Duo Bao and Dao, the hosts of these two large arrays, saw that victory was just ahead, but they were suddenly destroyed by the sudden appearance of the lead. In their hearts, they couldn’t help but be furious. They immediately presided over this large array and looked at the two large arrays, and there was a flash of appreciation in their eyes.


However, a saint is not allowed to challenge his dignity. He looked at the two large arrays with a dull look and said in his heart, "The array method is top-notch, but the people in the array are far from it." He did not hesitate to wave his hand at the two large arrays and a golden light enveloped them.
Originally in a spent force, two large arrays crashed and broke, and the interception brothers fell to the ground one after another, but the scene was that the interception brothers were not as decadent and frustrated as he imagined.
On the contrary, the eyes were angry and looked at Jieyin’s eyes, full of unyielding master elder brothers. At this time, the mana also ran out. When he bit the tip of his tongue, he forced a little spirit to stagger and glared at Jieyin, and saw that the master elder brother played a group of cut-off brothers and supported each other.
This quotation completely shocked him, but he didn’t know what kind of power supported these interception brothers. But this time, he made a profit. Although a large number of Buddhist brothers died, he didn’t feel bad. It wasn’t that he personally cultivated and died in many places, and he didn’t feel bad.
From the bottom of his heart, he likes this interception brother. At this moment, a huge roar will wake him up. When he turns around, he is suddenly surprised. He is surprised to see that the amount he should be allowed to contain is coming to meet him quickly.
A wave of his hand at the intercepting younger brother in Wanxian array instantly blacked out a piece of intercepting younger brother’s disappearance, and when he took the lead again, a sword of light came like him, accompanied by a green light sweeping the remaining Xuan younger brother.
Then a figure appeared in front of the lead to be continued.
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Chapter 14 Quantity Wars Two Saints of Buddhism
Jieyin looked at the disappearance of Xuanmendi’s face full of regret. At this time, a word containing anger and threats wandered into Jieyin’s ear. "Jieyin hopes that you will be well-informed and hand over my Xuanmendi, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude!"
When I heard the threatening language, I disdained, "I really think I am stupid!" My Buddhism and your Xuanmen are already like fire and water, so you can stop if I let you go? If it’s so simple, why am I still working so hard? Isn’t it this moment that my younger brother and I have given our part to my Buddhism? "
A smile came out of my face at the thought of this. "But now I have reached my goal. I have packed more than half of my younger brothers in the Xuanmen Gate. It is heartbreaking for him to lose so many elite brothers in the Xuanmen Gate." When I came here, I choked back the impulse to laugh, and my mouth lightly said, "People want to get it by themselves in my hands."
Seeing the refusal and the tone is so arrogant, the anger in my heart is crazy, and the tone of speaking is gloomy than "the hard way!" In this case, I should let all living beings in the wild remember my reputation forever, or a buffoon can ride on my neck and shit. "If you do, you must measure a flicker to one side of the small battlefield. He waved his hand at Xuanmendi, such as explaining teaching and teaching others, and instantly earned the world."
After seeing the amount of movement, I realized that my brother’s eyes swept across the small battlefield and I was trembling with love. At this moment, the so-called Buddhist elite blood Buddha organization has suffered more than half of the casualties, and the rest is only two or three small fish
But the blood Buddha is not the kui is a Buddhist elite. He will ask the Xuanmen for a piece of meat to support all the people in heaven. The rest of the soldiers were killed. Fortunately, they belong to heaven, and there are not many casualties.
Explain that Huanglong, Yuding, Daoxing and Qingxu were seriously injured, and Yuan Shen was also traumatized. They were sent to Manjusri for self-cultivation and returned to the battlefield, but their lives were not good and they were taken care of by Blood Buddha. Three of them were not only seriously injured again, but also hard and deeply knocked out Jin Xian. Fortunately, they had poetic charm to shelter seven people before they died.
After seeing the wounded blood Buddha, I was almost bleeding. This blood Buddha was the hard work of him and Zhun for many years, but it was just pulled out and buried in a big war. Fortunately, there are three others in the quasi-holy level, including blood.
But the blood situation is not optimistic. It’s time to celebrate if a person can survive the Xuandu attack. At this moment, not only the Yuan God was seriously injured, but also he was hit hard. If you want to restore and lead them, you will have to make a big deal. The level of pick Jin Xian is also left, and the pick Jin Xian is even more miserable!
Although the losses were heavy, he left the bottom back. His other disciples believed that after thousands of years, they were another trump card. When they thought of this, they waved and released a Buddha’s light, which enveloped a kind of blood Buddha, stopped the worsening injury and at the same time brought them into the palm of their hands.
In the palm of your hand, the original creator of the Buddha country has taken over the palm of your hand, and the Buddha country has become close to Dacheng. The Buddha country has turned into a small world, and the Buddha country in the palm of your hand is much more advanced than that in Tibet. The Buddha country in the palm of your hand is still an illusory small world.
In fact, the qualifications and perseverance are not bad, and he is always required to continue his cultivation. One day, he will break through the sage’s realm of heaven with the help of the Buddhist kingdom in his palm, but the two of them have brought down the Xuanmen to realize the great development of Buddhism and forced heaven to increase its strength, leading to the exhaustion of its potential and the cessation of its life. Saint dzogchen has a great mixed yuan and Luo Jinxian.
