And I stood on the clearing in the middle of the forest, which seemed strange and abrupt. I don’t know if anyone is staring at me in the Woods, Zhangfan thought.


Red-toothed birds and cranes are fire-like. They are good at making fire a primary spell. They are generally monster beasts, but they are of little use. This information appeared in Zhang Fan’s mind as soon as he thought about it.
Glancing at the body of the red-toothed bird on the ground, Zhangfan casually hit a fireball, burned it, and used an exorcism. A bunch of weeds were caught out of thin air and covered up their bodies.
Then Zhangfan thought in dark, and when the spirit sword of Yimu first appeared, it was very powerful, but it should not be used for many purposes in the future, because it just drove the spirit sword of Yimu to blow, and it absorbed twenty percent of its spiritual power. Not much more than FuBao.
Then Zhangfan pinched a spirit tactic, the body disappeared in situ, and the next moment, it had appeared in a tree in the forest. What I am good at is wood spirit hiding, and there are many trees in the forest, which is the best choice for Zhangfan.
It is not necessary for Zhang Fan to be careful, but after listening to Qing Zong’s repeated instructions, he should be careful of others who are monks, reminding Zhangfan of the matter of catching bees. For the sake of a few spirit bees, even his own younger generation can be different, and most of them are monks who don’t know each other. What can’t be born?
The power of swallowing Yunjian tactic and Yimu Lingjian for the first time has greatly increased Zhangfan’s confidence, but the magic Muling Dun, which has just escaped, can escape from Erli at most with Zhangfan’s familiarity now, just entering this forest.
Zhangfan slapped her waist again, took out an invisibility symbol, hid herself, and used the qi-gathering technique to hide her breath. Then think about it carefully. Four black monks confessed when they first came in. There is a three-month time limit here. Unless they die here, they will be forced to send out if they don’t find the magic stone and token.
Thanks to Zhangfan’s caution, he has been hiding his figure. Just 300 meters to his left, a middle-aged monk is staring at the place where Zhangfan’s figure disappeared, mumbling: "Strange, what kind of escape is that, and there is not even a trace of movement." But fortunately, the middle-aged monk didn’t show hostility, and he just came in and was observing the surrounding terrain.
After all, the monks who take part in the black fight are all for profit, either for the elixir of Thousand Wonderlands, for the Zhujidan rewarded by Wulong City, or for the shops in the city.

Chapter sixty-six Moving stones
Ju Qingzong said that there are thousands of square kilometers of dreamland. Although the space is different every time it is opened, the elixir is generally distributed in the area near the middle, where there are strange arrays, or dangerous places where strange animals live. While some magic stones are in the monster beast’s body, and some are in the giant tower. From time to time, there will be some mysterious giant towers with several floors in the dreamland, which are often filled with magic stones.
The token that the store belongs to can be sensed. When coming in, the blue jade that four monks in black gave to each monk who participated in the black fight is the feeling jade. As long as there is a token within a kilometer of the whole body, it can be sensed.
Zhangfan’s luck is very good. Just out of that large forest, he saw a piece of red land with thousands of feet of Fiona Fang, which was covered with weeds, and there was a huge tower in the middle, which was six or seven stories high. According to Qing Zong, the bigger the tower, the higher the quality of the magic stone enshrined in it. The magic stone enshrined in the giant tower in front of him should also be of great value.
Just entering the dreamland for several hours, no one should be present yet. Think like this, Zhangfan will be attached to the body from the woods and a few zhangs distance from a big tree to observe, of course, the folding of the gas has been Zhangfan open.
Although very calm, Zhangfan is now an anomaly. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a light figure attached to a tree opposite the tower. It should be a high-order eye-blinding technique. Although it has been basically integrated with the tree, it has nothing to hide under the inspiration of Zhangfan’s eyes.
Looking around again, a stone in front of Zhangfan is slightly loose and protruding, and then Zhangfan observes it for a long time, making sure that there are only three people around the huge tower, including himself.
Zhangfan will wait patiently to see what the two will do, which is also the amount of endurance.
Everyone entered at the same time. After many monks came in, they were familiar with the surrounding environment, and their positions were relatively scattered. In a space of nearly 10,000 square kilometers, more than 700 people were left behind, just like hundreds of peas were left behind in an acre of land, which was relatively loose and the space for activities was relatively large.
