Yan Ruliang quickly said, "Brothers, let’s not argue. The only way to do this is to choose a brother to be the temporary coach, and our brothers will listen to him. Then, while this brother leads everyone to resist the aggression of the Kazakh army, they will report to the capital, and they will send someone to urgently recall our deputy commander, and then our selected brother will hand over power to the returning deputy commander. "


Yan Ruliang said that it was the only way to work, but accepting this proposal meant that before the vice-commander returned, he would lead fifty thousand soldiers to carry the invasion of the army of Kazakhstan, which might last only one or two days or three or five days. It is extremely difficult to hold the well-prepared army of Hassa in such a long time.
Someone immediately suggested: "Since this proposal was put forward by Yan Laodi, it might as well be temporarily taken over by Yan Laodi."
As soon as this statement came out, other blessing generals echoed it one after another. It’s not that they don’t fall in love with each other. It’s just that the timing is not right now. It’s not the time to fight for power and profit. Whoever stands in the position of commander-in-chief will be roasted on the fire rack.
Yan ruliang refused, but had to accept this hot potato. He methodically dispatched some urgent things that must be dealt with immediately. Yan Ruliang led the troops for many years, and it was handy to deal with these things. In fact, as long as he has been in the army for many years, some things can be done very skillfully, but this does not mean that he can become a qualified commander in chief. A commander-in-chief needs to deal with things far more than those ordered by Yan Ruliang. He needs to lead his men to win one victory after another and finally have the last laugh.
Yan Ruliang held a live meeting in Inge, and the army of Hassa countries was not idle. At that time, the infantry of Hassa countries were all lined up, neat and tidy, with dozens of phalanxes, dense and endless.
Knocked, a drum sounded, and a tall and mighty sergeant riding a horse came slowly from behind the army with a big banner. At the top of this banner was a navy blue flag embroidered with Phnom Penh, and the mountain wind blew, and the big banner was hunting. The word "Kun" embroidered on the banner was reflected in everyone’s eyelids.
The soldiers in the country of Hassa watched Da Ge move forward slowly. They either waved their swords and guns or waved their arms and shouted excitedly, "Invincible! Invincible! Invincible! " The slogan of tens of thousands of soldiers formed a huge sound, which went straight into the sky and resounded through the valley plain.

Second, send it! Ask for a ticket!

