the cloud foam with a palm.
Tight-fitting people fled quickly, and longed for even chasing after them. Chi Xuan’s hand also quickly chased the tights.
As time goes by, the more you chase, the farther you go.
At a corner, the man in tights suddenly disappeared. Mu Lian couldn’t help but worry when he saw it, so he immediately followed him and disappeared.
Chi Xuan looked at him and looked around immediately. He looked up and saw a magnificent building.
The plaque of this sect is written with the words "Fuhutang", which is majestic and domineering.
The door is also tightly closed, and there is a faint smell of blood from the inside, which makes people feel that there is an abnormal smell.
611 Chapter 611 Such as every autumn (14)
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Looked at ChiXuanRen couldn’t help but looked at each other and immediately went in without hesitation.
The emperor personally watched someone take Mulian and Yunmo away, and they chased them. If they couldn’t find anyone, wouldn’t it be a crime?
So what are they afraid of when they are going to rush for one and there are so many people?
So I slammed the door and finally rushed in with unremitting efforts.
When I went in, I was surprised to find that the bodies inside were all over Chen Qizhong’s stump and skull broken.
And there are two groups of people in it. One group is probably from Fuhutang and the other group is probably from Chimie. !