It was when she walked to the center of the classroom and stretched her hands horizontally to both sides that a man’s face suddenly appeared in her mind.


Men’s eyebrows are often bent with corners of their mouths slightly raised, and a pair of peach-blossom eyes Gherardini gazes affectionately at …
Meng Yunan … Meng Yunan is the biological father of the star. If he remarries … The other party should not object, right?
Su Yun thought absently, how could she object?
He is him, I am my only connection with each other, that is, the stars are just the stars. He is the biological father of the stars, and his feelings and heart are only given to the stars themselves. It is incredible that they can become better friends without any personality.
Su Yun remarried and Xing Xing had one more father. Meng Yunan is still her biological father. Su Yun will tell Xing Xing the difference between two men.
There are family ties and nurturing feelings in this world.
Meng Yunan is the former and Su Yun will marry the latter in the future.
It’s not impossible to do both at the same time. Is it a good thing for the star that she has two fathers?
Yu Mengyun’s own marriage will not affect him and the stars.
Su Yun’s body slightly presses his arm and rotates his mind back to dancing.
"Come on, stand on tiptoe with your feet crossed …"
Su Yun will meet Meng Yunan again this weekend. I didn’t expect Meng Yunan to suddenly call her on Wednesday night.
At that time, Su Yun had just washed the bath towel for the stars and wiped the water on them. She put it in the living room when her cell phone rang.
As soon as I heard the bell and the stars, I held my hands high and twisted my ass. I mumbled Su Yun and pinched her little nose and said, "Don’t touch my mother to answer the phone."
The stars stopped swinging and Su Yun repeated, "Don’t move, do you hear the stars?"
The stars nodded heavily "hmm!"
Su Yun smiled and touched her little head and said, "Good boy."
She got up and went to the living room to see three words flashing on the screen … Meng Yunan’s number Su Yun was set to his name.
Su Yun’s mood is slightly complicated. Call icon goes to the bathroom.
When I went to the bathroom, the stars were still in the bathtub, just like when she left.
Su Yun’s face smiled and said, "The stars are great. They haven’t moved at all, dear baby."
"Stars?" There is a deep man in the words.
Su Yun just remembered that she was still holding a mobile phone, and that person was Meng Yunan.
Su Yun squatted down with her mobile phone and wiped the stars again. "I just bathed the stars and wiped her water."
Meng Yunan laughed in a low voice and said, "Be careful to catch cold."
Su Yun said, "Hmm."
Then he asked, "Why is Mr. Meng so late?"
Meng Yun An Yin deep and sexy way "isn’t there anything can’t call you? Miss Su "
Su Yun is so worthless that her ears are red. She can’t tell whether Meng Yunan talks like this on weekdays …
But fortunately, two people can’t see each other face to face.
Su Yun said, "Well …"
She didn’t know what to say.
Meng Yunan asked, "Does Miss Su have classes tomorrow?"
Su Yun said "Yes"
Meng Yunan laughed. "Can you do us the honor of having dinner tonight?"
When he heard this sentence with a smile, Su Yun could imagine Meng Yunan’s face and posture across the street, and his mouth was slightly reminded with a smile.
Su Yun wiped the body of the stars and hesitated. "I have a class late in the afternoon … the nanny of the stars is not here at night."
The implication is that no one takes care of the stars and declines.
Meng Yunan seems to have expected that she would refuse the service road like this. "Of course, the stars will not see each other for a few days. I am afraid that the stars will forget me as a father."
Su Yun took a look at the stars, round eyes and pursed lips. "… good"
"Ah!" The star couldn’t help reaching out to grab the phone.
Su Yun turned around and wouldn’t let her grab the stars. She climbed out of the bathtub angrily and tiptoed around Su Yun to reach it.
Su Yun hid from her with her mobile phone and said, "Stars!"
"Mom!" The stars shouted their feet on Su Yun’s slippers and grabbed Su Yun’s arm with both hands to climb towards her.
Su Yun has a headache and the stars can’t get a mobile phone to pretend to cry and scream "Boo hoo-mom!"
Their side movement Meng Yunan can hear clearly. At this time, he is hearing Meng Yunan’s face smile in his mobile phone in a bag. He got up and went outside to answer it.