For seven minutes, the momentum was high, and the earth was full of friends, making the light shine all over the world. Finally, Ning Wanjia briefly stated that she was full of elite career education, and her life paused for a while as if she were a speech.


"My friends in Beijing, Wusong and Osaka all call me Brother Guang, and you can call me that when you are familiar with Hou Jiajia and Xiaoyuan in the future." So Guangguang stared at Ning Wanjia with a little pride and made a summary with confidence.
Although Guangguang tried his best to hide his tone and show off against Liang Yuan, Liang Yuan, a two-person man who is good at night foraging, once crisscrossed all kinds of green tea, milk tea, coffee, chrysanthemum and mutton offal soup, which made Guangguang’s so-called cover-up naive.
To Liang Yuan, he had a great tolerance for bragging about young dolls’ sexual failure, but the light showed more and more to Ning Wanjia. After a while, he couldn’t help it, and Liang Yuan’s patience was almost exhausted.
"Ling Guangguang, do you know what others call me?"
Liang Yuan-yin is very low, and you are welcome to call out the name of Guangguang, and slowly sit up straight from the sand. The momentum and pressure of the person who was carefully hidden are slowly released.
"uh ~"
At present, the ordinary teenager almost changed his temperament in the blink of an eye. The strong self-confidence that can crush everything burst out like essence, and a sense of insignificance that he had never felt before suddenly filled his body and mind, which made his bare thinking seem to be completely solidified.
"China, Hongkong, Germany, the United States ~ Several people I know and I don’t know call me Shaoshao. Whether you are familiar with my name in the future, don’t forget to put away all your thoughts. Jiajia is not a word that you are qualified to call" to be continued.
Chapter 13 New Year’s New Home and New Choice (9)
"You, you are really interesting. How did you suddenly become like this? What do I have in mind? Besides, Jiajia didn’t say anything. Are you qualified to make a decision for Jiajia?"
First, I stumbled for a moment, so that the light tone was restored to calm, and I didn’t jump up three feet at the touch of some single-celled organisms, which directly made things out of control.
Liang Yuan is very eager to make the light unbearable and direct brain-dead explosion. For Liang Yuan, it is best to tear his face. In the future, he will have to pretend to socialize.
Today, far away from home, far away from home, far away from home, far away from home, far away from home, far away from home, far away from home, far away from home.
It’s not good for Liang Yuan to pretend to be a arrogant rich second generation image to be a stepping stone for comparison.
Spit out a long breath and just sit up straight and lean back to the sand. Almost instantly, Liang Yuan recovered the appearance of the young people next door.
To make the light ask Liang Yuan feel unable to answer by himself.
As the old Chinese saying goes, Ning Wanjia’s eyes make Guangguang just a famous family friend. The truth is impressive, and the friendship is not as good as the aunt who sells yogurt at the counter of the joint venture company.
When you talk to Guangguang, it seems that you are staring at Liang Yuan, but your eyes are focused, but you have always been Ning Wanjia around Liang Yuan.
Women are indecisive and can avoid some sharp things. According to the experience of dealing with women, this situation is considered to be half of the owner. Ning Wanjia should come out to adjust the atmosphere and make everyone embarrassed, so that Guangguang can climb along the pole instead.
The fact show didn’t seem to surprise the light.
As Liang Yuan’s sharpness is sharper than his temperament, Ning Wanjia looks at it, which makes the naked eyes have a lot of exploration meaning, and almost writes the word curious as a little face.
Come on, persuade me, come on, make a circle, make Guangguang try to maintain a gentle smile and make a look of elegance.
I have to admit that at this time, the bare appearance threw someone leaning on the sand out of several streets
Girl tone extremely surprised staring at the smooth as if to see something incredible.
Those talking eyes can express too much emotion. As Ning Wanjia exclaimed and flowed out of her eyes, I saw that there was something in you, just like saying it directly.
Make the light look sluggish and raise my hand to touch my face.
Ningwanjia stretched out his green fingers and nodded his mouth.
Almost is a conditioned reflex, which generally causes the light to breathe in and hiss, and then rub it hard near the corner of the hand.
Why do you feel like you haven’t touched anything? ? ?
Before the light can react, all the curiosity and surprise in Ning Wanjia’s face disappear.
"You know, Lingguang"
The girl paused a little, and her eyes were full of tenderness, like falling into some kind of good memory.
"Since I was three years old, I have always believed what Xiaoyuan said. If you can’t fiddle with that kind of language art at the front desk, I will tell my mother and Aunt Wu that you are drooling at me and always trying to tell some embarrassing jokes."
Ning Wanjia looks gentler than she can release her words, but every word is like a knife.
This is a serious social occasion. This is a plant! This is a setup! ! This is a bold slander! ! !
The boom made the world outlook gorgeous and collapsed. What’s the situation? What’s this? How could she do this to me? How could she do this to me? ?
It makes Guangguang crazy, and the explosion is as angry and sad as urging Guangguang to make a hullabaloo about, but it can come from psychological wisdom to make Guangguang cling to the sand.
A blood line flew from the bare neck, and a few breaths. A delicate white handsome boy abruptly suppressed into a red-faced man who was foaming at the mouth.
