As long as the distribution device is set up, people are looking for food and running for their lives, so they won’t catch you chasing after them alone.


However, this sentence can’t be said. Chang Gongyuan is a real person. He has explained this situation thoroughly, but he still hopes to protect this merchant ship with the help of two people.
Imagine being riddled with a lot of electric stings, and then being harassed by these demon birds who use electric stings as food. Needless to say, this merchant ship, even if it doesn’t sink immediately, is doomed to be paralyzed, just wait for death.
At this moment, Chang Gongyuan lamented a track: "Yes, it has always been the last thing merchant ships want to face, even more terrible than meeting a powerful large monster beast."
"This place is not far from the big S waters, and it has always been smooth. Is it, what’s the change? Originally, I thought that when I came here safely, there was no risk in this trip, but I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing. "
Having said that, Chang Gongyuan bowed to the two men and said sincerely, "Two Taoist friends, I know that if you leave at this time, you can all get out of danger safely. Just facing such a crisis this time, I beg you to help me. If you can solve this crisis, Chang Gongyuan will have a thick report. "
Tang Qing naturally didn’t have to say anything. Without Chang Gongyuan’s explanation, he would definitely not leave. Don’t say that Tang Ye regards him as the object of long-term investment, even without this code, he can’t do it.
Without waiting for him to speak, the nun named Fairy Biyun suddenly said coldly, "Taoist friends in the Palace don’t have to do this. Since I came by bus, I should naturally help one or two."
Chang Gong was greatly grateful and was about to speak, but she added, "However, my wife explained in advance that if there is an irresistible situation, I can’t live or die with the ship. Please forgive me."
Often the palace is far behind, but Tang Qing is a tingle.
Unable to resist? How can it be irresistible? What is irresistible?
Although these monster beasts are huge in number, objectively speaking, after making a comprehensive judgment, Tang Qing still doesn’t think that Zhiyuan will be in danger of capsizing. Some casualties are inevitable, but it is not enough to say that the ship is wrecked and people are killed.
In the midst of doubts, I heard Chang Gong’s face was bitter, and he handed over and said, "Don’t worry, fairy, if that kind of monster beast appears with it, I naturally dare not expect anything. At that time, the fairy and Tang … please leave, and Chang Gongyuan will never dare to complain. "
"I still have tricks" Tang Qing was angry, thinking that you are pretty honest, how can a child still play this skill. Say half and leave half. Isn’t that harmful?
I was about to ask, but it was too late, and the electric sting attack had already started.
Countless silver rays, like overwhelming arrows, glistened and swept in.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-seven: The ink vulture chases food.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-seven: The vultures chase after the food, and go to the website.

