Tongtian hierarch raised four flags on the altar and shook them. The sword that killed the fairy and the sword that trapped the fairy shone brightly and rushed at He Ming. And Lao Tzu’s "Zhu Xian Jian" is even more powerful. As for the "Jue Xian Jian" on the Juexian Gate, it doesn’t care about Taoist Bodhi, and it keeps dropping firm but gentle and rushes to Zhunti, which rarely attacks Taoist Bodhi. However, this "Zhu Xian Jian" array is a group attack invincible sword array. As long as it is trapped in the array, the ubiquitous chaotic firm but gentle will find it, so Taoist Bodhi has to protect himself with violet.


Zhunti looked coldly at the large array, and the wonderful seven treasures tree in his hand was thrown upward, but he saw a huge bodhi tree standing in the large array. This bodhi tree is no different from the one embodied in Zhunti’s book. The only difference is that one is Zhunti’s deity, and the other is the transformation of Zhunti’s branches.
When I saw the Bodhi tree, I quickly pointed to the Golden Bridge in the array. The Golden Bridge was quickly placed on the poplar, and endless golden light fell to hold down the Bodhi.
Seeing that the bodhi tree that I turned into was fixed by Lao Tzu with Tai Chi, I must have a snort of cold, and my hands quickly printed, and I quickly printed a thousand words, but it was the two fairy swords that flew out.
After flying two fairy swords, I must make a move towards the golden Buddha who is catching up with the original Buddha. The golden Buddha immediately merged into Zhunti. Zhun-ti opened his mouth and sucked forward, and the huge suction absorbed all the chaotic firm but gentle in this large array. After those chaotic firm but gentle were absorbed into the abdomen by He Ming, Zhun-ti soared slowly.
Lao Tzu played it by ear, and threw the diamond bracelet at Zhunti again, but it only sparked when it hit Zhunti.
I didn’t want to mention that the flesh was so powerful, so I couldn’t help but look surprised and quickly recalled the diamond bracelet. Hand flat turn is again, hard toward the quasi-mention.
One side of the original Buddha hurriedly followed Pangu Zan to Zhunti, and Tongtian was about to make a move. Suddenly, when his face changed, he pointed at the altar and hurriedly closed the large array, but the power outside the large array was really huge, so he closed the large array. Still failed to stop outsiders from entering this array.
Lao Tzu hit Zhunti with all his strength, but it left a white mark, instantly. The white mark disappeared, but the original Pangu Zan was stronger, and a long wound was formed on Zhunti’s chest, and the blood on the wound could not flow out. Began to slowly creep healing, Lao Tzu and the original hurriedly kept greeting Zhunti, and Zhunti’s body was really scarred. Unfortunately, they cut fast, but Zhunti’s recovery was not slow.
Just as they were fighting, suddenly a voice came: "How can such a wonderful battle be without this deity!"
I don’t know when to come to Zhang Kai. That was what Zhang Kai said just now, and he must have said, "Taoist friends are here to do it? Isn’t it necessary to come down? "
Zhang Kaiwen laughed and said, "I just passed by. I just saw that you were playing hot, and I was itchy at the moment. I also wanted to learn the ingenious tricks of Taoist friends and understand the cause and effect between us. "
At this time, the primitive Buddha smiled at Zhun-ti: "It seems that Taoist friends have bad luck today. So many enemies. The dough is destined to disappear. "
The sudden appearance of Zhang Kai. It was really surprising, but not afraid. When he heard this, he chuckled, "Really?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
"You must mention that Daoyou is a cooked duck!" Zhang Kai chuckled.
"Let’s go together, poor monk. I want to see what you four can do today!"
"good!" With a light drink, the leader of Tongtian immediately manipulated the four swords of Zhuxian and cut them at Zhunti. Raise your head and highlight 10 thousand words to block the four swords of Zhu Xian. It was only in an instant that the ten thousand-character French seal was broken. Seeing that the four swords of Zhu Xian are about to fall. A blue lotus stand stands in front of the four swords of Zhu Xian. The four swords of Zhu Xian brushed twelve violets, but they failed to hurt Zhunti.