Listening to the girl’s confession and fighting back, a pair of ironic expressions are swaying, and Liang Yuan’s face is far away. In his heart, he feels both like and a little hairy. He likes nature as a childhood sweetheart, but Mao is how to deal with things in this style, and he is familiar with it with the devil wears Prada.
Someone suddenly realized that this Jia Jia around him may, may, probably, be Feifei’s disguise, but Liang Yuan still determined his own judgment unless he had a fight with the girl around him now. Liang Yuan’s accuracy in judging the identity of twins has been constant, 50%
But what does that shameful joke mean? Why does it sound very yellow and violent? Are these two goblins peeking at something behind their backs? At that moment, all sorts of nasty thoughts flew in sb’s head.
"It was an accident for Guangguang to greet you today. It should have been my sister’s business. Now it seems that you will not appreciate my personality."
Ning Wanjia’s face is friendly and smiling again, but her tone of speech is dull and alienated.
"But our family should have been trained in manners and upbringing since childhood. Since you didn’t jump up and shout just now, I guess Aunt Wu is also a qualified mother. These two aspects have taught you a lot. For example, our two elders are family friends, and the younger generation wants to keep in harmony, which is in line with their expectations."
Ning Wanjia bent her apricot eyes and stared at the light for a few times. She smiled wittily and continued, "Don’t put on a pair of tomatoes and frost now. If there is nothing in common, you can look at our mouths and read something silently when I chat with Xiaoyuan."
"My sister will come out to greet me later. You won’t have to endure long. Of course, it’s not too late to slam the door now. Maybe it’s a better choice."
Finally, Ning Wanjia was considerate and added, with a slightly provocative look, it seemed as if she questioned her manners and upbringing.
I looked at Ning Wanjia with great horror. In just a few words, I had a good time pulling, beating, holding and stepping on my wrist. Liang Yuan was really a little blind. When the girl evolved into a girl, the two goblins became too fast.
Beauty, especially all kinds of beautiful women, always has something special.
For Guangguang, even if he slams the door, he can be like a twin family. It can be self-humiliation. The political family is on and off, and Guangguang has heard too much and seen too much to benefit the younger generation. It seems that the adults are just smiling and not putting on the table at all.
Staring at the picture of Zhong Ling Yuxiu, Yi Xi Yi Chen Yan for a few seconds, I took a deep breath and then exhaled a long breath.
Unwilling ah, it’s a good life for that ordinary teenager. Ning Wanjia should defend him so much, but it’s not too late to take revenge for ten years. Just listen to that guy’s tone and wording. There’s still a long way to go in the future. We’ll see. Let the light settle down slowly and then find a determination.
In the end, a red-faced man who had been foaming at the mouth gradually reverted to a delicate white handsome boy.
That’s it? ? ?
Liang Yuan looked at Ning Wanjia and his eyes were full of appreciation. Although things were small, the intensity of conflict was still quite high. However, the girl’s work was really beautiful. Decisive, atmospheric, flexible, soft and rigid, and good at benefiting her own characteristics and advantages. Looking at her wrists and emotional intelligence, the whole is a Tang Wan paperback.
Bit by bit in the past, although I think someone has sinned against myself, Guangguang is still hostile to Liang Yuan, but Liang Yuangen is not involved in such a thing.
If Guangguang doesn’t intend to retaliate against Yuanjia, the gap between Liang Yuan and Guangguang will get bigger and bigger in the future. If Guangguang deliberately intends to retaliate, he will have to take the initiative to find a way to get close to Liang Yuan circle sooner or later.
At that time, whether or not to shoot Liang Yuan at will is just a few words.
Liang Yuan and Ning Wanjia just said a few words to make Guangguang hesitate whether to take part in a sole tapping on the floor and come from grand piano.
Just NingWanJia there suffered a serious setback, which made GuangGuang even more energetic, staring at the corner of grand piano with hope and expectation.
Everyone in the circle knows that the Ning twins look very similar, and few people can tell them apart.
After a few seconds, Liang Yuan felt that there was something wrong with the sole hitting the floor. It was not as simple as when the leather shoes touched the floor. The Tara Tara sound sounded like slippers.
The head of a huge Dalmatian dog suddenly appeared at the intersection of the piano top cover and the keys.
Liang Yuan naturally recognized that this thing was a plush toy bought by two girls during their visit to Disneyland in the United States, which made the light a little stupid. I hope that the silhouette of a beautiful woman will suddenly become a cartoon dog head. This gap is really a little big.
After two or three breaths, Tara Tara slippers stopped. People in grand piano didn’t see a large plush Dalmatian slowly poking out of the corner of the piano.
Looking at the wrong style of painting, it’s a little bit more confident than silly boy Dalmatian’s dog-headed Liang Yuan. It must be Jiajia to sit next to him now.
At present, such ghosts and gods are unpredictable in appearance style, and no one can think of it to be continued except some mater Ning Wanfei.
Chapter 14 New Year’s New Home and New Choice (10)
A pink cartoon cat-faced slipper dawdled out from behind the dog’s leg first.
A few seconds later, a pair of slender thighs in white ballet socks stretched out from the back of Dalmatian, and in a blink of an eye, Lori jumped out from behind Dalmatian in a light blue cowboy princess dress with peony flowers hanging on her chest.
Ning Wanfei’s appearance shocked everyone. Even two girls are more familiar with Liang Yuan than others.

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