However, Yuan Wendu was humble, Yuan Wendu’s heart and Yuan Wendu’s flattery made the little emperor Yang Dong relax his vigilance, which led to today’s situation. When he was worried, his mother Xiao Liu Liangdi came, and she was also awakened by the soldiers, and her hair was messy, which seemed a bit awkward.


"mother!" Yang Dong shouted, tears rolling in his eyes. At this time, he hated himself for not being able to protect his mother.
"Don’t cry, children. The Yangjia people don’t cry cowards!" Xiao Liu Liangdi said to wipe away tears for Yang Dong.
Yang Dong sobbed, "I’m not crying. I’m worried about my mother’s safety."
Xiao Liu Liangdi held her hand and said, "I’m not worried that if they touch me, I’ll die." She had a dagger hidden in her sleeve and would rather die than be humiliated!
Chapter 3 East mutiny []
On the east side of the Sun Gate is a flat land with a size of five acres. At this time, Wang Shichong’s army has been killed here. They hold torches in their hands and shine the whole Miyagi as day.
Wang Shichong personally supervised the army and led the soldiers. Wang Xuan, the siege commander, should be dressed in armor before charging, which made Wang Shichong feel quite gratified. Now he has a long history with his side and he can only get through the difficulties with the concerted efforts of his two fathers.
Wang Shichong’s 500-strong Jianghuai team proved to be battle-hardened and brave. Although it was a siege without the cover of the city wall, it occupied the battlefield advantage. When Wang Shichong proudly smiled, Yuan Wendu was anxious.
He quickly sent two generals, Obsidian and Tian Shuo, to lead the troops to battle. Two men sent troops from the west side of the Sun Gate to the flank of Wang Shichong. Although there were many military forces, Wang Shichong personally led the troops to stop Wang Shichong from winning the battle with experienced soldiers. Although the number of brave people was relatively small, it turned out to be no worse than Obsidian and Tian Shuo.
Yuan Wen was even more anxious when he looked at the progress. At this moment, Yuan Liang came to him and said, "Uncle Wang Shichong is not as good as attacking his rear wing as attacking his rear wing?"
Yuan Liang’s words were like enlightening Yuan Wen for nothing. He immediately ordered Yuan Liang to defend the city and prepare to attack Wang Shichong’s rear wing by a detour with his soldiers. He hurried to Xuanwu Gate with hundreds of soldiers, but Xuanwu Gate was locked by a big lock because of his order.
"Find Duan Yu!" Yuan Wendu shouted that Duan Yu was a prison official in Changqiu who was in charge of the palace gate.
It took the soldiers a long time to find Duan Yu in a small room, but the man was shaking and seemed to be frightened by Wang Shichong. Yuan Wendu asked him for the key, and Duan Yu was shaking and pulled out a bunch of keys.
With so many keys in Yuan Wendu’s heart, which one is the key of Xuanwu Gate? To fight Xuanwu Gate? He asked Duan Yu, but Duan Yu couldn’t speak clearly. He kept shivering. Yuan Wendu could let the soldiers test one by one.
At this time, Wang Shichong gradually occupied the advantage, but this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that no one from Luoyang military came to support the palace. After all, some of his troops in Wang Shichong were controlled by generals such as Li Junxian and Pang Yu. At this time, they must have known about the mutiny in the palace. None of them came to Zheng Yuan Wendu, and they had lost their morale. They would rather sit quietly and see who would win.
This situation made Wang Shichong’s heart happy and tried to attack the Sun Gate. At this time, Yuan Wen was at a loss to pace the big lock and didn’t know what to do.
"Why don’t Duke Lu go out of the city from the West Sun Gate?" Then a soldier woke him up.
Yuan Wendu suddenly slapped his forehead. There are two doors in the Sun Gate. At this time, Wang Shichong East Sun Gate can bypass the West Sun Gate! In this hurry, he forgot that there was another way out.
He hurried out with his troops when he found that it was almost dawn in the East! He has been surfing in Xuanwu Gate for over an hour!
"Go fast!" Yuan Wen shouted and waited for no one, but as soon as he arrived at the Sun Gate, Yuan Liang came running with a face of gray defeat. He was covered in blood.
"Uncle, run! Wang Shichong has come in!" Yuan Liang shouted
Yuan Wendu’s face changed. Wang Shichong actually came in? ! Yuan Liang gasped and stopped beside Yuan Wendu and waved again and again, "Uncle, let’s go!"
Yuan Wendu is eager to see that the defenders have broken up and rushed. Yuan Wendu sighed and fled with the defeated army. Many officials in the imperial city also got the news that the Ministry of War Shang Huangfuyi quickly cut down the right door and fled from Dongdu to Chang ‘an.
Lu Chu, on the other hand, hid in a panic in the Taiguan Office (the palace dining room) and tried to survive, but was hacked to death by Wang Shichong soldiers.
