Yang Xiu smell speech also conveniently turned around, while answering, while secretly looking at this group of people, this group of people a total of eight people, should stop their own is walking in front of the middle-aged monk dressed in white, but there is a late foundation for, is the highest one in this group of people.


"I don’t know what my brother told me to do?" The fix true boundary is based on cultivation, regardless of sects or knowledge. Both the white-clothed scribes and Yang Xiu are monks in the foundation period, but the white-clothed scribes are in the late foundation period, so Yang Xiu called a brother.
White scribes see Yang Xiu some alert explained:
"Friends don’t get me wrong, we didn’t mean any harm. It’s just that we just saw Daoyou looking around curiously, and he was on his way alone, so we guessed that Daoyou should be a casual practitioner just like us, so we came to invite Daoyou to our team, and we all gathered together temporarily for casual practitioners, and went to the Delong Fair together to take care of each other. I don’t know if you are willing? " The scribes in white talk politely.
Yang Xiu also heard that during every trade fair in Delong, some monks disappeared, saying that there are some organizations dedicated to those monks who are not high in cultivation or are alone. After all, the monks who came to Delong for the trade fair have some finances, which can make some monks take risks.
For the sake of reputation, the Delong Sword Sect also sent people to trace it, but the manpower is limited. After a war, it can only guarantee that there will be no accidents in Delong City, but it can be eradicated. Later, those organizations also laid hands on the monks on their way back and forth, and most of them were small families and sects with scattered practices or no influence.
In this way, no one will seriously check it. In the future, those scattered practitioners will attend the Delong Fair, so they will organize some monks to go with them to avoid accidents.
Yang Xiu knows how to escape from the earth, but he is not afraid of being blocked and killed by monks. However, this group of people are doing well, and going with them can also greatly avoid someone’s sliver.
But Yang Xiu is not familiar with this group of people, and I don’t know what they are thinking. Yang Xiu also dare not promise at will.
May see Yang Xiu hesitation, standing beside the white scribes, a young beauty with beautiful appearance in the middle of the preconditions said to Yang Xiu:
"We happened to get together all over the world, and we didn’t know each other before. It is inevitable that Taoist friends will be tempted to rush alone. We have so many monks going together, and even if we encounter an accident, we can stop it."
"Yes, Taoist friend, if a person is in danger, there is no chance of escape." An old man in linen also said to Yang Xiu.
Yang Xiu noticed that the only monk in the practice period was standing stiffly behind the old man in linen, and he thought they should be a mentoring relationship.

Chapter 29 Private Exchange Meeting
"There will be no restrictions after joining you, right?"
"No, these monks are usually free. They don’t ask the monks to do anything or infringe on each other. They just have to fight the enemy together when other monks come to make an idea." This time, the scribes in white explained to Yang Xiu.
"Well, I am willing to go to the Delong Fair with you."
The teachers of the law in white heard Yang Xiu’s promise, and they were happy to greet Yang Xiu:
"Come on, Daoyou, I’ll introduce you to some monks first."
The teachers of the law in white pointed to the young beauty who spoke to Yang Xiu just now:
"This is Mei Lanying, and we are old friends."
"These two are a couple, Yan Honggang and Mrs. Yan." The Taoist couple are nearly middle-aged, and the male is burly, with a medium-term foundation, and Mrs. Yan is still charming, mature and full, and also has a preliminary foundation.
The teachers of the law in white pointed to the old man in linen:
"This is Christophe Wen, and this is Christophe Wen’s apprentice." Christophe Wen was also a monk in the early days of Tsukiji, and his disciple was weak in writing, so he quickly gave Yang Xiu Jianli.
"This is Brother Zou Lun." Zou Lun has a medium-term cultivation of the foundation, dressed in black and covered with a black hat. Yang Xiu feels that Zou Lun should be a magic practitioner, and his aura tends to be cold in the body. But now there is no special conflict between the six magic practitioners in Xianye and Taoism. Together, they will not meet each other, but they can also communicate and coexist with each other. So it’s no surprise for Yang Xiu to see Magic Xiu with them here.
"This is an empty Zen master." Kongjian Zen master is a monk in his seventies, with all kinds of robes, alms bowls, mords and beads.
"My name is Liu Suiyun, and I am the person who started this organization." The literati in white introduced themselves last.
"My name is Yang Xiu."
When Yang Xiu arrived at Delong Fair, he would make peace with Nanling School, so he didn’t want to make any friendship with them, and briefly said his name.
Yang Xiu followed this group of people, and because the horse was in the way, he gave it to a peasant woman casually.
Liu Suiyun’s eloquence is good. At the end of the day, another Sanxiu was absorbed into the team by him.
The new entrant is a young female monk named Shu Ling, who was trained in the early days of the foundation. She was born with a baby face, looks cute, and people are more lively. She didn’t recognize strangers. Just after joining the team, she talked and laughed with a group of people, and also spoke a few words with Yang Xiu. However, Yang Xiuben was not good at talking and had nothing to say, so she casually dealt with two sentences. When Shu Ling saw Yang Xiu talking coldly, she was also able to shrug off.
In the evening, this group of people didn’t rush on, but found an inn to stay. It was half a year before the Delong Fair was held, and there was no time at all. Yang Xiu said nothing.
In the middle of the night, Yang Xiu was practicing, and he heard someone knocking at his door, knowing a feeling with God. It was Liu Suiyun.
Yang Xiu opened the room and asked quietly:
"I don’t know what’s so important about Brother Liu’s late-night visit."
Willow with cloud or a smiling face at any time:
"We pedestrians are going to hold a private exchange meeting tonight. Since Brother Yang has joined our team, of course, we should also inform Brother Yang."
Fix true boundary is generally the same order of monks have the same order of monks need materials, of course, high-order monks must have better, but high-order monks don’t associate with low-order monks, so fix true boundary has the same order of monks together for an exchange meeting, so it is not surprising that they hold an exchange meeting in private in Yang Xiu.
Yang Xiu didn’t think that such a few people would have anything good, especially the Dan medicine that Yang Xiu needed. They were afraid of each other and rarely got it. However, Yang Xiu has never experienced this kind of exchange meeting, so he can have a look and increase his experience in this field.
Yang Xiu once thought so much, but his mouth said without hesitation:
"Please come in person, Brother Liu. Shall we go?"
"Come with me"
Yang Xiu went to a guest room with Liu Suiyun, and the doors and windows of the guest room flashed faintly with spiritual force. It should be that they arranged the law to ban it.
In addition to the practice monk, people have arrived, Shu Ling is among them, just waiting for Liu Suiyun and Yang Xiu.
Willow with the cloud to see everyone here, then said:
"Well, everyone is here. Let’s take out what we want to exchange first, and then talk about what we want to exchange. Who will come first?"
But no one spoke, and Yang Xiu was also sitting there in the presence of the old god. Liu Suiyun saw that everyone had no response and was not discouraged:
"Since everyone is humble to each other, I’m welcome. Let’s start by throwing a brick to attract jade."