Chapter one hundred and thirteen Psychological tactics
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Psychological tactics
The great movement made by the army of Kazakhstan could not have been unnoticed by the soldiers who were shut down by Inge. Ordinary soldiers are better, but the officers led by them have changed their colors, especially several military commanders with the highest rank, such as Yan Ruliang, all turned white. Everyone can’t help but think of the same idea. How can it be this malefic? Inge Pass is in trouble this time.
Qing Lin and Nie Shenghai had a long talk in the study, and they also learned a lot about the situation in Kazakhstan. He looked at the domineering word "Kun" on the big door of Inge, and his heart moved. "General Yan, is the leading general sent by Kazakhstan this time the so-called" invincible "Kunshan?"
Yan Ruliang sighed and let him look around. He was afraid that the dialogue with Qing Lin would spread and shake the morale. He said in a low voice, "Kunshan is the only one in the Hassa kingdom who is qualified to use the word" invincible ". This man joined the army at the age of 16, and has fought nearly 100 battles before and after, and has never failed. In the past, Kunshan was sent to the northern line by the royal family of Kazakhstan, and has never played against us. This time, the Kazakhstan sent him to lead the way. It seems that they are determined to capture our Inge Pass. Master, this matter is very difficult. I need to report to the above as soon as possible and ask the court to send reinforcements as soon as possible. At the same time, please tell the Jingtian Sect and see if you can transfer a few highly trained immortals to help? "
Qing Lin hasn’t promised yet. Kunshan, dressed in golden helmet and shining armor, rode to the front of the army of Hassa, and his voice was very loud. "Listen, I am the invincible general Kunshan personally conferred by His Majesty the Emperor of Hassa. This time, I came to crusade against your Tianfeng country on orders from my emperor. Now, Nie Shenghai, the main commander of the Inge Pass, has been seriously injured by the appointed immortal, and he is not far from death. The loss of command of the three armed forces is a taboo in battlefield confrontation. You have already lost half of our war. This general doesn’t want to lose lives, not to mention the 50,000 soldiers who died needlessly in Yingqi Pass. Well, this general will give you a chance. Only you can remove the defensive position of Yingqi Pass and open the door to welcome our army into the Pass. Then this general can make a promise to you, spare you from death, and ensure that you and your family’s lives and property can be preserved. "
As soon as Kunshan’s voice fell, tens of thousands of Hassa soldiers behind him raised their arms and shouted, "Surrender quickly! Surrender quickly! " The momentum is huge, and the sound is shocking.
Every one of the soldiers that Inge closed changed their eyes. In history, they had many confrontations with the army of Kazakhstan, but never like today before, the momentum was taken away.
Yang Jing left the pie mouth. "Did the guy in shining armor get kicked in the head by the donkey? Is it just like relying on his few words, you want us to open the door and welcome them to plunder our country? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
As soon as this was said, the atmosphere of Inge’s closure was suddenly relieved. Although everyone’s sergeant’s heart was still very nervous, he recovered a little more or less.
Yan Ruliang perked up and walked to the wall, holding the female wall. clear voice said, "General Kunshan, you violated my border for no reason, causing untold suffering. Aren’t you afraid of leaving a thousand years of blame after you die?" Error-free novel network does not skip words.
Kunshan ha ha a smile, "you are NieShengHai deputy yan as bright? There are many characters in the error-free novel network. The general knows you. General Yan, don’t you think that’s ridiculous? In our country of Kazakhstan, from the Emperor down, the general praised him for his loyalty to the country and his pioneering work, and no one would scold him yet. Why should I flatter myself and do some unnecessary worry? On the contrary, General Yan, it’s foolish to prevent this general from entering the customs and bring Tianfeng into the arms of my emperor. At that time, it’s not me who caused the loss of life, but you stubborn people who can’t see the general trend of the world clearly. Listen, men and women of Yingqi Pass, I order you in Kunshan to pick up the swords and guns in your hands. If anyone dares to stop you from opening the gate of Yingqi Pass, you will cut off their heads. When our army breaks the gate, I will recommend you to my emperor, and you will be the hereditary Wan Huhou. "
A military commander came along. "Brother Yan, don’t be bothersome with Kunshan. I suspect that he is talking nonsense here, as if to delay the time. Let’s launch an effective counterattack quickly. Don’t wait until Kunshan is ready, do something, then we can’t guard against it. "
Yan Ruliang nodded. "Did the detective go out?"
The military commander replied: "It has been sent out, and it is estimated that information will come soon."
Yan Ruliang nodded. "Give the order, prepare the catapult, aim at Kunshan, and smash it hard for me."
At that time, above the border, all the defense equipment was basically ready, especially a few catapults more than ten feet high, which made them look out there.
Boom, several catapults started at the same time, and the big stone roared through the protective cover of Inge Pass and smashed it towards Kunshan. On the surface of these stones, there are some special soldiers who draw some runes with special ink, which can fly out smoothly without being blocked by the shield. Moreover, when they pass through the protective cover, the ink will undergo some wonderful changes and burst, tearing off a thin layer on the surface of the stone, thus avoiding the enemy from discovering the secret of the rune.
Two guards from Kunshan rushed over. They flew in the air and shuttled through the air flexibly, so that some skills of four or two thousand catties skillfully changed the direction of each thrown stone, so that they could not pose any threat to Kunshan.
Kunshan unhurriedly retreated. While retreating, Kunshan has not forgotten to continue to create pressure on the defenders of Inge Pass. "This general gave you a chance, but you are stubborn. Hum, when this general captures Yingqi Pass, he will definitely punish the military commanders who confront the Chinese army. "
After Kunshan retreated, several soldiers came out from behind the army with a cart. There were two people standing in the car. One was wearing a red scarf, a red robe, bare chest and two drumsticks in his hand. There was a big drum in front of him, and the other was dressed in a small school, standing on the high platform and holding two flags in his hand.
Just as the cart stopped, a messenger came running with a charger. With a wave of his hand, the flag in his hand said, "The general has ordered the attack to begin. The emperor ordered ten thunderbolts to be fired at the same time, until the protective cover of Inge Pass was destroyed. "
The drummer on the bus waved the drumstick and sounded the war drum in front of him. The sound of drumming spread to everyone’s ears in an instant, and the war between Tianfeng and Hassa began again. This war will become a key battle to reverse the offensive and defensive situation of Tianfeng and Hassa countries because of a series of accidents, and Qinglin is famous all over the world because of this war.