In addition to Duan Da and Wang Shichong, his "Seven Expensive" also had the wit to cut off the lock on the right door, Huang Fuyi, and his "Three Expensive" was hacked to death by soldiers in Wang Shichong, but Yuan Wen was temporarily missing.
After breaking the Sun Gate, Wang Shichong marched straight into the palace and slashed it. Soon Duan Yu, who was pretending to be deaf and dumb, came to tell Wang Shichong that the little emperor was imprisoned in Ganyang Hall, and Wang Shichong rushed to take the Ganyang Hall.
By this time, Yuan Wendu had already rushed back to Ganyang Temple, and he was going to kidnap Yang Dong to escape from Luoyang, but Wang Shichong was too fast to let him come or not. Seeing that Wang Shichong had surrounded Ganyang Temple, Yuan Wendu could only sigh that his revenge plan had just vanished.
Yang Dong silently walked away from the Ziwei gatehouse of Ganyang Temple. At this time, it was already bright. Wang Shichong’s proud face had a panoramic view. He was silent for half a ring. He couldn’t help pointing to Wang Shichong. "Wang Aiqing was guilty of repeated wars and defeats, but I have always cherished you to be guilty. Today, are you going to rebel or kill me?"
Wang Shichong narrowed his eyes. It is unwise to kill the little emperor at this time. He needs to hold the emperor like Cao Cao, or even if he occupies Luoyang, what can he do? But he knew that Yuan Wendu was hesitant in his heart. What should he do if Yuan Wendu threatened the little emperor?
At this time, Yuan Wen left the Ziwei gatehouse, followed by several people. Wang Shichong suddenly smiled because he saw Duan Da. Although some cunning, it was just the right time to appear at this time. At this time, he almost controlled the whole imperial city. Duan Da must have a wise choice.
"The courtiers are not rebelling, but killing thieves!" Wang Shichong surrendered the steed arch and then stood up straight and said
"The thief? You attack the palace is the real anti-thief! " Yuan Wen drank heavily, but at this moment, he was in a state of fear and trembling. He knew that Wang Shichong would never let himself go. At this time, the little emperor died together.
"I got the news that Yuan Wendu and Lu Chu, Huang Fuyi and others secretly colluded with the control position and wanted to assassinate me and protect myself, so I had to be clear! Positions tonight frightened I have discomfort later to positions confessing "Wang Shichong said and devoting.
"Confess?" Yuan Wendu laughed. He decided to do it at once. big sleep looked back at his nephew Yuan Liang and shouted, "Do it!"
"Hey!" The horizontal knife was pulled out, and the blade was shining with a dense chill.
"Kill him!" Yuan Wen once again showed that he was crazy.
A man sneered at a horizontal knife and suddenly cut off his arm with great strength. In alarm, the little emperor Yang Dong went back two steps and looked at Yuan Wendu incredulously.
This knife suddenly and quickly shocked everyone. Yuan Wendu immediately got blood all over him, and he cried with pain in his arms. He never thought Duan Da would start work at this time! And it is cut to yourself.
Yuan Liang also froze. Just one leng kung fu head was slashed with a knife and blood poured out. The head rolled to Yang Dong’s side and scared Yang Dong’s face turned white and he couldn’t help but retreat two steps through the ceiling.
"Yuan Wendu’s crime of holding hostages should be said to die!" Duan Da said with a wave of his hand that the confidant soldiers tied Yuan Wen up.
Wang Shichong Lou smiled Duan Da. Duan Da also made a great contribution this time!
Duan Da captured Yuan Wendu and quickly sent troops to beat the gate of Ganyang Temple. Wang Shichong held his head high and entered Yuan Wendu because his arm was cut off. Although he was tied and cried out, Duan Da was so blind that Duan Da was an accomplice Wang Shichong.
Yang Dong tried to calm himself but was trembling.
Wang Shichong walked five steps away from Yang Dong, and his tall body made Yang Dong particularly stressed. He laughed coldly. "The pursuit of Yuan Wendu’s intention to rebel is just that the Qing monarch has no need to panic."
Said and took a look at Duan Da. Two people smiled at each other and Wang Shichong waved and said, "Xuan should drag Yuan Wendu out and cut down the thief! In addition, the troops will be surrounded by Yuanfu, Lufu and other mansions, and even women can’t let go! "
Wang Shichong knew that his son was extremely lewd, so he specially told Wang Xuan to be brought away. The soldiers dragged Yuan Wendu out of the Ganyang Temple, and soon a soldier came to put Wang Shichong in front with a head.
"Throw it out to feed the dog!" Wang Shichong cold tunnel
Yang Dong body a shock he raised his finger to get up the courage to scold a way "Zheng Guogong you arbitrarily so minister did not report in advance this is your minister? ! Are you going to let me go with your soldiers? !”
Wang Shichong narrowed his eyes. At this time, what should be done still needs to be done, otherwise it will chill the hearts of some ministers. After all, he can’t kill all the officials in Luoyang. He knelt down and cried, "I will be rewarded even if I am promoted by the first emperor!"
