"hey! This guy is not ordinary fun! Grandma, she is a wonderful person! " Whether a person has the ability to destroy other people’s gods and shapes is actually related to looks. This is the first time Xin Tong has heard such wonderful theories. And that guy opens his mouth and keeps his mouth shut. So far, there is only one practitioner he has come into contact with, just like him, and he can’t help but give birth to the feeling of being a lover.


"It seems that you are missing the coffin and not crying. I’ll send you a coffin! " Xin Tong told Leng Yubing beside him, "Be careful, Europe. I’ll take care of that guy." Body suddenly disappeared in the jade eagle back.

The eighth volume Slash the soul thunder Chapter VI Disciple (below)
The eighth volume Slash the soul thunder Chapter VI Disciple (below)
After Daoxing made great progress, when Xin Tong used above, he searched the Green Void, below, the Yellow Spring’s technique, it could reach more than 700 feet as far as possible. At this time, the distance between him and the man was less than four miles, so he only had to use it several times in a row.
The man seems to have known that Xin Tong is using the mysterious and unpredictable wonders to control the green light and constantly change its position in the air. This move is very effective, so that Xin Tong repeatedly threw the air. He used above, he searched the Green Void, below, the Yellow Spring for 12 or 13 times and even cut seven or eight knives, but he never succeeded.
After catching the air again, Xin Tong didn’t disappear immediately, but looked at the guy hundreds of feet away and said, "I’m so stupid." Secretly scolded himself, with a smile on his lips, Xin Tong disappeared into the void.
The practitioner who escaped from Xin Tong’s sword several times by a hair’s breadth is not much different from the frightened bird at the moment. He knows that it is absolutely impossible for him to get away with it today, but let him understand that he can’t do it anyway. Regardless of the fact that Yuan Ying, who has lost her physical protection, is extremely fragile and can easily be refined into a multiplier by other practitioners. He is only driven to commit suicide by a junior who is two or three orders lower than himself, so he can’t accept it.
"Hot mom a morning glory, killed Lao tze also believe that you can destroy Lao tze god form! You have the ability to put Lao tze out … "He secretly make a determined effort, but after a while he was frustrated." That boy can even cut more than a dozen lines higher than his practitioner. Maybe he really has to practice the secret method of destroying people’s Yuan God. I think I’m a quiet official who was born as a lowlife gangster, and it happened that I could worship under the teacher’s seat. After that, it took more than 200 years of hardship to get the right way. Is it really impossible to solve the problem like this? Although Lao Tzu was condensed into Yuan Ying 50 years ago, Yuan Ying was helpless after the liberation of soldiers. Can he have a chance to reincarnate when he is old? Come on, as the saying goes, it’s better to die than to live. Lao tze play it by ear … "
Continue to drive the green light headless flies scurrying about in the air, and the Yuan infant practitioner who claimed to be a quiet official felt more and more sad. "Who is that boy? Regardless of the dog’s age, because he is only a tenth-order road, he actually drove Lao Tzu, a twelfth-order master, like a lost dog. Who can believe this if it is said? Spicy mom is a leek field. Why did I get possessed at first? Actually, I came to this mixed water for a book that I don’t know whether it’s true or not … Oh, recite something! If I can get away with this. Immediately return … My god, this time is broken … "
Dozens of feet ahead, Xin Tong appeared from the place where he had disappeared before, and his face was full of pride. He held up his angry thunder knife in his hand and smiled at him with a knife. The golden light and black mans were like a dragon, and they arrived near in an instant.
As early as over an hour ago. Jing Guan has already learned the power of Tian Ji’s angry thunder knife. At that time, not far from his side, a companion was more than a fairy to protect himself, but under the fierce threat of golden light and black mountain, even the man and the magic weapon were split into two parts. His own flying sword, which was only a fairy-level product, was also destroyed by the sword. The magic weapon he is using now is just inferior fairy, which is naturally irresistible.
Seeing the light coming. It was too late to avoid it again, and the static officer didn’t want to. The magic weapon immediately flew out of the body and was greeted by a golden light and black mountain. Then he immediately applied a magic method to himself, and he was like a meteorite and fell straight down.
After the practitioner condenses into Yuan Ying, he can fly in the void only in the flesh without using any magic spells, so Yuan Ying’s order is also called the virtual order. The vast majority of practitioners in the field of practice are like this-Xin Tong is an exception. His present spiritual realm is only the tenth order of gathering spirits, but he can fly like Yuan Ying. However, he can’t grow a freak for thousands of years, which does not represent an ordinary phenomenon.
A knife smashed the magic weapon of Jing Guan, and Xin Tong laughed three times and made himself chase it down. Two tandem, chasing about half an hour or so, Xin Tong saw the distance from Jing Guan getting farther and farther, knowing that he could never win the physical flight. If he continued, he would probably let that guy run away!