However, Zhunti knew that he could not resist the four swords of Zhu Xian, so he took back Taoist Bodhi and protected it with twelve violets.
"Come and not be rude!" Must mention a light drink, foot on twelve violet, in the hands of the drop pestle toward Zhang Kai mercilessly. Lao Tzu and others play it by ear, and the guy in his hand greets Zhunti.
When Zhang Kai saw that he was allowed to hit himself with the magic pestle, he didn’t panic. He stood where he was, just waiting for the magic pestle to hit him. Seeing that the magic pestle was about to hit Zhang Kaizhi, a quaint clock stood in front of Zhang Kai.
1 of "thunk", the magic pestle hit chaos clock, which inspired a bell.
At the same time, Lao Tzu’s flat turn, the original Buddha’s three treasures and jade ruyi, and the green ping sword of the tongtian leader were all greeted on Zhunti’s back. There were countless sparks, leaving only a few white spots on Zhunti’s back, but it didn’t hurt him at all. Zhunti turned and recalled the seven treasures and wonderful trees, and brushed them at the saints. When they saw this, they immediately flew back.
"This must mention why things have become so strong!" The original Buddha saw that he had always been the most disdainful of Zhunti, and he was so strong that his Sanqing joint strike failed to hurt him, and he couldn’t help but be surprised.
The world leader Tongtian said, "Let’s arrange swords according to the four gates as soon as possible, and being original will not believe in this evil! 。” After that, the four swords returned to the four doors. Lao Tzu presided over the second door of killing immortals, while the original Buddha held the second door of absolutely immortal and trapping immortals. As for Zhang Kaize, he stood in the center with chaos clock in his hand.
The Master Tongtian said to Zhang Kai, "Free and unfettered Taoist friends. Come and help me quickly. "
Zhang Kai smell speech, jumped on the altar, borne hierarch gave four banners to Xu Xian, let him preside over the large array of four doors, while himself reached out and pointed at the array. The whole large array changed immediately.
Zhunti said with a smile, "Tongtian Daoyou, there are still changes in your sword array, just make it." See how I can crack your array. "
Although Zhunti looks relaxed when he speaks, in fact, he is suffering now and can’t say it. Originally against Lao zi, the original Buddha, Tongtian hierarch, three people themselves are at a disadvantage. Now, with a free and unfettered hand holding chaos clock, he will definitely lose or not win.
Moreover, the joint efforts of Sanqing just now, in Sanqing’s view, did not hurt yourself. But I must mention that my heart is clearer than anyone else. Just now, it has caused his inner government to shake a lot. If he hadn’t set up countless banned protections on the floor in advance, he would have to vomit blood on the spot. Now, Zhunti’s reason for pretending to be so relaxed is nothing more than trying to put pressure on Sanqing and them mentally.
At this moment, the four swords on the ground suddenly became ordinary. There is no difference with the mortal sword. The four swords fell on the four saints who presided over the four doors, and the four saints only felt that the fairy sword in their hands became extremely sharp. In addition to this, there is no other feature. I must see a large array of changes. I frowned and said, "There have been such changes in the array of immortals. It seems that I am definitely not better today! 。”
Although I thought so in my heart, Zhunti still walked towards Zhuxianmen with the wonderful tree of seven treasures. Lao Tzu drew Zhuxianjian towards He Ming and rushed to Zhunti with an ordinary firm but gentle wave. Zhunti stretched out his hand to catch the firm but gentle, only felt some pain in his hand. When he took back his hand, he saw that there was a small wound in the palm of his hand. However, the wound was saved for a moment, and Zhunti was surprised. He mentioned the wonderful tree of Seven Treasures and brushed it down at the whole fairy gate.
Tongtian quickly pointed at the altar, and Zhang Kai held the four banners, which kept rotating. Be sure to brush the wonderful tree with 17 treasures. You can only brush to the void, but you can’t brush the door of Zhu Xian. Rotating on the four doors kept shooting firm but gentle straight at quasi-mention.
Zhun-ti waved the seven treasures wonderful tree and kept blocking those firm but gentle ones, but there were too many firm but gentle ones in the four doors. Zhun-ti can’t completely resolve it, and he still has several scars. Although these scars recover quickly, the pain also makes Zhun-ti feel very uncomfortable.