Chapter 268: The Fish of Terror
Chapter 268: The Fish of Terror
If you don’t feel it yourself, it’s hard to feel the horror of countless "fish" flying.
Faster than an arrow, sharper than a gun, and clearer than a knife.
This little thing called "electric sting" is only the length of chopsticks, and that sharp long mouth alone accounts for half of the body.
Ten meters away, the electric stinger seemed to sense the existence of the hull and began to jump out of the water. When I arrived at the hull, I just reached the highest speed, and my whole body was full of lightning, like a series of silver lightning, which penetrated everything and came directly.
Theoretically, this monster can leap over 50 meters on a smooth spindle-shaped body, and almost no fins can be seen. Just rely on muscle twitching, can produce such a strong driving force, how tough.
Compared with human beings, the most powerful body exercisers, such as the three-no-monk who said that the body is double-cultivated, are so powerful in physical strength. But if you let him jump and use all his strength to suck milk, it will never reach this level.
What is particularly frightening is the number of electric stingers. There is only one feeling left-despair.
An electric sting flies in the air, which is clearly a short blade from surprises, and it is still charged. Countless electric stung Qi Fei, and it was a horizontal knife mountain.
Only the first round, Zhiyuan, almost all unprotected devices were cut into pieces.
The most striking thing is that the main mast, from more than ten meters high to the hull position, is densely inserted with a row of neat short blades. The mast, which is thick enough to be folded, shakes again and again, and there is a tendency to break.
This mast, however, is made of the strongest iron wood. Just from the name, you can see its hardness.
The most shocking thing is that after the electric thorn is inserted into the mast, a small tail exposed outside is still twisting. What a horrible situation it would be if it were inserted into the human body.
The front one hasn’t been suffocated, and the electric stinger at the back has jumped on it. Along the gap, even the same kind of body, inserted again.
The bloody minced meat burst open and flowed down, and almost instantly, one side of the whole mast was already a piece of red blood.
More electric stings flew in, and flesh and blood splashed out. Under the mast, countless pieces of meat were soon piled up, which is not tragic, but simply a slaughterhouse.
Fortunately, the damage to the hull is not too serious. On the one hand, it is protected by array method, and even if the electric sting can break through, the speed is no longer terrible. Without speed, it is impossible to cause too much damage.
Another key point is that the flying height of the electric stinger is amazing, and most of them can exceed the height of the hull. Therefore, the damage to the hull is extremely slight.
Here, the advantages of array method are reflected. As long as the lingshi that keeps the array running is not exhausted, even if it breaks through the light curtain by electric sting, it can recover quickly. Unlike the friar’s shield, once it is broken, you need to display your magical power again if you want to operate it.
The crew of ordinary people, sailors, quickly gave up the attack wisely. You can only protect your body tightly with a big shield, and try to use the weapon in your hand as a shovel to hit the electric stinger that landed on the ship back into the sea.
This is their main job, to reduce the number of electric stingers on board, so as not to attract the attention of the following vultures.
Everyone knows that this is actually to quench thirst by drinking poison. The monster beast in the sea is extremely sensitive to the bloody smell. Once a large monster beast is attracted, it will be even more dangerous.
But at the moment, it can only be so, unless a monk walks around like a stroll and keeps collecting it with the treasure of storage. Otherwise, this ship will soon become a mountain of blood and meat. In that case, the vulture will not leave anyway.
Although the electric sting is strong, it all goes straight ahead, as long as it blocks the front. If it is a vulture, flying in the air is as flexible as a ballet dancer, and it is more than ten times more difficult to defend itself.
From time to time, someone cries miserably, but his voice is intermittent, just like a patient with asthma.
The electric stings are too dense and too fast to show a crack at all. But anyone whose hands and feet are exposed outside the shield is likely to end up with a broken limb immediately. Not to mention being stabbed, the current on it makes people even stutter.
And once someone can’t resist, they can’t keep the shield in their hands upright, and there is only one result waiting for them: dismemberment with disorderly blades.
In the air, there is an air of despair.
The whistling sound of electric stings, the thumping sound of concentrated hulls, loud shouts, the stinging sound of electric light and the tragic howling sound are intertwined. I can’t tell whether there are people or fish around, but I feel that there is silver shining everywhere and blood flowing everywhere.
It is hard for mortals to resist, and it is hard for monks.
Tsing Yi women’s training is the strongest among the three, and has reached the peak of the foundation. But at the moment, it is the worst of the three.
The shield only resisted three waves of attack and then collapsed. At the moment, she shook the small shield in her hand against the wind and turned it into two meters high. All hide behind the shield, don’t outcrop.
She is constantly fighting back, and the power is extremely sharp. I don’t know what achievement method she is practicing. Every time I flick my hand, a cloud of smoke floats out and soon diffuses around my body.
After the electric thorn gets into the smoke, it is like iron thrown into sulfuric acid, which quickly turns into numerous residual bones. From the effect point of view, what this woman with a very elegant name is practicing is actually some kind of poison.
What’s even more amazing is that this poisonous fog does no harm to the hull, as if it only works on flesh and blood.
Although the counterattack power is strong, it has almost no effect. Electric stings don’t cause fear because of poisonous fog, and once they are in the air, even if they are afraid, they can’t change their direction.
These vacant creatures, with unparalleled kinetic energy, swarmed again and again, regardless of life or death.
Although there are many electric stingers killed by poisonous fog, those lightning flashes are also very serious in eliminating poisonous fog. This kind of low-order monster beast, when dying, will release the accumulated current of the whole body at one time. Even their natural enemy, the ink vulture, dare not swallow the electric sting when it is not completely dead.
However, the vultures have plenty of ways to deal with it. Their long beaks are natural insulators, and their penetration is even more terrifying. The seemingly hard body of electric acupuncture, when seen in their face, is just like the membrane of a virgin, which is fragile.
Usually, the ink vulture can peck through the head of the electric sting with a single blow. Then the electric sting will automatically release current, and then, naturally, it will become a delicious meal in the belly of the vulture.
Everything has its vanquisher. That’s the truth.
But when it came to the convent, it was terrible. A cloud of smoke, at most, survived three or four rounds of electric stings, and was soon wiped out by the lightning they released when they died, so it must be replenished again.
And the avatar with such terrible power is not released when it is said. In fact, every time the poisonous smoke is used, the female xiu’s face will be whiter. But she is wearing a mask, and others can’t see it.
Not seeing it doesn’t mean it’s okay. Soon, women’s training will be a little weak. It’s not that she is deficient in cultivation. The key is that this poisonous fog is not a pure magical power, and you can do it without spiritual power.
If desperate to exert it forcibly, in the end, I’m afraid it will hurt the foundation of her practice. You can’t do that unless you have to.
There is no poisonous fog that can kill a large area. It is only a drop in the bucket to attack this dense monster beast with an ordinary spirit device, which is almost useless.
Even if it is a powerful flying sword, can it be used as the main attack surface for the whole body area? The sword array with eight knives can really do this, but it’s a magic weapon in the later stage of Dan’s knot.
Heart squealed, female repair at the moment has basically lost the power to fight back, only to the shield multiplier input psychic, hope to be able to maintain the "yue longmen" plan.

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