At this point, Xin Tong’s wrist shook, and he even chopped two knives at a static official in the field of more than 100 feet. The golden light and black mans were cut off on both sides of his body, and two deep and long soil ditches were cut out from the ground under two or three feet. "Last warning!" Xin Tong snapped, "If you run again, I’d rather cut you by the sword without asking the inside story! Try it if you don’t believe it! " Static officer with a sigh, step across to the ground and stopped.
"That’s right …" Xin Tong used above, he searched the Green Void, below, the Yellow Spring’s skill and instantly appeared outside Jing Guan’s side. The golden light and black awn on Tian Ji’s angry thunder knife crossed Jing Guan’s neck and said, "Lao Zi’s words are absolutely true. As long as you tell me who instructed you to act today, Lao Zi will let you understand and never embarrass your baby."
"bah!" Jing Guan glared at Xin Tong, spat viciously, and disdained the tunnel: "Don’t be crazy, Lao Tzu really doesn’t believe it. With your little trick of gathering spirits, you can collect Lao Tzu’s baby!" Bah! You have the ability not to use this magic knife, and I will fight it out by Tao! "
"Lao tze also bah!" Xin Tong followed suit and spat. He looked Jing Guan up and down for a moment and said, "Are you out of your mind? I cann’t believe you said such an idiot. Do you think I’m stupid? Put down the magic knife? Lao tze also stand on the ground and become a Buddha … Don’t talk so much nonsense, quick say, who directed your actions today? Remember, don’t tell lies! Otherwise, I will fight for the sky and let you be destroyed! "
"Just blow it!" Jing Guan ignored the golden light and black awn on his neck, turned his eyes, looked up at the sky and said, "I’m telling you again, your quiet official is not scared!" The last drop of words, the voice is long, and the disdain is vividly expressed, which sounds very irritating.
Xin Tong, however, laughed instead of anger. He took back Tian Ji’s angry thunder knife and asked, "What did you do before you entered the spiritual world?"
Jing Guan gave Xin Tong a look and said, "Hot mom, do you want to befriend Lao Tzu?" I tell you clearly, it’s no use befriending you! Is it possible for you to be trusted by others and be loyal to others? Besides, thinking of me as an open and quiet official is well-known in the spiritual world, and you can’t bend your power and wealth. You’re just befriending me. What’s the use! "
Jade eagle carrying LengYuBing fell to one side, smell speech great anger, wings a snap, to give this abusive guy a hard time.
Xin Tong stopped him with a wave of his hand and said to Jing Guan, "Jing Guan Ren, in my opinion, you are a guy who doesn’t cry until he sees the coffin. Didn’t you always believe that Lao Tzu could destroy you? Well, I’ll let you see if I have this ability! " After that, the skin on both sides of the vertical seam on the forehead slipped away quietly, revealing the rare eyes without any emotion. A blue light suddenly appeared in the eyes, and the soul thunder was about to be sent out.
At this moment, Xin Tong suddenly froze.
"Master!" Seeing Xin Tong’s third eye on his forehead, Jing Guan, who has been standing proudly and seems to have completely ignored Xin Tong, was stunned, and then suddenly let out a cry of bereavement. Then he pushed the golden mountain down, threw himself on his knees and knocked his head eight or nine times in succession. He said in a voice of sincerity, surprise and joy, "Master!" Disciple Jing Guan is really … so happy … meowed, meowed … "He said, crawling forward, hugging Xin Tong’s left leg, putting his face on it, and stroking it gently.
This change is really amazing. Not only Leng Yubing and Yuying are stupefied, but Xin Tong is struck by lightning, like a fossil statue, stunned and stiff, unable to say a word.
A cloud floated by, covering the bright moon in the sky, and the sky suddenly became dark. Xin Tong returned to absolute being, watched the tears communicate, and cried sadly and happily, and once again his brain was involuntarily short-circuited.
"Poof!" Jing Guan blew his nose hard and put his backhand on Xin Tong’s robe. This wipe completely woke Xin Tong up, instinctively lifted his leg and kicked Jing Guan aside, grabbing his skirt and shaking it around.
This robe of his is made of cold jade ice, which is made of extremely rare black silk from the North Ghost. Even in the violent explosion of the son-mother chain, it is safe and sound. It is no exaggeration to call it a sword and a gun, but it is hard to hurt the fire and water. However, it is hard to know what the static official nose is made of, and its adhesion is very strong. Xin Tong took some effort to throw it off.
