Suddenly, with a whoosh, Tianjun directly spread XuanYuanFeng out. After a period of cultivation, XuanYuanFeng returned to normal at this time, and his broken arm grew out. As soon as he came out, XuanYuanFeng looked at Tianjun and Baoshi apologetically and said, "Tianjun, that … didn’t help you, but added a burden to you."


"Ha ha, XuanYuanFeng, since you joined the revenge blood alliance, I will take you as my brother and family, no apology? Don’t take it to heart, the Cancer King has been killed. By the way, Xuanyuanfeng, have you heard of blade master Rongqing? "
"blade master RongQing? How? Did you meet him? " Looking at Tianjun and Baoshi in horror, it is obvious that blade master Rongqing occupies a very important position in XuanYuanFeng’s heart. Seeing Tianjun and Baoshi silently nodded, XuanYuanFeng hurriedly said: "blade master Rongqing is a figure born in the Taikoo Forest in the past ten million years. His attack power is quite strange, especially fencing. Basically, no one can match him in the whole Taikoo Forest. The attack is unpredictable and unpredictable. What is even more frightening is the blood sword in his hand. Legend has it that it is the only sacred artifact in the Taikoo Forest. It is precisely for this reason that blade master Rongqing is known as one of the masters in the entire Taikoo Forest. There is another person who is equally famous with blade master Rongqing. He is known as the Knife Devil’s Chop. This person is addicted to knives and becomes demons. He has a big knife with a real spirit in his hand called Slaughtering Empty Knife, and his strength is also very high. "
"Just now, Rong Qing killed this cancer king. I didn’t expect that this ancient forest is really crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Let’s go, the next stop is Ant Emperor City, and we will directly use the transmission array to go to the nearest place to Moon Mirror Lake." Tianjun said leisurely, draw a person Feng Ling and chi, Bao Shi and XuanYuanFeng are closely behind him.
With a clear goal-Ant Imperial City, the distance is not a big problem for Tianjun three people. Three people directly use big teleport, and a landing room has hundreds of thousands of miles. Ant Imperial City is only about ten million miles away from Tianjun and others, so in less than a day, Tianjun three people have already approached Ant Imperial City, except for meeting the former Cancer King along the way, and then there is no hindrance.
"Whoosh, that is the ant imperial city? Sure enough, it is more domineering than the blood city? " Distance around Wan Li, Tianjun three people slowed down, XuanYuanFeng is visual ant imperial city made a judgment. At this time, Tianjun is staring at the ant imperial city with a y and n face. It seems that something is wrong.
"What’s the matter, big brother?" Bao Shi noticed the vision of Tianjun and hurriedly asked.
"I have a hunch that we will meet the enlightened beast, the Lord of the beast temple, in this ant emperor city!"
"eh? No? " Paul said some don’t believe, but can’t hide the j and jīng light in his eyes.
"Let’s go. It is a blessing, not a curse, but a curse. What should come will always come. Besides, we may not be afraid of him. " Tianjun said flatly, but he couldn’t conceal the arrogant God Se in his eyes.
Dressed in white, Tianjun flies against the wind and looks free from vulgarity. It looks imposing and radiant, making people dare not stare.
Sure enough, as Tianjun expected. Just as Tianjun three people were about to arrive at Ant Imperial City, a line of people stood over the tall walls of Ant Imperial City, all of them were masters of the God Emperor level, among which the big fellow in the middle was the most powerful. Full of the domineering of the king.
"Ha ha, the legendary Tianjun and Baoshi, at first sight today, are really extraordinary."
The big guy in the middle is not angry but arrogant. When I looked at Tianjun, I was still shrouded in a strong aura, without a flaw.
"Have the privilege of seeing the enlightened god beast of the beast temple. It is also the blessing of my heavenly king. I have heard for a long time that the enlightened beast is the first person in the Taikoo forest. Seeing it here also makes me admire. " Tianjun said politely that when he didn’t know the meaning of enlightened god beast, he hadn’t thought of falling out.
"Ha ha, interesting!" Without thinking, he said a word, and then the enlightened god beast stared at Tianjun with sharp eyes, as if to see through him. Casual glance, Tianjun saw some proud blood dragon in the duke of Jiaocheng, and he was looking at himself Gherardini.
