So the Buddha intended to help. If you have any problems, just go to the whirling world for help. All the buddhas and bodhisattvas there are willing to do their best to help. For the convenience of communication. Please turn on the teleportation array. So that the two places can communicate with each other. For the sake of human things. The dancing world is willing to join hands with you to achieve this merit.


I must ask you to decide for yourself. "
With that, he made a ceremony, ignored the others who were staring blankly, and once again released snuff and began to dissolve those evil spirits. It took a while for Song Changgeng to understand, and he couldn’t help frowning deeply. This thing was so sudden that he was caught off guard. He never thought that he would restore his land and disturb the Tathagata. Then, what about the Taoist side? What about the magic side?
The more I think about him, the more confused he is. He doesn’t understand how these guys know. If they are so well-connected, just come out and solve the reiki problem by themselves. Why wait for themselves? But also said,’ this is your chance, and it is also a chance for monks on earth, and it is the favor of God to leave your hands on earth.
What do you mean? Let me offer the bright future to everyone? Bullshit?
The more Song Chang Gung thought about it, the angrier he got. He worked so hard to get such a place. When he first came out, someone came to get a piece of it. Do you think I’m a bully? Bullshit dancing Buddha, bullshit merit, Lao tze rare? Our land is mine. Who do I want to use it for? It’s not for others to say how to use it. If you don’t obey my hand and rob it, why should I listen to you?
Thinking of this, he let out a long whistle and relieved his depression. He was just about to speak when he heard Master Bai Mei say, "Amitabha, these kind of good deeds are rare in ancient and modern times, but once they are accomplished, they will be an act of infinite merit. Even though I am old, I dare not shirk them. I must follow my Taoist friends and do my bit. Let me know what they have to say."
Others also reacted, and in a few words, a few scattered immortals actually wanted to go in here when things were over. Song Changgeng became more and more bored and almost killed people. He thundered, "That’s enough, is it over?" Are you dreaming? Hmm? Why should I give you the place I got from a narrow escape? Do I owe you? "
This sentence made everyone keep silent, and everyone looked awkward and embarrassed. Mrs. Miao was very happy when she began to listen to Master Ren’s statement about the Tathagata’s decree, knowing that the Emei Sect had another opportunity to show, but after listening to everyone’s words, the more she listened, the more she felt wrong, not to mention Song Changgeng. Her good temper felt too much.
But in the face of powerful temptation, how many people can hold their hearts? Seeing Song Chang Gung’s face getting uglier and uglier, Mrs. Miao’s heart became heavier and heavier, and she knew that things would be in trouble.
Sure enough, after Song Changgeng exclaims, everyone first looks embarrassed, and then they are angry from embarrassment. Shenni Youtan coldly asks, "Song Zhangmen, what do you mean? This is a matter or a Tathagata decree. Do you dare not obey it? Besides, as the Tathagata has said, this cave is given to the world by God, and it’s just a fake hand. What qualifications do you have to occupy it? What’s more, things have become you have infinite merits. "
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help laughing with anger: "Ha ha ha ha, Tathagata, isn’t it great?" I, Song Changgeng, stand tall and stand on my knees, kneeling on my parents’ knees, but I won’t kneel all over the sky. What if I don’t abide by the Tathagata decree? Do you dare to come and fight with me, or do you dare to come with that guy with a head full of bags? What a joke.
Also’ this cave is given to the world by God, but it’s just a fake hand’? Where were you when I was fighting against the demon in the light, and I was almost stunned? Now I want to grab the fruit, dreaming? A false hand from heaven will cheat me of my things. Do you think I am a three-year-old child? "
By this time Ye Bin had finished casting spells, and when he heard the noise, he rushed over. After Miao Yi and Blissful Reality and other people drove away those evil factions, they gathered here and flew over one after another. Just when they heard Song Chang-geng’s big speech there, several people were in a daze. I don’t know who provoked this guy again. This person is simply a trouble center.
When Song Chang-geng spoke slowly here, seeing more and more people, he lowered his voice and said, "I don’t care if you have infinite merits. It’s also a responsibility for me to eliminate the evil fire here. For my own conscience, I don’t care about those merits at all. If you think about it, you may forget that I, Song Chang-geng, was born in a family, but I started my career by magic teaching [blood nerve].
There are many masters who have been sucked by me and absorbed by Jingxue, soul and vitality, both good and evil. Isn’t it a joke that you talk to me about merit? You ask me what qualifications I have to occupy there? I tell you, my life’s core monuments Yuan God has become a part of it, which is the core of operation and command. The bright realm is my body and everything to me. This body is just a tool to carry my subjective consciousness.
What qualifications do you think I have to occupy there? Do I have to be qualified to occupy my own body? You’re going to live in my body. Do you think I will? Do I have any kinship with you? I want to give you my body to live in, and let you absorb the aura in my body to practice, but I can’t get a little reward. Let you use the things in my body to refine medicine and magic weapons, and I will be greeted with a smile? Are you an idiot or am I an idiot "

Chapter five hundred and seventeen The real purpose
Blood in shushan Volume 52 Magic Wave Chapter five hundred and seventeen The real purpose
Home after listening to the song long QiangBai all silent speechless. It took a while for the teacher to announce the Buddha’s name in a low voice and then said in a calm voice, "Amitabha. Why is the Lord of the Light Environment so angry? I’m just telling you my Buddha’s opinion. It is up to you to decide how to choose. I’m just waiting for two people. Everything depends on you.