I must be scared. Not blocking the firm but gentle, my mind moved, and I once again showed twelve violets at my feet to protect my whole body. I held up the seven treasures tree with my hands and swept it violently. Although I was cut several times, it was just a skin injury for Zhunti. The wonderful tree of the Seven Treasures violently cut through the void, and the array of the Sword of the Immortal was shaking, and it was about to break. The four saints on the four doors held the four swords and their own treasures against that gas.
The whole array of Zhuxian Sword quieted down, and there was chaos everywhere. You must frown and look around. But I can’t see clearly at all, so I have to grope slowly in the array.
On the altar, Master Tongtian and Zhang Kai cling to the large array, turning the whole array into boundless chaos, which makes Zhunti unable to see the position clearly.
The original Buddha said, "It must be said that the magical power of the tunnel is much higher now than it was at the beginning. If we want to deal with him, we can’t just rely on this sword array. We need to lay a large array to help one or two, and maybe we can seal it."
Lao Tzu originally just wanted to give him a lesson by dropping his face, but he didn’t expect the original Buddha to seal it. When he heard this, he was quite surprised and thought, "This must be a saint appointed by the teacher after all. If we seal him, I’m afraid it will make the teacher unhappy!"
"Master elder brother filtered, now you and I four saints again, and our heart of the four saints, this is providence. Since god wants to mention that this fellow is sealed, then the teacher will blame you and me! " The original Buddha laughed.
"Yes, what the original brother said is reasonable." Zhang Kai also chimed in.
After a moment’s reflection, the Master Tongtian said, "Now, you and I, the four saints, once again, only need to separate two people to control the array of Zhu Xian Jian, while the other two can fully lay a large array of two instruments and dust. At that time, when these two arrays are combined, it is certain that that fellow will only be sealed! "
When I saw myself, the other three saints all said that they would seal it, so they had to nod and say, "Since it is God’s will, then we have to obey." Say that finish, but took out a flag, but it is one of the five colors and five flags off the ground flame light flag.
Then, I saw Lao Tzu throw the flag of flame light up from the ground, and he turned into a green light and integrated it. The original Buddha saw it, followed by Laozi, and turned into a clear light and merged into it.
However, when I saw that the flame flag from the ground was separated into clear and turbid gas, a moment later, the clear and turbid gas merged into the middle, and finally the clear and turbid gas merged into chaos and spread, and chaos was everywhere in the sword array.
Tongtian and Zhang Kai hurriedly closed the law, jumped off the altar and fell into the Juexian Gate and the Trapped Fairy Gate, and the four doors changed again. The whole array becomes more mysterious.
Said Zhunti wandered around in the large array for a while, and before he came to the four doors again, he found that the large array had changed again. He couldn’t help but frown, and the seven treasures tree in his hand scratched towards the void, but when he saw that the four doors suddenly disappeared, chaos was cut by the seven treasures tree, and a huge crack was broken in this chaos, and the fire and water roared endlessly in this crack. Zhunti frowned and slowly avoided the crack, and suddenly the four doors stood out behind him. But seeing this chaos split instantly, another crack appeared in the chaos, and the fire, water and wind roared in the crack.
Seeing this, I was surprised that the conduits were not good. If these two cracks continue to expand, the quasi-lifting package will be wrapped in an instant. Turbid gas rises and falls in this heaven and earth, and you must look around coldly. The wonderful tree of Qibao makes a sharp stroke towards the void, but the crack expands again. Must mention was frightened, heart is not good.
Clear and turbid gas gradually became bigger, but the chaotic aura entangled in the earth that day involved clear and turbid gas, which made them unable to separate, and the turbulent fire, water and wind burned the world, making it slowly close. Zhunti stretched out his hand and drew toward the void. Break a space, but the space was burned by the fire, water and wind in a moment, and Zhun-ti drew the flag tree toward the void, and the entangled chaotic aura was immediately cut off, and the turbid air rose and fell, and Zhun-ti brushed it down again, and the heaven and earth expanded again.