At the fork in the road, Hang An bent down to say goodbye to Hang Zehao. Although he looks polite, is Hang Zehao waiting for the elite? What’s more, Hangan, or did he raise the child by himself? How can he not see that he is in a hurry?


"Well, go!"
Hang Zegao squinted slightly and nodded at Hang An and turned back to his yard.
"Come here"
As soon as Hang Ancai left, Hang Zegao called someone and asked, "What can I do for you these two days, young master?" In the past two days, Hang An has always been uneasy, and everything has been Mao Mao’s impatience. There must be some reason.
People dare not tell the truth that "the president, a young master, brought back an injured lady from the outside and lived at home for several days."
"Oh?" Hang Zegao was surprised to pick an eyebrow. It was a big surprise.
Hang’ an, a child who has been obedient and clever since childhood, makes him do everything well, but it is such an excellent and obedient child who has been giving his adoptive father a headache because of personal problems.
A young man who is almost thirty years old has never had a girlfriend today, and introduced him to many famous ladies and daughters, but none of them in Hang ‘an have a right eye.
Now I can’t believe that he brought an injured girl home. How can this not surprise Hang Zehao? Hang Zegao chuckled. Maybe this is fate? What kind of girl is this? Hang Zehao thinks he must meet her.
On the next public rest day, Hang Zehao rested in the presidential palace and settled down his wife Leci before he went downstairs.
Mr. President, the housekeeper is already waiting.
"Well," Hang Zegao asked, "Is the young master out?"
The housekeeper nodded. "It’s been ten minutes since you left home. It’s safest for you to go now."
Hang Zegao wondered if he could smile and walk to Hang ‘an Hospital.
At this time, Le Xuewei just woke up and was served by someone who had just finished washing and breakfast. After rest and Song medicine, the pain was relieved a lot. She was afraid to touch again. People packed up their things and were sliding out.
"General, President …"
Le Xuewei couldn’t help shivering when she heard this name! It’s him! It’s Hang Zegao! How did he come here? Didn’t Hang An say that no one would come here?
Hang Zehao picked his eyebrows and didn’t care about waving at people. "Go!"
The footsteps are getting closer and closer. Le Xuewei lies flat on the bed, clutching the bed tightly with both hands. Every cell is clamoring that this man is probably his biological father!
Hang Zehao, who didn’t go out today, wore a casual dress, which made him look younger. Le Xuewei watched him step by step and thought about the media. Hang Zehao, the youngest of all the national calendar leaders, was less than 50 years old this year, which was the time when men were at their peak.
The more carefully I look at him, the sadder Le Xuewei finds that she does have many similarities with him!
Slightly sunken eyes, dark as ink, straight eyes and straight nose.
Le Xuewei closed her eyes and told herself not to think about it. She had nothing to do with this person. Her father was Qiao Wandong.
"Is it you?" Hang Zegao saw Le Xuewei lying in bed before she went to bed. She smiled at once, but it was very cold. "Ah … you are really a little girl. Should I say that you are well-connected? It’s really easy to get in and out of the presidential palace. "
How could Le Xuewei not hear the irony in this statement?
"Hum!" LeXueWei hook lip back to sneer at "the President’s cabinet? I don’t think it’s illegal for me to lie here? "
Hang Zegao smiled and put his hands in his pockets. His eyes were cold and he asked unceremoniously, "What do you want? When did you become like this with Ann? "
"This kind?" Le Xuewei covered her chest with anger and trembling lips. How could he open his mouth and insult her like this? "I don’t know what you mean. What is this?"
Hang Zehao’s eyebrows are sharp and provocative, and there is no patience or joy. "Miss Yuan has something that I don’t need to say, right? I admit that you have a certain talent in architectural design, and I know that you are the main designer of the revolving bridge in the Imperial City, but … your private life is not so good. Why? Do you need me to say it? "
You!’ Le Xuewei was stimulated by his sharp words, and her heart ached. Xiu Mei stood up and stared coldly at him, hating "What’s wrong with me? Tell me about it! "
"good! Then I will tell you! Surely you still remember the wonderful scene of your wedding engagement with Liang Jiaer Gong? This is not a secret in the imperial city. Maybe you are more famous than me in the imperial city. How come Liang Siwen is dying now and Han Chengyi is dying now? How dare you move your mind to Antou? Hum! Miss yuan’s good taste is not expensive. Do you still see it? It’s a pity … "
Hang An glanced at Le Xuewei’s appearance, which was very similar to his wife’s, and sighed, "It’s a pity that your parents gave you such a good skin! They didn’t ask you to attract men like this! "
Le Xuewei was speechless with anger. She just stared at Hang Zegao with hatred. How could he say that about her? What makes him and what qualifications does he have? The last person in the world is qualified to say that she is him!
