It is said that the Moon Soul has gone to sleep. He seems to be in a daze. He doesn’t know where it is. Just as he was walking around, a woman in a white dress appeared in front of him. She wanted to ask where it was, so she went to the woman in white. He was about to ask, but the woman in white drew a sword and stabbed the Moon Soul in her chest, but she didn’t hide from the sword. The Moon Soul felt a heartbreaking pain. It was not a wound but a pain in her heart, which made him laugh. The Moon Soul wanted to see the woman, but she couldn’t see it clearly.
In reality, the moon soul woke up from sleep, was short of breath and was in a cold sweat. It was that dream again. Although it has been 60 years, the moon soul is still fresh in my memory, because the dream is so real that I didn’t expect to have that dream again after 60 years.
Who’s that woman? What’s going to kill me? Why should she cry? Why do I feel heartache? Why did she kill herself after killing me? What? Is this a coincidence? I solved the mystery 60 years ago and was once again remembered by the soul of the moon.
The soul of the moon walked out of the room and found that it was already late at night and half a moon was hanging on the horizon. The cool wind blew to the body and it was particularly comfortable. Just now, those cold sweats woke up and soon went.
The moon soul looked up at the moon and thought of herself after coming out of the flowing world. All kinds of things also reminded Song Ran and Lan Yi, the gods of the Nangong flowing clouds. I don’t know if they are all right. They are the closest relatives of the moon soul in this world.
Moon Soul sighed and muttered, "What on earth will I come into this world? Where am I going? "
At this time, a strange shout came from the back hill, interrupting the memory of the moon soul. The moon soul came to its senses and wanted to listen to the strange shout again, but at this time, a vision happened.
A purple meteor appears in the sky. What does it mean to be purple? Because the moon soul found that the original silvery moonlight around it had turned into purple brilliance at this time.
Thirty, the wind pool
The purple meteor fell to the southwest until the purple meteor fell behind, and the moonlight was bright and silvery again.
A meteor light can actually replace the moon, and the brilliance of the sky is a vision. There must be something big to happen, whether it is fierce or auspicious.
Another monster roared into the back of the mountain, accompanied by a fight. The back of the mountain frowned and I don’t know what happened, so I turned into a streamer and left for the back of the mountain.
In the middle of the moon, the soul saw all the younger brothers in Datong, but there were a few lying on the ground.
At this time, Suiye is exerting a ban. In the ban, a strange man with long hair looks like an escaped prisoner when he sees the strange man in rags, limbs and broken chains.
The monster shouted "Kill!" A gray qi collides with the four-sided enchantment, and the leaf has already supported the enchantment.
The weirdo condensed a gray qi mass in his hand. He pushed the gray qi mass to Suiye. At this time, Suiye was exhausted and had no strength to resist the gray qi mass. If she was hit by the gray qi mass, she would die.
A figure flashed to the front of the leaf. It was just thinking about instilling the true qi of the body into the sword behind him, and then changing the sword behind him with both hands. The sword itself flashed out of its sheath and flew to the weirdo to send out a gray real balloon.
Flying sword with white light and magic power from the Ministry of Thought, the true qi mass is against each other. Who knows that the flying sword disappears when it comes into contact with the true qi mass for two or three breaths, and the mother and daughter are so frightened that they are about to disappear …
When the moon soul fell from the sky, he reached out his hands and caught the gray qi mass. The gray qi swarmed into the moon soul body crazily, and then collided with his meridians in the moon soul body. That qi was too overbearing. Compared with this weirdo, Kun Xu’s root was not a level body. Qi and blood surged up and the moon soul gushed out.
After catching the true qi, the Moon Soul couldn’t help but retreat to thinking, thinking and pushing the Moon Soul White desperately, and nothing moved with the leaves. This weirdo’s own body repair is not the root of this weirdo’s opponent, because this weirdo is too strong to repair.
Moon Soul asked, "Who is this, teacher elder sister? Why is it so powerful? Won’t be engaged? "
As Ye anxiously returned to the way, "Where is the enemy? He is the seventh brother."
Seven brothers? The soul of the moon thought about it and said that three of the seven generations of brothers were lucky in that disaster. Besides thinking about their parents, there was also a crazy brother. Didn’t you say that that person had been awakened by pure people?
The weirdo roared "Kill!" And then increased the energy output again.
This distracted by the Moon Soul, another mouthful of blood gushed out, and the Qi collided with the Qi, resulting in airflow, which forced everyone around to retreat. Only the thought was left to hold his waist tightly, because everyone else was far away from the Moon Soul, but the thought was behind him, and it was the Qi around his body that confronted the battlefield. If the thought was pushed out at this time, she would be strangled by the airflow, and the Moon Soul would firmly suck her on her back.
When I see the weirdo, that is, the Seventh Senior Brother, his name seems to be Fengtan. Let’s talk about Moon Soul Avenue first. "Are you afraid?"
I wondered if she was afraid at this time, but she just stubbornly said "no"
The Moon Soul nodded and said, "Well, since you’re not afraid, we’ll fight with him. Hold on tight."
Thought didn’t speak is nodded his head.
Month soul feel thought nodded and laughed "good! You are stronger than me! "
The instant moon soul’s silvery true qi swelled to a powerful true airflow tore up the moon soul’s clothes, because it was closely connected with the moon soul. The true airflow flowed from the moon soul into the thinking body, and then circulated to the moon soul from the thinking body. The true airflow broke out in the thinking body and also tore up the thinking clothes. In this way, the two were already naked, and the attention department of the moon soul was fighting against these things, but the thinking was different. She saw that both the clothes were in ashes and screamed and hugged the moon soul more tightly.
The riot airflow instantly drowned the thought scream and wrapped the two people in silver, so that the people outside could not see their bodies.
Just now, the Moon Soul shouted "You are stronger than me!" At that time, the "Peak Road" of other mountain theology broke out. When the mountain god taught the soul of the moon, he said that the "Peak Road" can instantly make people overdraw their potential and reach the peak state of their bodies. If necessary, they can also use the "Peak Road" to exert their potential limit and instantly increase their physical strength to achieve a stronger effect when they are strong.
The moon soul and the wind pool body are covered with qi, and the figure can’t be seen clearly. The silver-white qi and the gray qi barely keep balance and form a ball where the two qi contact.
The Moon Soul has vomited several mouthfuls of blood in a row, and it’s already a little difficult to support it. At this time, the pressure of the Moon Soul spirit has been reduced a lot. He looked back and thought that she was clinging to herself unexpectedly … unexpectedly naked, which shocked the Moon Soul. Because of the confusion of the Moon Soul, the grey qi in the wind pool was pressing here.
When Moon Soul knew that it was not a panic, it was necessary to "Tianyuan Road" to calm her mind. Thought of this, Moon Soul thought that the wind pool was crazy, and it was so severe that she was barely even with him now with the help of "Peak Road", but the wind pool was longer than him. If she spent more time, she and thought that she would be torn to pieces by the wind pool’s different qi attacks. Moon Soul thought that since it was hard, it would be "Tianyuan Road".
Moon Soul slowly transforms the operation situation of "Peak Road" into "Tianyuan Road". He dare not transform it too fast. If it is transformed too fast, it may cause his horse to explode and die. When he slowly transforms, the output of the true qi will weaken some of the gray true qi in the wind pool, and the horse will surge to the moon soul, while resisting the true air pressure in the wind pool and changing the operation form of the true qi.