"I do such a thing is just Yuan Wendu, Lu Chu and others harboring evil intentions to call Wagang Shi Biao to endanger the country and the court! Because I saw their plot and didn’t want them to join Yuan Wendu, I secretly bought the military to harm me! "
"I am forced by the situation to play the newspaper and hope to pardon me! If I have second thoughts and fail to live up to the heavens, the earth, the sun, the moon and the witnesses, I would rather be hacked with all my doors! "
I have to say that Wang Shichong’s performance was in place and successfully deceived the little emperor Yang Dong. At the beginning, Yang Guang Yanmen was trapped in Wang Shichong and Wan Li rushed to help him for several days. Afterwards, he could deceive Yang Guang with tears, so the little emperor Yang Dong was naturally convinced.
Yang Dong assured him that Wang Shichong had a long talk and took him to see his mother, Xiao Liu Liangdi. Wang Shichong untied her hair and let her shoulders hang freely. At the same time, she repeatedly swore by heaven that she would never have second thoughts.
Xiao Liu Liangdi was finally deceived. She immediately promoted her son Yang Dong to Wang Shichong’s left servant, and the governor’s foreign military ambitions in Wang Shichong showed their sharp teeth as their status rose like a tiger.
Chapter 39 Longxi War
Old vines and crows croak. This is Tangshushan, which is also called Xiaojingshi Mountain. It is located in Huangshui and the main stream of the Yellow River and is one of the important branches of Qilian Mountain.
The general trend of Tangshan Mountain is northwest and southeast, and the southeast is the main body of Tangshan Mountain. There is also a name in the western section: Chiling, Tangshushan, and Linjin in the south, which has always been a bridgehead against the forces of the western regions.
At this time, there are less than a hundred bodies piled up here. It seems that they are dressed as a group of businessmen, but all the goods have disappeared. The crows screamed as if these tragic businessmen were silent.
Suddenly, a horseshoe came from a distance and alarmed the crows. They spread their wings and flew towards the sky. The horseshoe was getting closer and bigger, and one hundred cavalry came to this valley.
"Be careful!" The first man who looked like a general said that when the soldiers heard his orders, they clenched their spears and looked around warily.
"Look at the manager!" A captain-looking man pointed ahead.
It was Qu Tutong who was called to be the main manager. He received a report from the soldiers that hundreds of bodies had been found at Qingsha Pass in Tangshan, so he came here with more than 100 cavalry to inspect the situation.
Qu Tutong was eager to see the blood all over the body had dyed the mountain red. As soon as he shook his head, the soldiers inspected the front and went away for a moment. After that, he reported that "the chief thief should go!"
Qu Tutong jumped off the horse and walked to the front of the body, carefully observing Sang Xian and crouching beside him. He found that there was still some temperature in the blood, which proved that these people had just died.
"The main blood is still warm!" Sang Xianhe Report
"These seem to be Chester merchants!" Qu Tutong looked at these people with whiter skin than the Central Plains people and said that he reached out and turned over the eyelids of a corpse and found that his eyes were blue, which proved that he was right.
"The manager’s humble position is that Tuguyun did it!" Sang Xianhe analyzed
"It should be!" Qu Tutong got up and looked around at the eyeful bodies. He couldn’t bear to "let the brothers tidy up and cremate them!"
"hey!" Sang Xianhe got up and walked quickly in the past.
Qu Tutong paced and pondered. A few days ago, he arrived in Linjin, located at the southern tip of the Tang Shushan Mountain, ready to rely on this to contain Tuyuhun’s army first, but Tuyuhun was a stationer in xiping county’s Linqiang City, which made Qu Tutong have a headache.
Linjin was built in the Sui Dynasty, and it was built when Tuyuhun confronted each other. This is the route when Yang Guangxi patrolled. It can be said that Linjin bears the safety of Longxi counties, so Qu Tutong had to station troops here.
However, Tuyuhun has been stuck since he arrived in Linqiang City, xiping county. According to the news, Mu Fuyun sent troops to intercept and kill past businessmen to make huge profits from it. Mu Fuyun killed a lot of things, whether it was a big Sui businessman or a Litt businessman or an Yiwu businessman. All businessmen were his hunting targets except the East and West Turkic businessmen who could not be taunted.
Some people in Qu Tutong don’t understand Mu Fuyun’s plan. If he comes from cattle and sheep, it is natural to kill him in Mohan County in order to continue to win more food in the south. These businessmen are mostly local specialties, such as Daqin coloured glaze, treasures of the western regions, and Central Plains silk, which are mostly small in size and small in value. Can he eat these things when he grabs them?
Tuguhun suffered the same disaster as Turkic. Even if he had gold, silver and jewelry, he couldn’t spend it!
Qu Tutong some don’t understand he doesn’t know MuFuYun this old fox waiting for the opportunity.
Mu Fuyun can destroy the country and prove that he still has some ability after the Great Sui Dynasty chaos. Naturally, he won’t be silly to stroke the tiger whiskers of the Great Sui Dynasty, even though the tiger is a little old.