Although my Buddha’s laws are all empty. All laws are empty. However, it is still necessary to be respectful to those ancestors. What I said in Buddhism is just a suggestion. Why should the Lord slander my Buddha with such words? Everything is impermanent. One withered and one withered. Please think twice before you speak. Now the words have been brought to. The funeral has nothing to do with poverty. Farewell. "
Say to everyone after the ceremony with the golden red snuff to fly to the fire. Ye Bin asked Xie Sisters when he saw the busyness, "What do you mean, master? How did she get in there? That’s right. How did you come from inside when you were young? Isn’t it possible that you still have a place to stay here? "
Xie Ying said, "Master has bought this new snuff. When I came, I said it happened to be a catastrophe. We can do something to put out this evil fire. In order to understand the specific situation of this evil fire group. We’ll tie up with the people over there. I know Ye Gu, you are here. So he crossed the fire. Now I think the master has gone in again to destroy Taixu. It’s a fire. We have to go in and help. Goodbye Ye Gu. "
After that, the two sisters sacrificed the "Seven Treasures and Golden Mansions" and rushed into the evil fire. Follow their master. Ye Bin also wants to leave. But considering your relationship with Song Changgeng is good. If we just leave, let him face everyone alone. I’m afraid the situation is even more embarrassing. It’s very likely that things will conflict again when they are not over. It’s hard to decide whether to help there then.
Thinking of this, she faintly said to Chang Geng: "Song Daoyou. Today’s things. It should be to clean up these empty fires. Those things are later. It’s still too early to talk about this at this time, so you’d better put it aside. Song Daoyou. This method of yours and mine is full of evil fire. How can I continue to operate if I can’t collect any more? "
Song Chang Gung knew that Ye Bin was his rescue. I won’t say anything more. After giving everyone a hand. Just calm face and Ye Bin began to fly to the distance. He first taught Ye Bin to release the evil spirit inside. Then concise in the line. After the "green bottle" is empty. Song Chang Gung said, "Ye Daoyou is right. Let’s deal with things here and talk about other things."
Ye Bin returned the magic weapon to him: "Just now, this magic weapon was used to restrain those who escaped because of the impulse of too much evil fire after the explosion of Yin Lei. I don’t need it now. Let’s return it to Daoyou. Besides, I take the liberty to say that since we met Daoyou. I know you are a generous and heroic person. I want to come here this time because I have my own ideas. But peace is the most important thing in everything. Please think twice. "
After that, I began to try to concise the surrounding evil fire. Say nothing more. She knew that Song Changgeng would definitely make his own decision. The words brought by the forbearing master will make Song Changgeng’s mood excited for a while. But for people like him. This is only temporary. As long as he calms down. Think it over. Nature knows what to do. This man seems to belong to a donkey. Rub along the hair.
Ye Bin’s words made Song Chang Gung’s heart better. He was just excited for a while. After all, it is a person who practices a lot. Although the strength is not enough. But the mind is very sensitive. Besides, he is different from other Buddhist people. Although he was born in a door. I have practiced magic and Buddhism. But he has no respect for these full-god buddhas.
Although it is necessary to respect these strong people. But I don’t worship them like Buddhist people. Don’t believe what they say. He just heard that he was impulsive when he wanted to open up the bright world. Said something difficult.
Now calm down and think about it carefully. I just felt wrong by intuition. And then after others want to open up their own light. For a moment, my heart was floating. Just said some nasty things. Now think about it carefully, it should be the so-called Tathagata law. The decree says two things. One is to open the bright realm to the monks on earth. The second is to open the transmission array to the Buddhist cave.
I was in a hurry and didn’t want to understand. There’s something strange about it. The bright realm was restored from the blessing to the cave by itself. Although it borrowed the power of Buddhist law. But the experience was also a narrow escape. The other party will not be ignorant of their own situation. But let yourself be open to transmission, and it is obvious that you are interacting with each other. But I am a fairy who may not be able to deal with those Buddhist powers.
If people are in a bright environment, they will stay. How to get rid of yourself? You know, the most famous Tibetan king and bodhisattva of Buddhism has lost her wish and can’t come out of her house. I heard that even Yamaraja, the tenth temple, has to let him go now. I don’t want to be so bright. Although I also practiced Buddhism. Read a lot of Buddhist scriptures. But I don’t want to be a monk. Therefore, the transmission array will not be opened.
It is even more impossible for human monks to open up. he
White. Same as open transmission. It is easier to ask God than to send him. After some people have poured in. The bright future is that big. They all came in. Do your disciples still have the ability to practice? Especially after more and more of his disciples. The need for resources is also growing. It’s definitely not going to happen if it’s open to human monks.
