Strange to say, they have been married for a year, but Leopard rewelding feels like it’s only been a month, and the feeling of not seeing Su Yuan for a day like Sanqiu is getting stronger and stronger.


This evening’s dinner is naturally at Alo’s house.
The friends made a lot of noise until midnight.
go back home
Su Yuan and Bao rewelding, of course, don’t want to have a good intimacy.
Although the two have never been separated, both Lu and Bao rewelding, a southern forest tribe, have been holding back their desires.
He knows that Yuan Yuan is very conservative in this respect, and he himself doesn’t want to give people a chance to spy on their best things.
So this trip to the south is a trip to the south, and you can’t eat meat. Don’t suffer too much.
Su Yuan was helped by Leopard rewelding to clean up the body. I don’t know if I’m too excited to get home or thinking about Alo’s going to be Eminem. Su Yuan has a rare spirit.
So they hugged each other and whispered.
It’s mostly Su Yuan who talks about leopard and listens to it.
I don’t know how long Su Yuan gradually lost interest.
Leopard Su Yuan rewelding fell a kiss on his forehead and took his beloved little friend to sleep.
The calm day was broken on the third day after Su Yuan and Bao Su came back.
Early this morning, Dahua smashed Su Yuan Gate in a panic and shouted "Alo is going to have a baby"
Then the news of Eagle Shuo came back and said,’ Aoshan tribe and Geshan city fought again, but Geshan city didn’t go from Aoshan to cheap as fast as last time. Eagle Shuo left the two sides for a day and a night, and the situation was deadlocked.’
Not only that, Alo gave birth to the fourth cub safely, but also came without a sip of water. When she continued to give birth to her fifth child, a sudden movement was more violent than before and suddenly swept through the forest.
Even people can see the rising sun mountain spewing high flame magma.
as one falls
I’m afraid this scale is not a crater eruption, but a dozen or more.
Alo is a little scared. It’s dangerous to be born in Primary Five, Primary Six and Primary Seven.
If it weren’t for the rejuvenation of the Su Yuan Dynasty, it would be hard to say the result for Alo.
When all seven primary schools were packed safely, the day’s work went by in a busy way.
Su Yuan’s nerves were tense all day, but she still couldn’t rest. Because Bao rewelding and others were still busy with emergency rescue, 23 caves collapsed.
Fortunately, the tribe reacted quickly and there were no casualties.
But many people who eat and are buried still need to clean up.
And when the city finally comes, the living problem of those slaves should also be solved
There are still small floating aftershocks in the middle of the night
No one dares to sleep
This situation lasted for five days.
Five days later, looking at the increasingly cloudy weather in the forest, everyone was shrouded in deep sadness.
They didn’t die, but once?
No one doubts that it won’t happen again
What is even more frightening is that everyone realizes that the forest is no longer suitable for living.
The pungent smell in the air has turned over for a whole generation.
The mining area is as angry as death.
It never rains but it pours. The arrival of a heavy snow at night is as sudden as the earthquake.
The weather suddenly turned cold.
Winter overnight
"I’m afraid his tribe is worse than mine."
After all, there are Xiaoshan tribes with strong brick houses.
However, most of other tribes still live in semi-crypt or cliff caves.
"The last month before the cold season was the winter food of various tribes, and sometimes it was directly taken away at this time of this year."
In other words, his tribe probably didn’t come to prepare food at all
What will happen without food?
The old, the weak, the sick and the disabled may die, but the young and middle-aged orcs will certainly rob them
The most’ rich’ in the northern forest is their Xiaoshan tribe.
"I don’t know what happened to Geshan and Lushan?"
"And the cliff mountain, this time they even can’t be immune."
As everyone in the Xiaoshan tribe expected, the situation in Geshan, Yashan and Aoshan can definitely be a’ miserable’ word.
When the earthquake came, the Orcs in Geshan were attacking the Aoshan tribe for the third time.
As a result, the young and strong males of the two tribes were trapped in the ground, hit by trees, accidentally injured and dozens of people died on the spot.