Born without raising a wife, this man, who may be her biological father, is simply criticizing a pair of scum and scum!
"Ha ha!" Le Xuewei laughed instead of being angry. How ridiculous it is! People say that if you do too many bad things, there will be retribution. Doesn’t Hang Zegao get retribution? Not only did he not recognize his own daughter, but he also accused her in such vicious language!
"What are you laughing at?" Hang Zegao was puzzled by her smile and some became angry from embarrassment, pointing to Le Xuewei’s low drink. "Where are you hurt?" Can’t you get up? What is the rule that a young girl has been lying down when she sees her elders? "
Le Xuewei zheng "do you want me to get up?"
Hang Zegao didn’t really mean it, but was frozen by Le Xuewei’s question.
Before Hang Zegao could say anything, Le Xuewei had sat up with her arm clenched and her ribs crunched too hard. She suddenly saw stars "Uh …"
"What’s the matter with you?" Hang Zegao frowned and realized that Le Xuewei might be really hurt and gave her a hand.
Le Xuewei pushed him "no, you help …" It was said that she was already breathing unsteadily and sweating.
"Yeah, why are you so stubborn?" Hang Zehao is unhappy and smacks his lips. The closest woman in his life has a wife and kindness, and kindness is the gentlest, but sex makes Hang Zehao mistake women for wives.
Le Xuewei smiled and walked up without answering.
"Where are you going?" Hang Zegao has a headache and regrets at the same time. Why does this girl look wobbly and weak as if she will fall down at any time? For the first time, he felt pity for his wife and unexpected woman.
Le Xuewei resisted the injured ribs and leered at Hang Zehao. "Where are you going? From the presidential palace, of course. Isn’t that your purpose? Don’t worry, I won’t talk to you even if I’m shameless again. "
After thinking about it, he added, "If you can listen to me, I don’t want to talk to you again in my life! Today I walked out of the presidential palace. I hope we will never meet again! "
There is something in her words, but Hang Zegao doesn’t understand what she means.
"And so on to get things straight! What do you mean? " Hang Zegao pulled Le Xuewei in front, but it touched her wound.
"ah!" Le Xuewei’s screaming voice trembled with pain.
This frightened Hang Zehao. Hang Zehao let go and asked anxiously, "Why does it hurt so much? Where is it hurt? "
"Hum …" Le Xuewei sneered and smiled, shook her head and asked, "Mr. President, can I ask you a question?"
Section 14
"Huh?" Hang Zegao looked at Le Xuewei in a daze, and he looked at Le Xuewei in the same way. He didn’t know anything and nodded. "Ok, ask!"
Le Xuewei’s mouth touched a sad smile and asked, "Do you love your wife and your daughter very much?"
What kind of question is that? Hang Zegao was surprised that this little girl wanted to teach him a lesson? He admitted that the person who helped his daughter win her heart was mean, but he did not regret that his wife and children, especially his daughter, were the most indebted to him for his busy career in this life.
"Yes," Hang Zegao nodded and urged Le Xuewei. "Maybe you think I oppress others, but as a father, I can choose to do so. I believe your father must love you very much."
Le Xuewei smiled at this. "But you said that you really love me very much for my father!"
"You won’t let Han Chengyi, will you? If he doesn’t marry your daughter, you won’t let him go, will you? " Le Xuewei straightened up and asked this question and made a decision in her heart.
Hang Zegao twisted her eyebrows inexplicably. She felt guilty for a long time before she nodded. "I will do whatever it takes to be my daughter!"
"Ha ha ….." Le Xuewei finally couldn’t help but smile, tears overflowed, but do you know that I am your daughter?
Chapter 32 My name is Han
In fact, Le Xuewei will not tell the truth.

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