There is a purple sky thunder falling from the sky, and instantly Yuan Heng is shrouded in the thunder. A light that is stronger than a streamer rhythm is constantly beating, and every time the thunder falls, its power will increase dramatically, but now it is not powerful enough to make him move. The streamer rhythm light is still shining.


After three hours of continuous bombardment, the thunder stopped. In the sky, Lei Yun continued to breed Yuan Heng, and now it is trimmed in a quarter of an hour.
At this time, Yuan Heng’s silvery white Se ball has dispersed and flowed out of Yuan Heng’s figure.
The god’s coffin flashes and instantly sees the brilliance of the avatar. He is keenly aware of a little strange, but Yuan Heng shows a little smile. This is what he expects. It is urgent to rebuild the avatar. It will be divided into several steps, and this strong destructive power is the opportunity to start remodeling.
Hongheng River instantly moved out and grabbed a wonderful seal. The streamer rhythm seemed to resonate with the eternal river. A wonderful and inexplicable change occurred in it, but the change was not large. This required the help of Lei Jie. A quarter of an hour passed quickly, but the eternal river was not put away. The streamer rhythm brilliance directly enveloped it.
A 600-battle purple sky thunder came crashing, and this once again reduced the thunder robbery. The power has been more than twice as strong as before, and it is still gradually increasing. When Lei Guang has torn the virtual pass, the speed of brewing lightning robbery is accelerated
The power of robbing thunder is stronger every time, and the light is getting slower and slower. The brilliance is not as stable as before, and it fluctuates violently. Not surprisingly, two or three more robberies will break the avatar.
However, Yuan Heng didn’t take any action, and still let the overhead light stand against it. Even if it shakes Yu, the light is dim, and Yuan Heng just instills mana at an accelerated pace.
Finally, the rhythm of time finally gave way to a loud noise, and the brilliance was torn to pieces. The thunder was just a small circle and went straight to Yuan Heng.
In the face of robbing Lei Yuanheng, it was just a fist, but a spent force robbed Lei was scattered straight away.
However, the avatar was broken by violence, and Yuan Heng’s mouth also shed a little silvery white blood. This is the avatar itself, especially when the avatar was broken, which made Yuan Heng suffer a lot of injuries.
"Get together for me!"
However, Yuan Heng did not dare to relax. The eternal river once again appeared, reunited before the light of streamer rhythm dissipated, and re-launched the magical power with these pieces of light. The eternal river flowed its river into the coming light with the previous mysterious connection.
Finally, when the thunder was roaring again, the brilliance of gold, silver and Se Ze appeared overhead to resist the thunder again.
The glorious field was chopped several times in the gradual enhancement of the power, and then reappeared in the eternal river, and the proportion of silver Se light gradually overwhelmed the gold Se light.
Fortunately, the secret of Eternal Avenue is poor, Yuan Heng’s own will is strong, his mind is tenacious and his foundation is deep, so he can resist the repeated self-attack. Fortunately, Yuan Heng realized the circular destruction and the power of nature of the Avenue in one fell swoop before he could fully benefit from other people’s words.
"Power Road ternary blow!"
Once again, when the thunder broke through the glorious field, Yuan Heng was not allowed to restart his magical power. Fortunately, Yuan Heng reacted and added strength. Recently, it was stronger than one or two points before it was topped up.
"It’s a good thing I’m not careless."
Nearly 10,000 roads of purple clouds and thunder have shattered the glorious field several times, which makes Yuan Heng look a little pale at this time. This is caused by excessive mental consumption. Just Du Jie’s words can’t tell that he has pushed him to this level, but he has been forced to bite himself several times, as if his soul had been run over. Without will and perseverance, he can’t support it.
There’s never any shortcut to success. Yuan Heng can become the top celestial fiend in the wild. Most of the celestial fiends just entered the middle and late stage of Taiyi, and then Du Jie was able to accumulate a lot of information. It’s not a fluke, but he always kept Yuan Heng’s heel for people who are prepared. It’s really strong, but is that the reason for his success?
