Shen Zhongyue snorted and Pan Ying returned to the sofa and sighed. "Well, it’s boring to talk too much in the past. Ah Zhou, just tell your dad and me. Did you know that the star was not your daughter before you divorced?"


Shen Zhoudao "… Yes"
Shen Zhongyue wanted to get angry again and was appeased by Pan Ying.
Pan Ying asked, "When did you find out?"
The memory screen switches to the bitter sound in Shen Zhou’s heart before divorcing Su Yun. "It wasn’t long before the divorce that we didn’t know it was Xiaoyun … Su Yun wanted a divorce. She wanted a divorce because the child wasn’t me, so she felt at ease and let the stars be named Shen."
Speaking of which, Shenyang’s two old people’s faces were softened.
Shen Zhou dreamily thought that she wanted a divorce … I also wanted a divorce. At that time, he was possessed by ghosts, and all the love and affection he had devoted to Su Yunmu’s body for more than a year became a joke. He could not accept the fact.
It’s a peaceful divorce, but it’s more his fault. If he doesn’t mind that the child’s blood relationship is not affected by Yao Danxi … Su Yun wouldn’t be so determined to leave them.
It’s his fault.
Shen Zhou corners of the mouth overflow bitter smile Shen Fu, Shen mother see in the eye.
"So … what’s with the Meng family?" Shen Zhongyue asked
Heart blood seemed to be drained for an instant, and Shen Zhou said, "It was an accident … I hurt her."
Shen Zhongyue and Pan Ying glances are puzzled.
Pan Ying frown way "what accident? Is it really good that Su Yun betrayed you like outside? "
Shen Zhoudao "No!"
Pan Ying was unhappy. "Then you’d better make it clear. What’s going on!"
Shen Zhou said, "Su Yun didn’t betray me. I was with her after breaking up with Danxi and getting married. Su Yun didn’t betray me, and the star was Meng Yunan’s daughter. It was an accident. Su Yun didn’t blame me because I caused these things. Su Yun asked for a divorce after I found out that the star was not related to me."
Every sentence is defending Su Yun, but he refuses to say the origin of the child. If Su Yun is not married and derailed, how can Su Yun conceive Meng Yunan’s child?
Pan Ying sighed, and she saw that since Shen Zhou’s divorce, her temperament seems to have changed a lot. Although she is still gentle and steady, when it comes to Su Yun, she can be on the opposite side with them to maintain that woman.
Pan Ying shook her head and said, "You don’t want to say that we don’t force you. If the stars are not Shenyang children, they are not. Just because you and Su Yun have divorced a long time ago, their mother and daughter have completely lost Shenyang with us."
Without her, the tiny guilt for the stars can be erased. Because of this, she and Shen Zhongyue will be somewhat affected, but without Yao Danxi, they will soon enter shenjiamen.
Shen Zhou opened his mouth but could give a wry smile.
If we can go back to the past, he will definitely slap the man who made a mistake and tell him not to divorce and not to let his wife and daughter go, because in a long time, they will live away from him completely.
He … regrets it.
Shenzhou Lou happened to meet Shen Yu Shen Yu, who had just finished the jet lag. A long white sweater was beautiful and gentle. She was surprised and said, "Brother, are you here?"
Just being hit by an ashtray and swollen, Shen Zhou touched his forehead and saw his sister’s eyes tired and faded to show a gentle smile and said, "When will you come back?" Don’t call me so I can pick you up. "
Shen Yu took his arm and smiled. "There is a driver. Don’t bother your brother."
Shen Zhou smiled lightly and said nothing. Shen Yu studied his forehead and said, "Are you okay? That … "
Now … is everyone here to analyze his marriage? Even facing his sister Shen Zhou, he was a little tired. He said, "I’m fine. How long will I rest this time?"
When Shen Yu saw that he didn’t want to talk, he also stopped by "I don’t know the arrangement of the orchestra."
Shen Zhou nodded and said, "Then go and see your parents. I’ll go first."
Shen Zhou looks pale Shen raindrops nods "good"
Shen Yu came to the living room on the first floor. Sure enough, Shen Fu and Shen Mu were still there. She just heard a little bit of their quarrel.
See Shen Yu Shen Zhongyue face slightly slow Pan Ying way "light rain rest?"