"This" Han Chengyi took a card from his pocket and handed it to Hang Zehao. "You take it …"


Hang Zegao lowered his eyes and glanced at the white. What’s that? "Han Chengyi, what’s your game? Get me censored and give me this stuff at the same time Do you think I am a beggar? "
"This is not for you!" Han Chengyi is too lazy to talk nonsense with him. Anyway, even if he says that he didn’t do it, Hang Zehao won’t believe that he has done so many things before. He wants people to believe that Hang Zehao’s censorship of this matter and he sounds really unreliable.
"I have nothing to do with your Hangzhou family and light snow. If it weren’t for her difficulty and hard work, would you and I be willing to let her go? No matter how much I hate you, I won’t ignore my wife and children! "
He doesn’t want to explain if he talks too much.
"With your property frozen, there is not much money, but Xiaoxue and Dabao Xiaobao still need to live. Although she and I are separated, I still have the responsibility to support them if there is no formal divorce." Han Chengyi handed the card to Hang Zehao again.
Hang Zegao frowned slightly, and there were some fluctuations in his eyes. "Then it’s better for you to give it to her personally to decide whether to accept it or not."
"Hang Zezhen!" Han Chengyi nasty to tell the truth, his heart for light snow will accept a little grasp also have no might as well let Hang Zegao accept more sure "don’t call her! She is so stubborn that she may not accept your own daughter. Don’t you understand? "
If Xiaoxue were selfish, they wouldn’t be what they are today.
"Then you think I will definitely accept it?" Hang Zegao chuckled.
Han Chengyi nodded firmly. "You will accept that your wife needs treatment, and you will not watch your daughter and grandson suffer. It will make your life very good."
Hang Zegao was silent at the bottom of his heart and couldn’t say what he felt. What a good son-in-law would this man be if he wasn’t surnamed Han?
"Take it!"
After Han Chengyi urged Hang Zegao to hesitate to take the card and hold it in his palm, he felt a burst of hot in his palm.
Han Chengyi breathed a sigh of relief and nodded slightly at Hang Zegao, "Han is leaving now."
"Wait!" Hang Zegao held the card and stopped him. "You … you don’t go to see her? And should I tell her about it? "
Han Chengyi’s eyes flashed with longing, but he didn’t dare. He clearly remembered Xiaoxue talking to him. She was so tired that she was caught between him and her parents … After all, she shook her head. "Don’t tell her if you can’t do it." He was relieved to ask her to be good.
Watching Han Chengyi turn away, Hang Zegao put the card in his pocket and entered the ladder.
In the apartment, Dabao Xiaobao just woke up and was making a scene. Le Xuewei was very patient and coaxed, "Be a good baby and get dressed quickly, okay?"
"mom and mom wear it!"
Le Xuewei was dressing Xiaobao and said to Dabao, "Dabao is a brother, can’t he wear it himself?" Wear it yourself! "
"Whoa, whoa …" Dabao just got up and got angry, but she refused to insist that her mother wear Le Xuewei. There was no way to coax Dabao again. "Okay, okay, don’t cry, isn’t mom coming?"
Hang Zegao walked over in this chaos and picked up Xiaobao Mo, who didn’t wear it for the little guy.
"Song Bobo went back? Why did you send him for so long? " Le Xuewei didn’t notice the abnormal freely asked Hang Zegao.
"Oh, I talked for a while." Hang Zehao hesitated to tell her what Han Chengyi had been to, but she swallowed it. Forget it. Han Chengyi didn’t mean to hate. It can also make her sad.
Chapter 372 Big Brother
Hao Xiyin at the entrance of the Imperial City Hotel is stretching his neck, waiting for Han Chengyi to raise his left wrist from time to time. He was very anxious when he came to see it. He left the company without saying hello at noon, and he didn’t know where his mobile phone was. He couldn’t be absent from the first celebration of the Eastern Suburb mall.
Han Chengyi took the car to the garage to go from the elevator to the entrance, but there was a little disturbance.
"I really have an invitation card, don’t I? Oh, why don’t you believe me when I tell you? I am the daughter of Director Zhao! "
A gift Zhao Zitong is trying to keep the security guard at the entrance of the ladder to explain that the facial features are vivid. "I … I forgot to bring my invitation card."
Section 231
"Then Miss Zhao, I’m sorry you can’t go from here." The security guard is a young face with a tough attitude.
Zhao Zitong gas knot didn’t good the spirit stared at the security guard "is really serious I can cheat you? Forget it, I’ll go to the gate and ask my dad to pick me up! " She just came a little late and got stuck in her father’s body. She knew there was a ladder here, so she wanted to make it convenient. How could she know that it was so serious?
Han Chengyi walked forward, but Zhao Zitong turned around and broke into his sight.
"Brother Cheng Yi?" Zhao Zitong turned around and saw Han Chengyi immediately smiled. "It’s great to meet you here, so I won’t be so troublesome. You are also here for today’s dinner, right? I invited you to be stuck in my dad’s body. You security guards are too serious. Do I look particularly horrible? "
Han Chengyi frowned and listened to Zhao Zitong’s talk for a long time without any response.
"Brother Cheng Yi?" Zhao Zitong looked at Han Chengyi quietly and doubtfully.
It’s easy for Han Chengyi to remember that the daughter of Director Zhao of the Department of Culture hasn’t seen her for a while, and her impression has faded. I didn’t recognize her just now, and my jaw sank and said, "Then come with me!"
"Ah good! Thank you, Brother Chengyi. "
"President please"
The security guard took the ladder for Han Chengyi, and Han Chengyi strode in. Zhao Zitong followed him with a handbag and walked in. He didn’t forget to make a face at the security guard. Han Chengyi looked at this scene coldly and frowned. I didn’t find this girl really a bit like a light snow in some places.
For example, just that frown, stick out your tongue and be charming.
So thinking about Han Chengyi can’t help but hook the lip and relax a lot.
The ladder has been reaching the banquet hall. Han Chengyi has been silent. Zhao Zitong has nothing to say, "Brother Chengyi? Are you coming alone? Where is your wife? You didn’t have a banquet at your wedding. I read about the wedding in the newspaper. Why didn’t she come with you today? I heard that your wife is the chief designer of this project! Wow, I didn’t expect that your wife is not only beautiful but also so talented, unlike me … She can’t do anything but play. "
Han Chengyi didn’t mean to get out of the ladder, so he went straight ahead and left Zhao Zitong behind.
Zhao Zitong muttered to himself, "Hey! Still so indifferent! " Anyway, she is used to him, and he hasn’t given him a good look since the first meeting since she came back, but this kind of man is more attractive.
How precious and rare a man with his wife in his heart is in this society!
Zhao Zitong trotted with Han Chengyi with a skirt. "Hey … Brother Chengyi, wait for me slowly!"
When Han Chengyi arrived at the banquet hall, he suddenly stopped and turned to ask Zhao Zitong to stop following. I didn’t expect Zhao Zitong to run all the way. Han Chengyi suddenly stopped and her feet didn’t stop and ran into his arms.
"Oh dear!" Zhao Zitong bumped into Han Chengyi’s chest and his nose hurt.
"yeah!" Han Chengyi can’t resist smacking his hand to hold Zhao Zitong’s distance. "You can go in by yourself. I have something to do. If you need anything, the waiter here will help you solve it."