He just smiled to understand. Know that you are still not calm enough. I just had a hunch that it shouldn’t be open. But I didn’t say it well. The sin of a group of people. However, Song Changgeng is not in the mood to explain to them. Why should I look at their faces? So what if it’s ugly Listen if you want. Just don’t want to fight. Are you still afraid?
Song Chang Gung wanted to know about Ye Bin and smiled at her: "Thank you for reminding me just now. By the way, Master Ren and Xie Gu sisters rushed in. Isn’t it a bit appropriate? Although their magic weapons are all powerful things. But you can’t put out so many evil fires at once. Don’t we have to help? "
Ye Bin smiled faintly: "I’m just a bystander. Thank you for not being a good friend. As for Master Ren and Lin Er Ying, they don’t have to worry. Master Ren’s "Buddha Fire snuff" and the second daughter’s "Seven Treasures and Golden Mansions" are both rare Buddhist treasures. Not only can it extinguish evil fire. But also to protect them. It doesn’t take much effort. Everything is a magic weapon. It works automatically. So don’t worry. "
Song long nodded his head. I was just about to speak. The fire flared up again. Ye Bin couldn’t help crying, "Not good. It should be the wave of evil just now, and the surface retreats. The other sneaked in from other parties. "
While speaking, do it quickly. It became an optical network. Temporarily stabilized the evil fire near yourself. Song Changgeng quickly took out the "celestial mirror" and took a photo. I saw a column of green light. Extend into the fire. It is dozens of miles away. The farther away, the wider. The dark room seemed hollow. The situation inside is clear at a glance.
Ye Bin and he looked carefully. The light of the mirror shines along the route that Master Ren and them entered just now. Not far away, Xie Ying, Xie Lin and Master Ren are fighting with each other. The other side is two blood shadows. Song Changgeng didn’t have time to taste the three girls’ beautiful looks when he saw these two blood shadows. Fairy bone fairy root. Because none of these three first-class figures can compare with those two blood shadows.
Although it is using a magic weapon. But Song Geng has not been basically sure. These two blood shadows should be condensed after practicing the blood god. But the other party is obviously made of flesh. It is said that Zheng Yin, the God of Blood, and his master all practiced this spell. Later, I changed my original book [Blood Nerve] with him in Jiang for the "Purple Sword". Then Zheng Yin was never heard from again.
A farewell for many years. Now it appears in the park. See skill is not high. I think it belongs to his disciples. What are they doing here? When he was wondering. Just where the fire is fluctuating. A fusiform shadow rushed up. I went for that snuff. See it hit. Snuff flashed out of sight. At first glance, it seems to have disappeared. But the party where the three girls are. The whole big circle of fire disappeared.
Don’t say that the magic weapon of the shuttle shadow is suddenly seen. Even those two blood shadows didn’t escape in time. One of them has been destroyed in an instant. And the other one doesn’t have half a body. In a hurry, I disappeared into the evil fire. Then the flower returned to its original shape. Once again, I am floating and jumping on the head of Master Ren. As if nothing had changed.
Song Changgeng knew at first sight that a flower should also be a Buddhist treasure. Like the Buddha’s fire snuff in the "heart lamp" in his hand. It’s all wonderful. Something incredible. When you are thinking, you will see that Master Ren seems to be observing yourself by existing people. Looking back at the source of green light. I think I already know who is observing. Even if nothing happens.
See each other’s calm posture. Song Changjin is a little ashamed. Just about to take back the magic weapon. Just listen to a series of muffled sounds inside. Then Xie Gu’s "Seven Treasures and Golden Mansions" suddenly became golden. A golden spherical cover gradually spread out. Opened a space of four or five meters in diameter for the three girls. No matter how surging the evil fire outside, it can’t shake the golden ball.
Look at this situation. Song Chang estimates that it should be the same as what Ye Bin just said. These people just sneaked in during the chaos. Want to do something. I don’t want to meet Master Ren. As a result, it has grown up since it was discovered. After seeing that I couldn’t, I actually moved the thunder. Trying to explode from the inside. Suppress each other with the power of explosion and the overwhelming power after the evil fire is impulsive.
Such an explosion is no match for talent. This is an explosion from the inside out. At that time, everyone felt as if the sky were falling. The aftermath of the earthquake will make the whole evil fire group arch and tremble. Some parties have begun to appear to rush out of the situation. People in the neighborhood began to try their best to imprison and condense. Song Chang Gung also put away his magic weapon. Into it.

Chapter five hundred and eighteen Return to Success
Blood in shushan Volume 52 Magic Wave Chapter five hundred and eighteen Return to Success
On what’s dirty with them. However, Song Chang Gung still knew that all personal grievances, thoughts and interests about this catastrophe should be put aside first. It is excellent thing to deal with the present situation. If you can’t get entangled in your own interests. That is not only despised by others. It is Song Changgeng’s own who will look down on himself.
Seeing this explosion seems to be very violent. The whole evil fire group was shaken. Because it’s because of what happened on Song’s side. This side has been hit to open a big hole in Fiona Fang. The sea water below was also erected by the wall impacted by the explosion. Flying like a mountain Too empty and evil fire is also better than impulsive flight. At that time, the scene was chaotic again.

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