In the actual universe, there are quite a few pioneers who are equal to Yuan Heng, but Yuan Heng did take the lead in breaking through, and it was only after crazy accumulation that he broke through. There may be many reasons, but this will and brilliant mind that can persist in the road despite several times of pain that almost tears the soul may explain one or two.
Chapter 26 Overtaking
Let’s talk about responding to a friend’s request not to set the location of the new corner Se of the female host for the time being. Let’s imagine it yourself. Hehe …………………………………………………………….
"awesome! Who on earth is in Du Jie? This is the highest lightning robbery in the pick of heaven! !”
At this time, the distance from Yuan Heng to Du Jie is hundreds of millions of miles away. A deep valley is sitting in front of a waterfall. A woman in black is shocked to get information from the avatar. The woman in black looks beautiful and deep in her twenties, but her breath is very strong. She has reached the late stage of Taiyi, which is already a flow in the first fairy.
Adhering to the dark rules, Li You just traveled from the extreme west to the western coast a few years ago. On this day, she happened to create an exploratory avatar, and suddenly caught a familiar and unfamiliar breath in the distance. This breath seems to be in the depths of her memory, but Li You knows very well that she has never seen the owner of this breath-nonsense, and she hasn’t seen a fiend except her since the transformation!
However, Li Youma changed her magical power from Fiona Fang’s diffusion mode, and straight-line search went straight along the direction of breath, but she was shocked to see something. There was a fiend in Du Jie! It’s still purple clouds and thunder!
Although you know from the avenue that there are nearly ten celestial fiends at the peak of Taiyi in the universe, Li Youxiu is not the top, but she is only one step away from Taiyi’s peak, so she thinks that those who want to appear in the universe will at least have to wait for nearly a thousand yuan.
After all, the first fiend is an extremely arrogant generation, and it is impossible to make a breakthrough in Du Jie in a hurry regardless of the foundation, especially now that the top ten can lead the fiend in this competition. Naturally, she has great perseverance and wisdom that others do not have, and it is even more impossible to make a breakthrough in trade rashly. She has always recognized herself that although she is only a line away from such a handful of top fiends, there is still hope.
But what does she see now?
Yes, it is true that no first celestial fiend was stupid enough to break through, but the appearance of the purple sky and the heavy body robbery broke her long-cherished daydream that the purple sky and the heavy body are the highest-level pick-up robbery!
There is no big foundation, no side details, less than 12 days, and no side roads … If these conditions are missing, this purple thunder robbery will have a relationship with you. The conditions are so harsh. This is different from those later generations who are afraid of the apocalypse and change their Se. In the wild, the first celestial demon pursues a higher level and stronger power.
Although full of envy, in fact, Li Youzhu is not the breath that makes her feel unusually familiar. It emanates from the figure in the official Du Jie, and this breath makes her feel unusually kind …
Yuan Heng’s face turned pale and looked at the top of his head. Lei Yun was indifferent. It was not difficult to get through the ghost’s washing, but Yuan Heng felt that he was almost exhausted by J and NG. Fortunately, the last line was left and he was almost finished. Otherwise, he did not know whether he could continue to hold on. After all, the feeling that the avatar was broken by violence was not so good.
This is the last thunder robbery. Now, the glorious field above the head is almost pure silver Se, and the merits are about to be completed. Then the last strongest thunder robbery is needed.
"Boom …"
Extremely concentrated, a thousand feet of purple thunder roared and fell from the sky. At this time, Yuan Heng suddenly radiated a burst of mysterious fluctuations in Du Jie, and Yuan Heng’s figure disappeared in the middle of the universe.
Watching from the side in the neon cold and in the distance, Li Youmian’s Se changed into a neon cold, and her mind swept through Li Youtong’s magical power, but she didn’t realize whether it was like disappearing, as if it were the original.
As early as the last gray-purple Se thunder fell, Yuan Heng didn’t realize that his eyes shrank and his consciousness and body mana surged wildly.
The glorious field shrinks crazily to form a shield, which looks almost like a solid treasure, and a strange fluctuation is emitted. This is a kind of defense force specially developed by Yuanheng, which has almost the seven-layer power of the northern Xuanyuan Water Control Banner at present, and it is more flexible to transport.