If this evaluation had been handed out earlier, it would have caused a small stir and made Chen Shaobai famous, but now …


The name of a guy who dares to challenge the great avatar in the fairyland has reached its peak. Do you need others to help him compete for the name?
No matter where Chen Shaobai is, he is the most dazzling comet in the world!
"Teacher Chen is ridiculous."
Situ Yutang’s guest set a sentence and was about to say something about the scene. He made a pretence and set Chen Shaobai out, but he was interrupted by a cold sentence.
"Yo ~ teacher younger brother Chen? Why didn’t Qing Xuan abandon his disciples? "
Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth emerge with a sneer at the door. "People don’t say dark words to palm sects. You have come to ten places to woo me, but everyone knows what your own thoughts are."
"It’s better to row for a long time here to lay horses and chariots, and you and I will do a good job to tell the outcome."
"Hypocrisy is disgusting!"
It’s a slap in the face to say that it’s firm, concise and straightforward without any room for return.
As soon as this statement came out, many young Toshihiko’s faces emerged in anger, and it seemed that they were going to gang up and attack the killers around Chen Shaobai.
"To ou? Come on! "
Chen Shaobai narrowed his eyes slightly, slowly opened his eyes wide and got extremely round, and the momentum of being arrogant and ferocious, and ten million people were gone, was derived from him.
At that time, he only used one person to clear up the most outstanding representative group of the new generation of Xuanmen.
At this moment, he didn’t use the life world to be opportunistic, but he struggled with his own j and jīng will!
"Good character! I hope your skill can be as hard as your mouth. "
Situ Yutang, after all, is a younger brother, the leader of the party, and he is extremely shrewd, and he is not angry when he is provoked by Chen Shaobai’s words
However, he has to make moves to save face. "Since Teacher Chen has a good mood, I will accompany you for a few times."
Hearing this, Chen Shaobai smiled. "It’s better to hit the ground than to choose the land, so let’s play here."
"Brother Situ said that the fame is empty, but it’s hard to say that it’s real. I hope you’re not the latter."
Chen Shaobai moved a wrist and shook his hand at Situ Yutang. "Are you ready?"
Chapter two hundred and ninety-four Sanqing hermetic
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Sanqing hermetic
"Of course"
See Chen Shaobai a cynical gesture seems to be finished without putting yourself in the eye Stuart Yutang heart slightly angry but not moving se is a simple word proudly answer.
After Stuart Yutang set an example, Chen Shaobai nodded solemnly in a moment of convergence. "Then bring it on. I hope you can give me more surprises."
When he said this, it gave people the feeling that he was the one who had a higher level of cultivation. Compared with fighting, he was more like an elder instructing the younger generation.
These Ri Chen Shaobai are used to pretending to be senior experts in front of his father. Now it’s not too easy to pretend to be a god stick.
Although all the people present knew that he did it on purpose, he couldn’t help but give birth to the idea of admiration and worship
Later, many younger brothers of Qing Xuanmen woke up and glared at Chen Shaobai one by one. Without the constraint of Situyutang, they were afraid that they would join hands on the spot to teach Chen Shaobai a lesson.
"How dare humble people be so presumptuous!"
Who have these Qing Xuanmen Tianjiao met besides Situ Yutang and Zhang Jiao Lin Yuanxi? Who has been bent in front of? Today, it’s tolerable for Ri to come to Chen Shaobai’s private house to be repeatedly slapped in the face!
Situ Yutang is very clever. He didn’t say anything to let Chen Shaobai make a few moves first, but just shut up when he is too good. "I just recently realized that the avatar needs an opponent to try. I hope you won’t let me down …"
Surprised by the hand, Situ Yutang doesn’t care that he knows that he has the courage to speak boldly in front of the great avatar, and the strength of Chen Shaobai is definitely far beyond the realm shown.
Quenching gas and evil fire? What a joke!
Chen Shaobai pure black eyes glowing light time hot fighting spirit in the body "oh? Want to get serious? Very good. "
At this moment, his mana fluctuation and circulation reached its peak.
"Now is to want to show the strength of" stock solution "to mislead me? This Chen Shaobai is really a big secret! "
Feel the change of Chen Shaobai’s body and qi. Stuart Yutang’s eyes twinkle and his thoughts are born and died in his heart
According to his usual experience, the more hidden the guy is, the more benefits he can get after he kills him.
"Dare to challenge the great avatar, afraid of not having to fear what means of escape? Or … is he sure he can break through to the fairyland? "
A thought of the murder in Stuart Yutang’s eyes didn’t show him. When he came with him, several people showed the seven stars and the moon surrounded Chen Shaobai inside.
"Yo ho? Want to fight in groups? "
Chen Shaobai’s eyes narrowed slightly and there was a dangerous smell.
He has been fighting for life and death for so long, and he has never met an opponent who is as hypocritical and shameful as he is now.
In some ways, the villain is much cuter than the pseudo-monarch, belonging to the latter. Situ Yutang naturally got a big black cross in his heart.
"Teacher Chen is worried about the beauty of the mansion here. It would be a pity if it were destroyed. That’s why he did it."
Although Stuart Yutang said this, everyone knows what is on his mind.
Chen Shaobai laughed coldly. More than ten colorful Baoyu Xianjian handles emerged from behind. "Spit! Don’t worry about my escape from Wan Li after the defeat, and then come back for revenge! Want to kill my future completely here? Tell you … "
"It’s not worthy to rely on you guys!"
After that, more than ten fairy swords with extraordinary handles roared and gave birth to the wind, each of which inspired the aura of heaven and earth to gather together, and the sword was sparkling with treasure.
This response not only failed to attract attention, but also made many younger brothers of the Qing Dynasty sneer at Se.
"Quenching gas seven realm just want to challenge us at the same time? It’s a joke! "
It’s still possible for a perfect character to deal with more than a dozen short-lived monks who are distracted by the imperial sword, but you know … Which one of them is not higher than Chen Shaobai except Wang Ruoyu?

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