"There you are." Eve smiled gently.


The fairy queen has a natural breath when she smiles, whether she is still or moving, and she has an indescribable wonderful feeling. Just looking at her can make people feel unusually comfortable. Purple long hair and eyes are noble and not profane, but this noble Ilve is particularly approachable. This inexplicable feeling is the difference between the queen and the civilians. If you fall into it, you will automatically recognize the status of Queen Ilve in the subconscious.
There is nothing for Nie Shuang. His wife is the queen, and equality and status are in his bones.
Nodded Nie Shuang, careless, walked in and looked at the place he had never been before-the gold and purple decorations were a little blunt but inexplicable, and some harmonious floor ceilings could be hung as high as five Nie Shuang, and the crystal lamps were brilliant. There was a huge sand table, and a model of Skanska continent was built. Perhaps it was to take care of the flowers and plants in Ilf’s room. Those vines were climbing along the wall and blooming flowers were very beautiful.
Look at Nie Shuang’s eyes and look back. She frowned around Regina and Ilfu and asked, "What’s the situation of the inferno?" Where is his tone, dress and attitude like a baron walking around the Queen of Ska Kingdom without any panic or fear? I don’t know if people are sure he is the king of Ska Kingdom.
Regina Ilfu glances at each other, and her eyes are full of smiles. Regina stepped in front of Nie Shuang’s side and pointed to the west of the sand table card continent-
"It won’t be long before the continuous expansion of the Heavenly Path will reach its maximum, and at that time it will also be able to meet the needs of the most powerful Mundus of the 11 apostles of the inferno. Now the inferno vanguard has set up camp in the seal area, and we will continue to fight them in the future, but this early battle will be handed over to you’ saviors’."
"Is there a specific apostle, when Mundus came?"
"No" Regina shook her head gently.
Before the arrival of Mundus in the inferno and the massive attack, Ska Kingdom still gave the defense to the player. After all, the player can be reborn when he is dead, and the soldiers in Ska Kingdom are dead, which takes a long period of time to get out again. This is not optimistic about dealing with the greater power of the inferno.
Mundus …
Nie Shuang’s mind moved slightly. "Is Mundus a man or a woman?"
As soon as the words came out, the faces of the two queens suddenly changed. They all looked at Nie Shuang with disdain and asked Nie Shuang to be puzzled. "What … what’s the matter?"
"With Regina, do you want other women? Regina, but can’t the queen satisfy you? Mundus also wants to levy? " Irfu snorted softly. It looks like saying that people are not Regina but herself.
"Yiyi yiyi fu! ! !” Regina blushed and went to cover her mouth in a panic. On weekdays, she was able to slay the queen of the twelve apostles’ kingdom. Regina looked like a little woman, and her cheeks were flushed from time to time. She turned to Nie’s face and moved away as soon as she touched it …
"Ahem ….." Rao is Nie Shuang and can’t help blushing. "It’s not that knowing yourself and knowing yourself can win every battle …"
Ilfu gouged out Nie Shuang’s eyes, grabbed Lei Jiana with both hands and tried to cover her mouth, saying softly, "Who is Mundus and what she is like? No one knows that even if the inferno had fought before, there is no historical record. It is said that Mundus is unusually tall and mighty. It has a tiger pupil, an eagle beak, snake scales, African claws and phoenix tail …"
"Stop, stop! ! !” Nie Shuang rudely interrupted Ilfu’s speech. "This is the same as not saying it. Forget it. The material is pure. I have already done all the processes and I am ready to start casting the’ Al Shed Teller’."
She chuckled lightly. Irfu loosened her already quiet and came to Regina, but after listening to Nie Shuang’s words, she got excited again. "Oh? Are you ready? ! Great! I didn’t expect you to receive it … fortunately, I was caught. "
It is needless to say that Nie Shuang, a peerless magic weapon, is lucky to suffer, but spending gold coins now hurts him to receive the materials that can be received in the market. He spent a higher price than the market price to acquire the whole market of Ska games, which almost made him get confused.
If you can’t make it and throw so many gold coins into it, Nie Shuang will want to cry …
"The powerful enemy of the inferno is coming soon. Let’s cast it first," Nie Shuangning said. "I don’t know … who is casting now?"
At one time, the doomsday seal was built by Al-Shed, which made Al-Shed famous all his life. But now? Al-Shed has long since passed away, and it’s hard to recast Al-Shed’s narrator without a younger brother! Who can win the kingdom?
With a slight sigh, Ilfu said, "Yes, there is one, but he is also a novice in casting, and he meets the minimum requirements, but he is not 100% successful, but … there is no other way."
"Mr. enoch, the master of equipment manufacturing?" Nie Shuang recalled one
But Ilfu shook his head. "Mr. enoch’s physical strength is not enough to maintain that casting will fail. This foundry … is enoch’s brother and a’ savior’ like you. I heard that he has a high reputation among your saviors."
Ilfu spoke softly, but she was full of emotion when she heard Nie Shuang. She said that this person is both enoch’s brother and a player, and he is famous among the players at the same time. This person is ready to come out-
Lian cheng jue
The president of the dissolved Liancheng guild has been famous for a long time. There are only a handful of players in terms of personal skills and charisma-Liancheng tactic.
Nie Shuang Liancheng tactic is not close from the beginning of the game to now, but the special feelings between them are a little strange. Liancheng guild has not said that it has protected Ye Luojun from seeing the workshop, but it has also developed into one of the best large workshops today, and Yang Dao is already planning to transform the workshop into a company.
The junsheng guild has also developed by gathering Liancheng’s old headquarters, making up for the shortcomings of the guild and making the foundation more stable.