But for the monks who cultivate immortality, it will be smaller, and the powerful people can travel all over Wan Li in one day. Even if they are monks in the condensation period, if they step on the Chinese product multiplier and remove the time to recover the spiritual power, they can catch up with thousands of miles in one day, so the thousand dreamland is not big. When the ordinary places in the thousand dreamland are searched, they will meet in the middle.
And the monks who first entered the thousand dreamlands could not be introduced into the middle zone. After all, the transmission array is not omnipotent, but random transmission.
May be afraid of big sleep, Zhangfan always pay attention to the edge of the boulder a black stone weighing hundreds of pounds, a little loose, and then move forward, and the surrounding dark red weeds, although a bit out of place, but also did not cause much movement.
Although Zhangfan has never seen such a spell, he knows that it should be a kind of land-based skill or a land-hiding skill, which is different from his own wooden spirit. The monk is unlikely to use the talisman. After all, the stone has been stuck on the ground for a long time, and it has been crawling for so long. If it is a talisman, the effect is long gone.
Thus it can be proved that the person possessed by the stone is either a man of high strength or a man of careful mind.
Although the movement of the moving stones is small, Zhangfan believes that the monk attached to the opposite tree should also be able to see it.
Since the existing people acted, Zhangfan was in no hurry. He just stared at the stone and observed its movement. The monk on the opposite tree saw the stone move with some auxiliary spell. After several breaths, he saw that there were no other monks, and he also started to act.
When he touched his waist, he took out a bag. Zhangfan had a spirit eye to help him, and he saw that the man took out a spirit beast bag, because Zhangfan himself had the same one, but it was empty, and no spirit beast was caught in it.
Spirit beast bag has just been opened a gap by the man, and it buzzes out several cicada-sized spirit beasts from the inside. Although Zhangfan didn’t hear the sound of humming, he saw clearly that the wings of the spirit beast were vibrating, which is the benefit of spiritual purpose.
Zhangfan counted carefully, and there were as many as seven cicadas. After being released, they scattered and flew away. Three of them flew from different directions to the giant tower, while the other three gradually approached the moving stone. Only the last one kept hovering in the air dozens of feet away from that figure.
After a while, the stone moved to the front of the steps of the giant tower and then stopped there motionless. And the monk who is tracking released three cicadas flying to the giant tower, and when they approached the giant tower, they had a delicious meal, as if they were blocked by an invisible resistance.
It seems that Lingchan was bounced off, and Zhangfan andao, was this ban planted artificially or naturally? Pay close attention to each other’s movements while thinking.
After waiting for a column of incense, the moving stone moved slightly, and then suddenly a young monk appeared from under it, and his figure flashed into the giant tower.
The monk attached to the other end of the forest couldn’t stand this time, because Lingchan didn’t go into the giant tower anyway. The monk recalled all Lingchan into the Lingbeast bag, and took out a Zhang Ling charm. As the charm was stimulated by the spirit force, the monk patted it on his body, then disappeared into the shape, turned into a wind and flew to the giant tower.
Intermediate and primary symbols record wind hidden symbols. Zhangfan see, andao good big, go up and use the middle order operator record.
Although it is a medium-order operator record, the man turned it into a figure, but it is still traceable. After all, the one who used the medium-order operator record is just like Zhangfan, and he is a low-order monk.
Moreover, this is a magical place. Originally, there was no wind, but where the man passed, there was a subtle wind blowing in the air.
Another example is Zhangfan’s Mu Ling Dun, although it is a top-level dun technique, but Zhangfan’s practice is just an introduction. Wang Tiexing, a tree, also said that he can only wield 30% of his power with his current practice, but the actual swing is ten percent insufficient. So when Zhangfan gave a wooden spirit to escape, although the movement was quite small, the surrounding trees would also make a movement at the moment of hiding. Now, Zhangfan’s Mu Ling Dun may be able to fool those lower-ranking monks, but if we find a higher-ranking monk, such as the monk in the construction period, we can immediately see its trace and find out the method of restraint.
Zhangfan saw the monk figure just floating to the tower mouth, but also a slight movement, the body suddenly taxiing out, flashing into the giant tower.
Zhangfan waited for a while, but no one else entered the tower. It was also a pinch of spirit. His body suddenly turned into the tree around him and disappeared in the same place. When he reappeared, he reached the weeds in front of the steps of the giant tower.
Show figure, Zhangfan also flash into the giant tower.

Chapter sixty-seven Keep tower monster
No sooner had Zhangfan entered the giant tower than he heard a bad sound. However, there were countless monsters in the giant tower and I saw countless soul creatures flying around in front of me.