"Are you kidding? When did I accept such a disciple as you? " Xin Tong shuddered and said, "Grandma, you look at least forty or fifty years old. I’m only in my early twenties. How can I have such an old disciple? Grandma, don’t befriend Lao Tzu. Tell me quickly, who ordered your actions today? "
"Disciples are more than forty or fifty years old. That was almost two hundred years ago." Jing Guan wiped his tears and said, "Disciple is exactly 240 years old this year!" Ignoring Xin Tong’s surprised expression, he added, "As for who ordered today’s action, Master asked, naturally, my disciples knew everything and never dared to hide anything. Moreover, the disciple will also present one of the rewards for coming to the capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the True Solution of Xuanyang Waidan, to the master, so as to slightly reduce the sin of the disciple offending the master. " As he spoke, he took out a silk book from his bosom, raised his hands over his head and presented it to Xin Tong.
"The true solution of Xuanyang Waidan?" Xin Tongzheng asked, "But was it written by a real person in Xianlin Palace?"
"What Master said is absolutely right." Jing Guan still kept his posture just now, and said respectfully, "This book was written by a real person named Xuanyang in Xianlin Palace, which is the first in the past 500 years. Disciple respectfully asks Master to accept it."
Xin Tong took the silk book, tossed it up and down several times in his hand, looked at Jing Guan with gherardini, and after a long time, he suddenly smiled and said, "You are really cunning! First, I thought I was a teacher, and now I have presented a secret record of an alchemist, but I want to use these to let Lao Zi let you live? "
Static officer heard suddenly stood up, and his face became extremely ugly.

The eighth volume Slash the soul thunder Chapter VII Forced palace (on)
The eighth volume Slash the soul thunder Chapter VII Forced palace (on)
Looking at Jing Guan standing up angrily, Xin Tong’s eyes on his forehead flashed with blue light, and he said cheerfully, "What’s the matter? Lao Tzu saw through his heart and became angry from embarrassment. Do you want to kill Lao Tzu at one stroke? " Error-free novel network does not skip words.
At first, Jing Guan looked angry, then turned into a full face of grievances. He knelt down to the dust again and said, "Master, have you really forgotten your disciples?" Or is Master intentionally testing his disciples? " At this point, he suddenly slapped himself in the face and said, "Look at my brain, it’s really stupid! Master clearly has not recovered the memory of past lives, so naturally he can’t remember who his disciples are … "
"Still installed?" Xin tong scoffed, "Lao tze is not a three-year-old child. If you speak ten times more alive, you will never believe me!" Get up, don’t kneel, how long you kneel is useless, Lao tze won’t … "
"Follow the master’s orders." Jing Guan answered with a loud voice, stood up and said, "Master has not been able to restore the memory of his past life, and no matter how he treats his disciples, he is bound to be called!" Seeing that Xin agreed to speak, he quickly waved his hand again and again and said, "Master, listen to the disciples and then let Master handle it. There is no complaint!"
Seeing that Xin Tong didn’t mean to stop him, Jing Guan’s eyes flashed a faint and imperceptible pride, and he added, "Previously, Master asked his disciples what they did before they entered the spiritual world, and now I tell them. At that time, the disciple was a gangster, that is, a local ruffian. At that time, people gave him the nickname Dog Skin Plaster, which was notoriously sticky in Suzhou … Alas, if it weren’t for Master, the disciples’ bones would be ashes! You can say it without falsehood. If there were no master, there would never be a quiet official now … The master can’t remember, and the name of the disciple is the master’s rise … "
Xin Tong frowned and said, "What do you want to say to Lao Tzu after all this chatter?"
At one end of Jing Guan’s look, Su Rong said, "Whether Master restores the memory of past lives or not, my disciple decides. From today on, I will follow in the footsteps of Master! I, Jing Guan, hereby swear that if I have no objection to Master Xin from now on, I will have a trace of malice. Or don’t listen to master’s orders, and ask me to practice heavenly demons, dark demons, The Hunger, evil demons and other demons at ordinary times. When Du Jie thundered, my body and mind were destroyed, and I would never enter reincarnation! "
Although Xin Tongyi stopped him when Jing Guan swore, he still solemnly finished his oath.
For practitioners of Tao and pulse, the oath made by Jing Guan. It’s too poisonous to be poisonous. You know, in that world, the vast majority of people believe that there are gods who look up three feet, especially practitioners!
