"In so hope! If you are interested, can I play a song? "


Chang Xiangsi was just about to promise Feng Jiang Yi that "I can’t wait until I get back. I feel sick and I should go back to rest."
There’s definitely something to get when you’re always in contact with each other. It’s poison like a red face and a dead bone.
Chang Xiang …
Chang Xiangsi shook his head and denied the usual means. "I don’t think it was him. Although he had a rebellious heart, he was special to me after I woke up. At first, my father treated his daughter with affection and when he taught me martial arts, he never spared no effort to teach me. Even in the end, he tore his face and imprisoned me. If he wanted me dead, there was no need to bother."
It’s also reasonable to say that, after all, the truth is often false, and there is no reason to torture her because she has developed other feelings for lovesickness.
Feng Jiang’s clothes look a little dignified. "When you go back, you throw away all your jewelry into your dressing gown. If what you are doing is really a beauty and bones, then it must be a beauty and bones in these things, unlike ordinary poison. If you drink a drop of poison and die suddenly on the spot, it can be said that you have been poisoned by the beauty and bones in your clothes or jewelry for such a long time, and then your skin is poisoned. Whether Qing Mu is an enemy or a friend, he woke up today and really helped us a lot!"
But it also makes him feel that this person is unfathomable!
Beauty and bones poison know that not many people. He doesn’t believe what he said when he heard excuses from his friends!
I often miss looking at what I wear most often, that is, the piece of black jade that I gave her in the pink dress. She won it in the original boat because this piece of Yu Pei is warm in winter and cool in summer.
Excellent. She wears it all the time.
And the dagger that I won from Xiao Mu, which is as sharp as mud, has always been carried around because it is too small and very convenient to carry.
Finally, I often miss the pair of jade bracelets that fall on my wrist, and the look of a string of Cheng Pu is slightly heavy.
I often miss the string of Buddha beads that the Empress gave her. Because the color of this string of Buddha beads is black and an elegant fragrance wafts away, she didn’t take it, and that pair of jade bracelets is a natural treasure given by the emperor, and she has been wearing it all the time.
That’s all I’ve been wearing. Is that the problem?
Just as Chang Xiangsi was still immersed in her thoughts, she suddenly felt that the four sides were in crisis, and at this time Feng Jiang’s clothes were already serious.
"Acacia this murderous look is estimated to be coming towards us."
Often acacia took out the small dagger from the sleeve and looked dignified. "I haven’t touched my hands for several days, just exercise once!"
Voice down from all directions immediately jumped out of a number of men in black, one by one are covered with a scarf and a sword quickly flyby and will be surrounded by the two of them.
Feng Jiang’s clothes looked at the men in black and thought that he was often homesick and not suitable for fatigue. "I’ll take you out of the encirclement and go back first!" "
I often miss you and hum, "am I afraid of death?"
She has learned a lot about swordsmanship with a dagger at the recent attack by men in black, but this group of people have long been familiar with swordsmanship routines, and she has accumulated all the moves that they have never seen before and still have a chance of winning.
Sure enough, when she pushed, she fought together, and the black dress person was often lovesick because of being a long sword. In his eyes, it was strange that she managed to get away and was defeated by her, and the last dagger was stuck in her heart.
Seeing this, Feng Jiangyi also knows that this battle needs to be done quickly, otherwise he will not be able to bear the physical strength for too long. He quickly solved the problem that two people around him grabbed each other’s swords and cut off each other’s heads mercilessly.
This battle is extremely bloody and often lovesick, and it will not be soft-hearted. The dagger dances like mud in her hand, and every move must have been injured. After not much, the black man solved most of it.
Feng Jiang’s clothes saw that these men in black seemed menacing, but the goal was that he was slightly relieved and wondered who these people were sent to. Is it not the emperor’s dark guard …
Chang Xiang!
Kicking off two men in black with swords, he tried to attract most of the men in black, and then killed Haitang by one stroke. The blood of a dozen men in black suddenly splashed out like a blooming begonia flower falling to the ground, bright and beautiful.
At this time, I often miss the dagger, and I am also looking at it across the neck of two people. When I see the black dress falling all over the floor, I will see Feng Jiang’s clothes coming towards her and look at it nervously.
"But where are you hurt?"
Often acacia shook his head "no!"
However, at this time, the two people were stained with a lot of blood, especially her elegant white gauze skirt. At this time, the blood was like a flowering begonia.
She took out a clean handkerchief from her pocket and dried the blood on the dagger’s face before it was sheathed and hidden in her arms again.
Feng Jiang’s clothes are naturally full of pride when she sees Chang Xiang’s skill. This woman is really not to be underestimated.