Although I am not grateful for Liancheng tactic Nie Shuang, I will still thank him, but Nie Shuang still wants to talk to him face to face-
Eyes a fiercely nie shuangning way "let’s start before it’s too late to build this weapon, and you can adapt to it. I can also see the power of this weapon … by the way, take Assad’s secret core". It’s good for Regina and Ilfu to join the doomsday seal.
Chapter 33 Liancheng tactic
[Wang * * is filled with the unique solemn atmosphere of the army, and the soldiers are all in a hurry. Nie Shuang is here for the second time, but he stayed here for a long time. He is not particularly strange here. This trip is not to find a pure master Girod, but to find another master-
Enoch, the master of equipment manufacturing
To be exact, it is still difficult for players to become np brothers as far as the current Ska is concerned, but even if the first-level recruits are pleasing to the eye, they can learn special skills smoothly.
Liancheng was studied by enoch, but enoch, after all, the old man looked tough and young, but his physical strength could not be compared with the players after all, so the casting of Al Shed’s talker was handed over to Liancheng.
Following the two female queens Nie Shuang, everyone came to the front of the equipment manufacturing master enoch’s house. Unlike Girod, the decoration in his courtyard is naturally not pure props, but a large set of casting tools. Of course, the fire is raging and the heat wave is rolling.
Equipment manufacturing is also a kind of blacksmith.
"Ding dang! Ding-dong! Ding dang … "
By the blazing fire, a man in armor is waving a hammer and striking red-hot iron one by one. Mars is splashing and a forged iron is rapidly taking shape.
He is a man who strikes the iron for nothing. Where can he be armed with armor and strike the iron by the extremely hot fire? The temperature is enough to make people collapse and shock, and there must be players who will do so in the game without being affected by the fire.
This person is Liancheng tactic.
Guo Zi’s face has a little heroic spirit, short hair and a little red grain armor, which makes him look mighty and extraordinary. The most eye-catching place is that there is a flash on the right neck of Liancheng tactic, probably with a long dark blue thumb and a little evil breath.
Tattoos are very rich in Ska, which belongs to the category of dressing up. It is the same as Nie Shuangshen’s golden dress. Some players like this fancy thing, but I can’t believe that even the city tactic likes it. This guy said that he is not old and looks a little vicissitudes …
Nie Shuang and his party were also noticed when they approached Liancheng, but when his eyes shifted from the iron knot in his hand to the front, he also showed surprise. When his eyes turned again, he saw Nie Shuang coughing violently beside the queen-
I’m so scary?
How dare the queen not meet when she came to enoch? When Nie Shuang, Regina and Ilfu entered his yard, the old man with a small beard jumped out of the room screaming.
"Ah, Empress Regina and Empress Ilfu forgive the old minister for his rudeness. I really can’t leave just in the middle of forging equipment … damn it!" Flower clothes flashing a few eye enoch is kneeling in front of the two queens look "fear" confessing.
Aside Liancheng tactic also quickly put tools after the reaction came, bypassed the equipment and equipment raw materials on the ground, and knelt down and saluted heavily in front of the Queen.
However, it is obvious that enoch looks like two queens have seen more. For his confession, he curled his lips and spread his hands. Regina Nai said, "Master enoch, you didn’t sleep again just now, did you?"
"Ah? !” Enoch shivered "how how how! Veteran in … in building equipment "enoch is really not suitable for lying.
"Forget it, it doesn’t matter." Regina brushed her hand and turned and pulled Nie Shuang to push him forward. "This is the baron of the kingdom, and he is also the’ Al Shed Speaker’. He has already prepared all the materials. You should all know the specific things. Not much to say now …"
Regina’s eyes sparkled and scratched. "Casting begins with success and will not fail!"
The queen made everyone dare to act from all directions. Master Girod and Master enoch, who had come to travel-stained, supervised Nie Shuang and Liancheng to jointly build this artifact with high hopes-
Alshed said the doomsday seal? The world annihilates the enemy.
Before starting work, Liancheng tactic suddenly turned to face Nie Shuang, stretched out his right hand and five fingers, and clapped his hands to shake hands. At the same time, he laughed, "I haven’t heard so much about you for a long time."
Nie Shuang has been observing Liancheng tactic. It’s hard to imagine that this man who just came from the peak of the game was incredibly calm, and he didn’t want to make a comeback or take revenge on the Jedi, as if he had always been like this.
Heartless? No lungs? Most of them are playing games. They are really playing games …
Smile gently. Nie Shuang also reaches out with his right hand and holds it gently. "Liancheng is as happy as thunder!"
The person chosen to cast "Doomsday Seal" is not enoch, but even Cheng Ji said earlier that it takes time and energy to make this thing. The root of it is not something that enoch, an old man, can maintain. At the same time, different np players need to control themselves. To be mysterious, enoch must devote himself to it and feel the subtle changes to create success.
Old enoch’s body is exhausted, and he can’t finish this, but the player needs to hang there and let him start, and then go to see a movie and have a chat. The only price is that the player may need to stay up late.
Obviously, staying up late is not difficult for Liancheng tactic, a young and energetic guy.
Forging is a fine and lively door, and it is full of rough beauty. A material that has been pure is calcined in a fire with a very high temperature through Liancheng strategists, and then it is continuously tempered, and other materials are added in the tempering process to walk step by step.
You can’t finish it in just a few days …
When Nie Shuang and Lian Cheng strategics worked together to cast the salvation artifact, the kingdom began to enter the formal busy again. After experiencing and adapting to the arrival of the inferno, the players have become extremely excited by the initial overwhelming reaction, yelling to prepare and seal the inferno to do or die.
This is a time when everyone can be brave.