"Enlightened beast, we three brothers want to borrow the transmission array of your Ant Emperor City now. I don’t know what you mean. I am a generous man. Please say what you think." Knowing that the enlightened god beast is well prepared, since he appeared, it is impossible to be good. Even if he didn’t kill the dark tianjiao in the blood dumpling city, with the help of slaying the second person in the Taikoo forest, the enlightened god beast will also have a big fight with himself. Everything, when the enlightened god beast appeared, Tianjun had already guessed it.
"It’s not necessary to borrow the transfer matrix. However, you three brothers killed the dark tianjiao in front of the blood dragon in my blood dumpling city. If I just let you come and go freely in the field of my animal temple, then what face do I have to get along with the enlightened god beast in this ancient forest? Tianjun, it’s not difficult for me to play three games for you. If you win two games, it’s absolutely not difficult for me to be enlightened god beast to swear in the name of the animal temple. Enlightened god beast said with arrogance, and Se, the proud god of his brow, showed everything.
"Eldest brother, if we fight like this, we will definitely suffer!" Bao Shi immediately stood up and said in Tianjun’s ear.
XuanYuanFeng is also worried about looking at TianJun, for himself, XuanYuanFeng doesn’t have much confidence, after all, at this time they are facing the most earth beast temple master in Swire Forest.
"Needless to say, I have my own opinions." Tianjun said calmly, then smiled faintly and loved the enlightened beast and said, "So, I hope you keep your word."
"Well, really refreshing! In the first game, Blood Dragon, you can shoot. If you lose, you don’t have to come back. " Enlightened god beast calmly looked at the blood dragon and said.
"XuanYuanFeng, you!" Tianjun’s heart has long been calculated. In fact, he could have won two races in the form of Tian Ji horse racing. But since he is determined to fight with this beast temple, Tianjun knows that sooner or later he will confront this enlightened beast. In that case, it is better to see his strength at this time, so Tianjun takes a head-on battle.
Ant emperor city outside the large space, the original barren weeds and folded trees were trampled at this time, replaced by Wan Li in addition to blood dragon and XuanYuanFeng, no one.
Tianjun and Bao Shi stood opposite to the enlightened beast and others. At this time, Bao Shi looked at Tianjun with a fanatical face and asked excitedly, "Big Brother, who do you think will win this battle, Xuanyuanfeng and Blood Dragon?"
Smiling, Tianjun looked at Porsche calmly, and Gujing said without wave: "You haven’t seen the strength of this blood dragon before, do you think?"
"I’m afraid Xuanyuan wind is dangerous."
On the battlefield, Blood Dragon looked at Xuanyuanfeng with a proud face and said with resentment: "Hum, last time in Blood Jiaocheng, you let me lose all my people. Today, I must beat you out of the water."
"Are you? Don’t you just show off? Why didn’t I see you so arrogant when Ri was in Xuejiao City? Well, at best, you are just a dog! " XuanYuanFeng speak without mercy, hit the nail on the head.
"Looking for death!" Anger, directly into their own ontology, suddenly, I saw a huge blood se dragon prancing in the air, impressively is the ontology of blood dragon.
First one leng, XuanYuanFeng didn’t expect, this battle hasn’t started to fight, blood dragon will kill, but hand movements are not slow, waving a sword, was greeted by a foaming at the mouth.

Chapter five hundred and forty-two
Body shape is like the wind. Once Tianjun displays his own speed, no one can capture his body shape at all. This is the case at this time. He wants to display King Kong Boxing to attack Tianjun, but he can’t find Tianjun’s figure, and even his mind can’t exactly lock Tianjun.
However, at this moment, Bao Shi’s ear rang with Tianjun’s familiar voice and said flatly, "Old Six, you lost!" "
The right hand is as close to the body of Bao Shi as the claw of death, so Tianjun controls Bao Shi by using the soul-eating seal. With the strength of Tianjun at this time, as long as he wants, he can devour Bao Shi’s soul in an instant, making him have no spare capacity to fight back.
"Ahem, boss!" Put away his hands, Bao Shi looked depressed, and then looked at Tianjun with some soft clothes and said, "This battle was really wronged, but you are really better than me, big brother!"
There are few people who can make Bao Shi admire him. This was said from Bao Shi’s mouth. At that time, Tianjun looked at him with some surprise and said, "Huh? It’s really rare. I didn’t expect you to say such a thing. Let’s go out and continue on our way. "

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