Isn’t she still pecking at the fur of this corpse of a monster beast?


Just do it!
After confirming that there is no danger around it
Fu Shuangni also specially prepared several alarm devices. If any wild animals come near and trigger those alarm devices, she will be alert instantly.
God knows how hard it is for a mooncrow with claws and wings to make these things.
When everything is ready …
Fu Shuang neon mercilessly pecked off the peck, causing a metal collision and sparking a flash.
The shock made both neon heads buzzing.
But she still didn’t stop moving, and she still pecked away again.
qinghe county
Looking at his invitation to come in, the No.3 tool man wanted to take out the monster beast then, and he couldn’t help but get lost in some thought.
For a moment.
He even felt that he had invited a person with a poor brain to come in.
If it weren’t for let him know more about Fu Shuangni through Lei …
Bai Yi couldn’t wait to change a tool man quickly.
It’s too graphic to be true.
A big crow is covered in wet blood.
And then kept pecking at the monster beast’s body
Every time a crow pecks, its body will be shaken by the anti-shock force.
But the raven still enjoys it.
Ah, this …
Can you say …
The third tool man was reincarnated into a monster beast. Without tools, it would be a stupid way to get the demon Dan inside the monster beast’s body.
General tools are probably not as hard and sharp as her beak.
Baiyi continuous injection
The line-by-line text of the Immortal Training Simulator bounced out like the tide.
[A month later, after three days of hard work, she finally pecked through the fur of the monster beast’s body. When she saw the flesh and blood inside, she almost lost her reason and modesty. Fortunately, then the monster beast was strong and the body showed no signs of decay in the past month]
I don’t know if it’s because the beak has been fully exercised. The double neon beak is harder and sharper than a month ago. She feels that she can easily pierce the iron plate with a peck.
[After half a year, the body of the then monster beast sends out a deterrent aura, and finally some wild animals and weak monster beasts are ready to move]
【 A monster beast with refined gas on the second floor wants to challenge Fu Shuangni and snatch the body of the monster beast then 】
[After a battle]
[That monster beast became the second monster beast corpse in this area and became a double neon lunch today]
[4-year-old Fu Shuangni broke through by swallowing the flesh and blood of the refined gas monster beast and a small amount of the flesh and blood of the then monster beast! 】
【 Double neon refining gas three layers! 】
[I don’t know if it’s because the corpse of the monster beast then has been put on hold for too long. How much flesh and blood strength she eats later is growing slowly]
[At the age of five, after two years of unremitting efforts, Shuangni finally dug up the demon Dan! 】
[She is ecstatic! 】
In the cultivation simulator, two minutes have passed from Bai Yi’s perspective in the past two years.
Watching the whole body in a mess, the double neon dug up the demon Dan from the belly of the monster beast’s body
Bai Yi felt that Princess Dayan had suffered a lot.
Who can persistently peck at the abdomen of a corpse?
And pecked for two years in a row?
There will be her!
It’s a huge effort to get the No.3 tool of the demon Dan, the head of the then monster beast.
Bai Yi discovered that …
No matter how good the chances and fortunes of these tool people are in reality.
As soon as she enters the cultivation simulator, her fortune will be instantly cleared.
How bad luck comes?
Come as hard as you can.
If you were an ordinary person, you wouldn’t be able to live for a month!
"Found …"
In the cultivation simulator, Shuang Ni didn’t know that there were a pair of eyes that kept watching her grow.
At this time, she looked at a demon Dan in front of her eyes and showed joy.
Hard work pays off!
Finally, I have come to the bitter end!
Fu Shuangni tried to keep calm and warned herself not to be too proud.
She soon became worried.
Because …
The demon Dan in front of her is not small. At first glance, it looks like a big egg. It must be at least a foot in diameter!
This …
I can take it out myself, but where should I put it after I take it out?