Back again, there was an elastic force behind the open tower gate, and Zhangfan bounced back again. Zhangfan knew that the tower gate could only enter but not leave, and there was a ban attached to it.
Zhangfan left hand two fingers flat, across from the eyes, said "open", I saw a flash of light in his eyes, and shot at the soul monster in front. There were three souls floating in the front, which immediately disappeared into black smoke.
While other souls see the light from Zhangfan’s eyes, and they are afraid to recede deeply.
Such as Zhangfan station said, this just now, the two monks have not a layer, I saw dozens of zhangs wide hall, in addition to himself and dozens of ghosts in the floating, not the existence of the living.
Zhangfan andao, it seems that the two monks have the method of restraining ghosts, and should enter the second floor or above.
Just a thought, Zhangfan took out the soul-eating complications, swung his sleeves, sent his left hand into the air, and threw the soul-eating complications into the air, which became bigger and bigger, and instantly became two meters high and half a foot wide, spreading out in the middle of the hall.
And Zhangfan also not idle, as the method of travelling read out from the mouth, a finger on his left hand, spirit travelling with fingers to eat soul complications.
In an instant, a cloud of black smoke was emitted from the soul-eating complications, and gathered in front of the soul-eating complications, forming a rotating force, which kept spinning, and made its way out of the black mountain and shot at the ghosts around.
At first, the ghosts saw the soul-eating complications, smelled the similar smell and screamed with excitement, but when the black awn that ate the soul-eating complications shot out, the ghosts screamed and retreated.
However, these ghosts have just condensed and formed, and they will only spray black smoke to attack people. If they meet ordinary human beings, they may confuse their minds with a black smoke and turn them into the same kind. But when you meet a monk, it won’t work.
Therefore, when the soul-eating complications shot out of the black mountain, the ghosts scattered and fled to the stairs on the second floor, but when they arrived at the stairs, they were blocked back by an invisible resistance.
As Zhangfan kept injecting spiritual force into soul-eating complications, the black smoke around the soul-eating complications spun faster and faster, and the power of black mountain became bigger and bigger. In an instant, a few weak ghosts were sucked shakily, and the soul force was about to leave, so they could not hold on any longer, and should fly to the soul-eating complications in the air. Instantly sucked in, assimilated into itself, and the black smoke surrounded by soul-eating complications grew by another point.
However, after several breaths of kung fu, the soul force of dozens of ghosts was all scattered and became a part of the soul-eating complications, and the black smoke of the soul-eating complications was thicker and more powerful.
Zhangfan left hand movement, into the air a grasp of soul-eating complications, soul-eating complications will fall from the air, into two fingers to a small flag, fall into the hands.
Zhangfan sleeves a pendulum, the flag disappeared.
At this time, the whole hall was empty, and there was no ghost, but the whole hall was still haunted.
Zhangfan dark with a sigh, something congenial soul force here is dye-in-the-wood, if you practice soul-eating complications here, you will get twice the result with half the effort. But I didn’t hesitate to walk to the second floor. I just walked to the entrance of the stairs, and then there was the sound of ghosts singing. Looking back, Zhangfan saw those ghosts that were ghostly and turned into new ghosts, and they ran at him with their teeth bared.
This time, Zhang Fan became more careful, opened the psychic force, formed a psychic protector in vitro, turned the corner of the stairs and entered the second floor of the giant tower.
I saw that the second floor was different from the first floor. There was only a narrow passage, 40 to 50 meters long. Zhangfan was about to move forward, but the tunnel was wrong.
It turns out that the first floor of the hall is only a few tens of Fiona Fang. How can the second floor be bigger than the first floor?
Thought of here, Zhangfan will open the eye, and sure enough, these channels are just an illusion. Under the shining of the eye, they become transparent. I saw the channel turn seven times and turn dozens of turns, and finally lead to the entrance of the stairs on the third floor. And these forks, several of them and some subtle forks, can turn into a dead end.
And these channels, there are some monsters, I saw these monsters in human face, holding a huge tail behind them, each monster holding a huge mace.
Zhangfan thought about it carefully, but he had never seen it in the Picture Book of the Genie before. Only in the Record of Wonders in the World, which was given to him by Tianqi real people, it was recorded that the beast with a human face was extremely powerful and as strong as iron, and the adult was good at making thunder as a primary spell and inducing thunder.
And some of the monsters in front of us are obviously adults.