Chapter one hundred and fourteen The situation is critical
Chapter one hundred and fourteen The situation is critical
The sergeants of Kazakhstan moved to both sides in succession, and several military formations slowly separated several channels. Only heard the rumbling sound, ten heavy guys mounted on wheels were pushed to the front. Their appearance is very similar to that of China’s ancient artillery. The long and clumsy barrel gives people a feeling of fear.
Yan ruliang suddenly changed color, "thunderbolt? When did the study of Hassa succeed? Not long ago, we got news that the research work in Kazakhstan was very unsatisfactory. How did it succeed in a blink of an eye? "
Qing Lin asked, "General Yan, what is a thunderbolt?"
"Master, there is no time to talk now. I have to command my brothers to fight. When the war is at ease, I will give you a detailed talk." Not allowing Qinglin to respond, Yan Ruliang ran away in a hurry. As he ran, he shouted, "Strengthen the shield, and never let the thunderbolt cannon shield."
Between breaths, the brightness of the shield hanging over Inge Pass is bright again, and the translucent shield tends to be substantial, which is the performance of the shield ascending to the extreme.
When Qing Lin was still wondering, he saw that the muzzle of the ten thunderbolt cannons lined up under Inky Pass were all aimed at the protective cover of Inky Pass. They were almost at the same time, and there was a loud bang. Ten groups of flames rushed out of the gun bore almost in no particular order, with billowing smoke, and crossed in the air. In an instant, they hit the protective cover.
There was a violent tremor in the shield, and the brightness immediately dimmed a lot. Only heard the voice of Yan Ruliang hysterical, "steady, steady! Be sure to hold it steady! Catapult, what are you all doing? Give it to me quickly. Aim at the thunderbolt and smash it for me! "
Inge closed for a while in a hurry, and there were constantly throwing stones at the thunderbolt guns, but all of them were knocked off by the prepared Hasa fix-true.
The second wave of the thunderbolt attack started again, and it is obvious that some unstable shields have become extremely unstable and may collapse at any time under this attack. Qing Lin hurriedly waved, "Yang, you go and see what you can do? Be sure to stabilize the shield at all costs. "
Yang Jingyi jumped to the top floor of the gate building and went to find some important things to do.
Qing Lin stood on the border, staring at the thunderbolt guns that could cause great damage. He had never heard of such strange things before. He really don’t understand, how did the Kazakhs make this kind of thing?
Qing Lin doesn’t know that thunderbolt is a super siege weapon secretly developed by Hassa in recent years, which has invested countless huge manpower and material resources and took several years. The shells filled in the gun bore are made of spar powder mixed with other expensive ore powders through a series of complicated processes. The cost of a thunderbolt gun is more than 32,000 gold, and the cost of a shell is as high as 1,200 gold. Over the years, Hassa has produced ten thunderbolts, less than 100 shells. This time, in order to capture Inge Pass and continue to achieve the reputation of "invincible general" in Kunshan, the Ministry of War of Hassa, with the permission of the royal family, allocated them all to the army under the command of Kunshan.
The thunderbolt gun is very powerful. For some ordinary shields, it can be done within three guns basically, and shields of this strength, similar to the defense position of Ingrid, can also be broken in about fifty or sixty guns. Fifty or sixty artillery pieces are only fifty or sixty-two thousand gold, which is still available to Kazakhstan. Besides, as long as the protective cover of Inge Pass is broken, the difficulty of attacking Inge Pass will be reduced by more than 30%. With the means of Kunshan, it will be a sure thing to win Inge Pass, and the top-down long-cherished wish of Kazakhstan will be realized within one day.
From time to time, some exclamations came from the gate upstairs of Inge Pass. Every time a thunderbolt shell hit the shield, it was a great damage. The semi-fix-true people who were in charge of the shield were in a hurry, and it took great effort to make the shield look a little more stable. However, according to the current trend, the thunderbolt gun only needs three or four waves of volley, and the shield has a 70% to 80% chance of collapse.
Pang Zhitong and Jiang Yun acted quickly and walked beside Qing Lin. When the situation reached this level, they also forgot yesterday’s grievances. "Master Qing Lin, we are going to rush to the border, take it by surprise and destroy those thunderbolts. Do you want to go with us? "
Ruifeng said, "Master, don’t go. Let me go with Brother Hu."? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
Qing Lin shook his head. "None of you need to go. I have a way to get rid of these ten thunderbolts of the army of Kazakhstan."
"What?" Pang Zhitong’s eyes widened. "Master Qinglin, the military situation is big and there is no room for any mistakes. Don’t be kidding."
Green forest in mind, he smiled, "I do have a way, but first you have to cooperate with me and lend me something. The straight-line distance from here to the place where the thunderbolt was placed is about 400 meters. Do you have any treasures that can be controlled remotely and can produce great destructive power? For example, what kind of charm, magic weapon, just like the string of beads that Yang’s predecessors threw out just now to stop the enemy. "
PangZhiTong, Jiang Yun and ruifeng, Hu Shanglin all a head, "such a thing, we all have. But the question is how to get things near the thunderbolt, and not be discovered by the Kazakhs? "
Qing Lin smiled. "Come on, let’s go outside the protective cover. When the time comes, you will know."
A few people ran to the outside of the shield with the fastest speed, standing on the hill, Qing Lin took out more than a dozen beans, and between the micro-movements, a dozen mice, more than two feet long and with extremely sharp claws, appeared in front of Ruifeng and other four people.
"Ladies and gentlemen, these are some gophers I trained. Let them pick up your treasures, then let them drill in the ground, send the ofuda and other things under the thunderbolt, and then you detonate them together." Qing Lin spoke out his plan.
Ruifeng and others heard that they were overjoyed. Without saying anything, they took out the most destructive things they had, and let the gophers pick them up. With a wave of their hand, the gophers jumped down the hill, and a puff of smoke rushed down the hill, and with a whoosh, they got under the ground.


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