"The letter sent by the prefect of Yaocheng to Kyoto for help said that there were more than 100 mountain bandits, and he asked to send an imperial envoy to the mountain bandits’ peace talks. The Taitai Temple thought it was strange that this happened. At the same time, he sent a civilian imperial envoy and asked me to help him to arrive at Yaocheng. After that, the imperial envoy was tied up by mountain bandits in the middle of the night, and I took people to save talents. I found that the whole mountain was covered with mountain bandits’ sites, and the number of people was more than 100."


"They are not only cunning and difficult, but also know how to launch a sneak attack with the help of the terrain in the mountains. I took my people to climb the mountain for the first time and didn’t understand the terrain. Twenty percent of them were damaged by the bandits’ sneak attack, and most of them were injured."
"It took me a long time to get them. Instead of helping, the prefect of Yaocheng was dragging his feet. It almost looked like he was trying to catch an imperial envoy and ask for some ransom from the imperial court with the mountain bandits."
"After that, the number of mountain bandits who have been arrested has exceeded 400, and all his confidants have been taken."
"I have asked the two pioneers to take people back to Kyoto to inform Zhitaidian and ask him to handle it."
Explain "white road all the way to slow down a sigh of relief, eyebrows tiny cu face slightly dignified.
It’s not close to Beijing, but it’s not particularly far. It’s really bold of you to collude with mountain bandits to kidnap an imperial envoy and demand ransom. But it’s a big crime to report it to the emperor. The emperor should be punished by the Ministry.
Qin Xiuzan didn’t have too many accidents about this matter. His fingers gently pinched his sleeves and his look remained cool.
Generally speaking, this kind of situation will not happen in places that are not particularly far from Beijing, and it is considered as a foot in the sky unless someone deliberately.
Qin Xiuzan asked, "Is the letter sent directly to Taitai?"
Qin Xiu hae-chan narrowed her eyes to see that this matter is aimed at too much.
I told the emperor about it, and the emperor ordered him to deal with it. In this case, I sent an imperial envoy to be captured and demanded ransom from the court. Once the bandits got the ransom, they killed the imperial envoy and killed him. It must be too responsible for the emperor to blame.
However, people in Yaocheng should not have expected to go with an imperial envoy and a line of White House guards from Bailu Tiao.
Qin Xiu hae-chan pinched her sleeves and frowned, tightening some thoughts in her head.
Bai Lutiao saw that he looked different and asked, "Is there a problem with this?"
"Yes," Qin Xiuzan didn’t intend to hide it from him, and then added, "But you don’t need to worry about it. What you should do now is to take Niannian back to Beijing and then hurry up when she gets married. Don’t let it happen again."
"It’s not good for you and your mind to delay this matter again and again." Qin Xiuzan looked at him askance. "Isn’t it?"
Bai Lutiao agreed to nod "indeed"
Qin Xiuzan said, "I hope you can take Niannian back to Beijing as soon as possible. She has been in love with Niannian before the emperor got married. The palace has been unable to protect her. Do you know what I mean?"
White road nods "white"
In Qin Xiuzan’s eyes, it is easy to talk with a satisfied smile and a white road.
He added, "You should be tired after coming here from Yaocheng. You should rest in the valley for one night today and then go back to Jingdu. I will ask Zhuiyun to go outside and ask the White House guards to find an inn in Yuqing City first, and let them also have a rest day. You and Niannian will go to find them again before noon."
White road thought "good"
Qin Xiuzan smiled and reached out and patted Bailu Tiao’s left arm, then pointed back to a path. "When you walk along this road to the first fork, go to the right. When you come to the end, you will see a Qionghua Garden full of flowers. Go and look for her."
Bailu Tiao took a step back and saluted "Yes"
Qin Xiujun nodded and motioned "Go"
Bailudiao turned away.
Qin Xiu-jun looked at him drifting away, and his back, face and gentle smile converged for most of the time. A little worry appeared in his eyes, and he couldn’t help thinking about the bandits in Kyoto again.
It seems that someone in Kyoto can’t wait to drag too much.
Is it calculated by the second emperor? Or ….. The emperor set? Or someone else?
Qin Xiuzan looked up at the sky.
The sun is slightly dazzling, even in the shade of trees, it is hard to reach the hot light. He raised his hand to cover his eyes and gave a very light sigh.
It’s time to go back to Kyoto.
But not with Miss Bai Er Gong.
According to Qin Xiuzan, Bailu Tiao came along the road to the courtyard full of Qionghua, and only when he got to the hospital did the fragrance of Qionghua come with the wind.
The flowers are lush and brilliant, and the flowers are also strong.
Liang Yannian was not seen in the front yard of Bailudiao Walking Yard, but Qionghua Flower Shelf saw two tombstones not far away, and he had doubts.
How to erect a monument in the courtyard?
"Er Gong" Liang Yannian interrupted his thoughts when he heard the sound.
White road back to god and looked at the sound source.
Liang Yannian’s long hair was rolled up by her hairpin when she was holding elbows in the sleeves of the house. There were a few strands of hair hanging down at the back of her head, and her forehead was dripping with a thin layer of sweat. She looked like she was cleaning the house.
She smiled gently "two male what are you looking at? Why don’t you come? "
Bailutiao walked towards her. "What are you doing?"
"I’m packing," Liang Yannian said with a smile. "During this period, I lived in Yaowang Valley, and I also had some things to take back to my uncle. I asked my grandfather to bring me some medicine, and I was going to take back several doctors when I was chasing clouds."
Liang Yannian showed the doctor in his hand to Bai Lutiao. "I have been reading this diagram of human acupoints before you came. The acupoints and acupoints recorded in it are very detailed, but I haven’t remembered to take it back for the time being because there are too many."
White road all nodded "good"
"I’ll pack it soon if you come in and sit down." Liang Yannian turned around and entered the house first. "In fact, there are not many things. It’s just inconvenient to find a suitable box to hold the baggage."
"Don’t worry," Bai Lutiao then entered the house. "The King’s Palace said that I would leave for Beijing again tonight on a rest day in the valley."

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