However, jiejie misjudged heshy’s pulling ability, which made the skateboard shoes output for a long time until the blind monk Q skill D turned better.


Jiejie suddenly made a Q and accurately predicted that the skateboard shoe was successful. Q hit heshy, but when the blind monk flew to the middle school, heshy decisively pulled out his spear.
Go to hell!
Skateboarding shoes let out a roar and accumulated the blind monk and the spear of the monkey body, all of which were pulled out by the Ministry, and lotus flower splashed out from the monkey and the blind monk body.
The killing line of the main E skate is much higher than that of ordinary ad, because the single grade is far higher than that of ad. When ad is still developing, the single skate has already had a strong fighting capacity.
The blind monk was directly killed by heshy’s spear, and the monkey also suffered E skill damage, which directly came to the half-blood-benefit triumphant blood return effect and the general attack blood-sucking heshy blood volume has come to the healthy line.
It’s difficult for Jin to ride a tiger at this time. He can’t walk, fight or fight. The only way for a monkey to continue to be played with skateboards is to wait for his e skills to improve and then set a set of seconds to kill skateboards.
However, the root of heshy didn’t give the monkey the opportunity to kill the blind monk. After the skill of skateboarding shoe E was refreshed, two spears were stacked on the monkey’s body, and the skateboarding shoe tore the wound of the monkey’s body again.
There is no better weapon than tearing a wound.
As a result, the monkey quickly followed the footsteps of the blind monk and fell down on the skateboard. Both commentators were scared by the pull of heshy.
"Double kill! This skateboard shoe is too silky. He is really good at pulling. "
"I think Ashui’s ad position is a bit precarious. heshy even plays ad so well."
When the doll saw the excellent performance of heshy’s skateboard shoes, she couldn’t help but ridicule a sentence. Compared with the hardships all the time, Ashy’s treatment is really very nourishing.
"It’s really good. heshy Shan Weien is also playing very well. Maybe one day we will see heshy appear in the ad position."
Miller also laughed and made fun of a sentence, and the two explanations made the live audience unable to help but join in the fun of tragic Ah Shui.
"Ah Shui, I’m still here to practice."
"I have a good idea. Shui, don’t practice the ap method and find a chance to squeeze Rkie out."
"Then let Rkie go to the list, young Xia. Is this a long-lost Juexue Gankun move?"
"Laughing to death, I feel that heshy’s skateboard shoes are better than Ah Shui’s, which makes it difficult to do it. Hahahaha."
"It’s true that Ah Shui skateboard shoes are very general, and he is more suitable for the kind of heroic skateboard shoes that need to be pulled out and not suitable for him."
"It’s okay. It’s enough to have heshy to play skateboarding shoes. After that, heshy skateboarding shoes must be in ban position."
When heshy finished the double kill, Xiao Leyan on the other side of the battlefield also successfully forced the female gun to Rkie.
The horse and the czar attacked the female gun and were soon killed. The sinister Rkie grass made an ambush to make the hpe female gun come to fuck.
However, Syndra, the younger brother of the primary school, was also very strong and cooperated with eik Shuguang to successfully kill Xiaoleyanman, which helped edg recover a little bit of decline, but this wave of edg still lost to his grandmother’s house.
"One for three edg, this wave really lost the wife and the soldiers. Not only did the canyon pioneer expect to lose three heads."
Miller knows edg’s decision very well. He didn’t expect edg to dare to join the group with IG Road just after a group battle.
"I don’t think edg is playing too hard. They can continue to play more advantages through the road, but they have to play with IG half area."
"You know, the combat effectiveness of the IG half area is very strong now, and there is no problem when heshy skateboards hit two. What’s worse, there are Xiaoleyanman and Rkie Tsar."
"It may be that edg got the advantage before, so they played so strongly."
The doll gave an answer, but it didn’t satisfy Miller, but Miller finally couldn’t help but sigh at the thought of edg’s performance this season.
At this time, edg is not the steady edg at the beginning, and now it is understandable that they have made any unwise moves.
"The real wave has lost a lot in the half-zone, and the edg half-zone has just established its advantages."
"Ashui Enshuang ate three layers of tapi and two big wave lines before being targeted at the economic gap, but IG has a greater advantage."
Miller shook his head and slightly analyzed the consequences of an edg team battle, so he couldn’t help but sigh and asked edg again.
What, if you don’t want to compete with IG half for the canyon pioneer?
Perhaps no one can answer Miller’s question. It’s an edg player who will continue to play. When they return to the line again, the situation has changed greatly.
The disadvantage of the route is that the big monkey is crushed after facing the line with broken skateboards again. Jin can’t wait for the tower at all if he doesn’t want to be killed by heshy Tower alone.
Ten minutes later, after seeing that there were only two floors left in the road defense tower, heshy decisively released the canyon pioneer and knocked off a blood tower before grabbing Ah Shui.
"Okay, no problem. The road is the first to get a blood tower. Ah Shui actually has only one layer of tower skin left in the blood tower, and the result is instantly overtaken by heshy."
"It’s okay to compete with your teammates for a blood tower."
The doll continues to ridicule heshy’s cannibalism, which will expose this small calculation in his heart. The blood tower is a fight with the opponent, and the blood tower is a race against time with teammates.
"It’s definitely a fight. It’s all glistening gold coins, and brothers have to settle accounts. I think one blood tower, heshy, is my responsibility."
"His skateboarding shoes are very Kerry. Well, they deserve this blood tower."
Hearing that the doll dared to make fun of heshy, Miller was a little upset, so he took the initiative to come out and say a few good words for heshy, and then let the doll say nothing.
"You mean my water brother doesn’t deserve to eat a blood tower?"
The doll looked at Miller with a smile and dug a big hole for Miller casually, or that kind of pipe killing and burying.
"No, no, no! I’m not. I didn’t. Don’t talk nonsense! "
Miller pretended to be in a panic and explained quickly. From his tone, he could see the desire to survive slowly.
However, when the two commentators teased, jiejie’s blind monk’s big move turned around and came to the road again to find the rhythm. Because Ashui has been pressing the line since she got the advantage, it is very easy for jiejie to target this wave.
After the blind monk completed the detour through triangle grass again, although there was water in the eye, they couldn’t leave when they reacted.
In this extremely tense situation, Baolan didn’t make the mistake just now again. Although she was still in a hurry, she didn’t put buff on herself.
It was time that accelerated and the ember retreated a little earlier, but it narrowed the distance from the blind monk. jiejie rushed to give the ember back with one foot, but Ah Shui still flashed in his hand.
Ember easily handed over the flash and was sent back to the stage by the blind monk. However, the sapphire trick unexpectedly appeared.