Everything has been solved, and the fluctuation of qi, blood and mana has been calmed down. The amount of the next leader is coldly staring at the two people’s mouths and sneers, "Hum! Hum! Now there is no scruple about our account, so it’s time to count it out. "Say and play coldly, watching and picking up the two people’s right hand, slowly drawing out the measuring sword, and constantly stroking the left hand."
I must watch the amount behave like this, and I have been suppressing my anger when it broke out. He pointed to the amount and said, "Don’t be crazy about measuring children. Today, you should be prepared to lose your mind. Do you have any last words? I am merciful today to tell Sanqing and Houdi your last words and let them know how you died."
The amount of smell speech disdain cold hum a didn’t answer the words in my heart but laughed "these two people have been suppressed by us for too long to make them so neurotic now, especially with some paranoia". The amount is not aimed at some pity. This child is really stressed!
The original lead two people didn’t have the strength to win the Sanqing sum. But now their strength has soared, and the lead has reached the point where Saint dzogchen must be on the side to help him with his strength, and he must also swallow his anger on the spot. Now they are quite turning over serfs and singing.
But the two of them never know that the quantity and strength can no longer be measured by the general situation. Even if they meet heaven, they also have a fighting force. You should know that after measuring, there is a world behind them, and even if you can’t beat heaven and want to escape it, you can’t stop it.
Quantity disdain saw two people one eye, "hum! If you want to fight, how can you get so much nonsense? It’s really noisy! " Say that finish a wave of his hand moderate kendo "you two together! I’ll see if you’ve improved and can pick me up. "
After hearing that his accomplishment was also a burst of anger, he sneered at "I hope you don’t blow the cowhide" and shouted at the side that "the younger brother needs to leave his hand, and you and my brother have to let me know what it means to be behind the scenes"
With the introduction of the voice, the quasi-two people rise two huge breaths, concise, sage coercion with a hint of heaven breath, one side of the French seal severely presses the vector, and the eyelids don’t lift a body, a slight shock, a overbearing and fierce breath breaks through the body and sweeps across the world with a few breaths.
Finally, a 100-meter-long sword was set on the top of the head, full of overbearing breath. The bearer of the big sword screamed fiercely and cut to the method. The big sword printed in the horrified eyes of the wild creatures collided with France and India. At that time, the hearts of the wild beings broke into a roar, and everyone was dizzy by the roar.
The French-Indian bombardment in the big sword gave a burst of toothache, which led them to see that the situation was wrong. They both looked at each other and found each other’s eyes deeply shocked. Then the yoshimitsu in their eyes flashed and led them to a nod, and they were also given a hard nod by the senior information.
When the amount of momentum is released, it will urge the world forces to prepare for it. He wants to let the wilderness always remember his fame. When he makes a move, he will have no mercy and attack directly. He will solve the two of them as quickly as possible. He will drink a "thousands of firm but gentle"
Immediately, the sword was shot out into thousands of destructive shock waves, and the amount of thousands of shock waves was cast out without stopping. At that moment, the sword burst into a dazzling light, and the light burst and contracted rapidly to form a shock wave, which broke away from the sword and followed the thousands of shock waves to lead the two.
After this trick, one mistake was made, and the whole person quickly swept away to the two men. The sword in his hand was faintly overflowing with light.
The sudden release of the amount disrupted the opportunity to receive the two people, but they were the masters of the wild world, and they didn’t experience any major events. Although they disrupted their plans, they recovered in the blink of an eye.
After watching the shock wave that hit thousands of people, he felt the tyrannical breath coming on his face. His face was heavily aimed at ordering, "Brother Shi is quite powerful in resisting this move, and there are some fears. Don’t capsize in the gutter." Quasi-smell speech nodded
When the voice of "Brother Hands-on" fell, I saw that Jieyin was holding a blessing, and the magic power of the body was free of money, and he rushed into it and shouted "Ten Thousand Buddhas’ wrath".
The blessing god, like a meteor, smashed into a myriad of firm but gentle shocks, looking at the speed and the anger of the Buddha, there was still some unease in his heart to raise his hand and urge the Buddha to gently drink "Buddha in the palm of his hand", accompanied by the voice, and a thousand palms followed and killed him.
Not to be outdone, I must show my dharma body’s power to urge me to leave, and at the same time, I use the power of heaven to send my department into the wonderful tree of seven treasures, making use of his strongest move now, "Bodhisattva Land", which has received Pang Li’s wonderful tree of seven treasures and transformed it into a three-foot-high bodhisattva tree dotted with a lot of treasures in its branches.
Accurately point to the seven treasures and wonderful trees of Pu and shout "Go!" At the same time, Qibao Miaoshu followed the Buddha in the palm of his hand and killed thousands of shock waves.
It was a slight sigh of relief when they saw it in their hearts, but then the scene made them unforgettable, and they had high hopes. The three unique skills just came into contact with thousands of firm but gentle, and they became deadlocked.
At this time, a bright sword light joined the attack. In their incredible eyes, the two people’s unique skill "boom" exploded with thousands of firm but gentle, and a conan the destroyer energy swept the whole universe.
Things haven’t finished yet. Seeing the situation unexpectedly, the two of them tried to defend for the first time, but a ghostly figure appeared beside them. In their horrified eyes, an ordinary sword tip with a handle style was transient in their eyes.
The cold sound sounded like a demon in their ears. With the voice, they felt a great force bombarding them and a sharp pain made them lose their thinking ability instantly.
Roar sounded two figure mess thrown back to be continued.
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