Static officer poison oath, symplectic with sound confused, "grandma, Lao tze shangbeizi is really this guy’s teacher? Otherwise, why did he make such a poisonous oath? And so on … "Shine critical shot with two eyes. Staring at Jing Guan’s eyes tightly, he said, "Why do you think Lao Tzu is your master in the next life on earth? Also, how do you know Lao Tzu’s name? "
"I know the name of Master in this world because my disciple was hired out of the mountain this time, and one of the people the other side asked his disciple to deal with was Master." Jing Guan Gong said, "The disciple thinks that Master is the reincarnation of his disciple because of a sentence left by Master before his reincarnation. Those who have an ambitious forehead are both reincarnated for me. Disciples were very puzzled at that time. How could one grow another eye on his forehead? Although I don’t understand, but Master has a destiny, my disciples still search hard in the world every 20 years according to Master’s request, but they have never been able to do so, and they have tried their best in the meantime … Now it is considered that God has eyes to find Master under such circumstances. "
Xin Tong’s eyes were gradually gathering, but he still looked at Jing Guan with a smile and said nothing.
Jing Guan’s eyes swept quickly on Xin Tong’s forehead. Bowing his head, he said, "There have been two siege and ambush actions against Master today. All of them were dedicated to Mazda’s command by Dong Han De, and disciples were invited out of the mountain on the same day. It is also this person. " He looked up at Xin Tong’s eyes and said, "What my disciple said is absolutely true. Otherwise, I am told to practice all kinds of demons at ordinary times, and when Du Jie thundered, my body and mind were destroyed …"
"Stop." Xin Tong waved his hand and said, "Swear that this thing is unbelievable if it is too much. You keep calling me a teacher … "Speaking of which, I suddenly shut up.
"Son, it’s an extraordinary time, and the son is understaffed." Yu Ying sent a message to Xin Tong, "No matter why this Jing Guan performed such a performance, since he dared to make such a poisonous oath, I think he should have no malice towards the childe, and the old man suggested that the childe should accept him. After all, a practitioner of Yuan Ying rank is of great help to the present childe!"
"What do you mean, let me accept this cheap apprentice?"
"The old man is just a suggestion. In the end, of course, it is up to the childe to decide."
Xin Tong thought for a moment and said to Jing Guan, "Since you believe that I am the reincarnation of your master, and you have made such a poisonous oath, then let’s do it first …"
When Jing Guan heard that his face was full of joy, he fell to his knees again. He knocked his head nine times in a row and said, "After three years, my disciple finally found the master and got the master’s permission to enter the wall again. I can’t express my joy. Even if I die, I have no regrets."
In this way, there is a 240-year-old apprentice, and he has already cultivated Yuan Ying’s master. Xin Tong suddenly gives birth to a sense of absurdity, and the secret passage of the world is nothing more than this.
"I accepted this book" The True Solution of Xuanyang Waidan "." Xin Tong put the silk book into the Tibetan Cave and raised his hand to signal Jing Guan to get up. He said with a smile, "I can take you as an old apprentice. As for why you got such a story … you don’t have to swear any more, I know it. The so-called horse power is known from a distance, and people will see it for a long time. Whether it is true or not, it will come out one day. Let’s not talk about this now. Do you know what happened to Lao Tzu’s family? Is my father and mother alive or dead? "
"Your father, your mother … the old man and the old lady should be safe and sound, but the disciples don’t know where they are. Disciples arrived in the capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty only four days ago. At that time, things at Master’s home had already happened. " Static officer took a worried look at Xin Tong and saw Xin Tong’s face as usual. Instead, he seemed a little nervous, wiped his forehead with a cold sweat that didn’t exist, and said, "I was hired out of the mountain this time, mainly to deal with two people, one was the former Eastern Han Dynasty, and the other was Master. After being defeated by the current protector Mazda, he was seriously injured and fled … "
"The current protector Mazda?" Xin Tong’s eyes lit up and asked, "Who is this guy?"
"Hand dynasty has not been divided into four before. Mazda is already a shrine to the elders. He is about the same age as Master … Ahem, disciple refers to the master before reincarnation. " Static officer smiled. Tao: "This old horse is very high-spirited, even compared with the fifteen top monks who are recognized by the spiritual world today … Well, it is said that the old horse has been closed to the outside world, from the second or third year after the Deli Dynasty in the Eastern Han Dynasty until fifteen days ago. Soon after going through the customs, he will be seriously injured and become a real person to protect the country. Then he will defeat the Baiyunguan master by his own efforts and drive them far away from home … "
Xin Tong’s brows are getting tighter and tighter. Some impatient interrupted Jing Guan’s words and said, "You talked about it, but you didn’t talk about the key points. Is it intentional or unintentional? Now you tell Lao Tzu, is that old horse also responsible for the tragic events in Lao Tzu’s family? "
"Disciples are indeed too wordy sometimes, which is due to habit, not intentional." Jing Guan first defended himself. He added: "It is still unknown whether this matter was instigated by Mazda, but he did it later and was injured. Disciples are not very clear about this matter … Master, don’t worry. Although I don’t know much about it, I can still give Master a general understanding. "

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