"Don’t worry, we didn’t want to kill you. We just want to ask you for help."


Speak two big fellow looked at her gesture immediately attack again in the past.
Yi and Osamu Dazai once again avoided flexibility and watched their two defeats like cats. The woman looked a little ugly.
"There are two. We are short of hands now. Why don’t you mix with us?"
Xiao yi leng Han
"Cut the crap. I was asked to find someone. Did you kill Kimura Saburo?"
"That’s not true," but it’s not far from death.
Of course, a woman won’t say that her eyes rolled.
"But if you are willing to do something for me, I can’t give people back to you."
Xiao Yi immediately hesitated when he heard this. At this moment, the woman quickly pulled out a gun and fired several shots at Xiao Yi and Osamu Dazai, although Xiao Yi and Osamu Dazai immediately dodged.
But the lane is so big that Yi dodged the bullet but didn’t dodge the two big men. She was immediately arrested. She was petite and was suppressed by the big man with a flower arm. Her hands were lifted up as if she were a chick.
Osamu Dazai immediately panicked and cried with a full face of pain
"Xiao Yi!"
Such a painful sound made the woman immediately realize that these two people were different.
A woman’s red lips pointed a gun at Osamu Dazai.
"If I’m not mistaken, is this your girlfriend?"
Osamu Dazai cold face
"Yes, if you dare to hurt her, I will not let you go!"
"Are you scaring me?"
When the woman heard that she guessed right, she immediately turned her gun on Yi.
"Come here or I’ll kill her at once."
"Don’t hurt Yi!"
Osamu Dazai anxious openings followed by color struggle for a long time.
"I went over and you let her go."
Women cold hum don’t talk at the same time is to put the gun to the top of the small Iraq’s head. Osamu Dazai seems to have only come in vain. Now he has no reason to discuss with each other and can be decadent.
"Don’t hurt her when I go there."
Osamu Dazai was caught as soon as he passed. The bald man had his head in one hand, and the strength of ordinary people could not be earned.
"That’s a good boy."
The woman chuckled and then looked at the back of her head, holding a beautiful girl with some regrets.
"Gee, your boyfriend, you are really desperate. You not only don’t say a word to stop it, you don’t even move your face. It’s really cold-blooded."
Being taken advantage of again, Xiao Yi has a look on his face. Hehe, fuck his boyfriend
An old van was parked outside the lane, and two people were caught in it. Immediately, someone tied them into zongzi, and they drove very fast, and they didn’t know where to go.
The woman sat in the car and looked at Osamu Dazai and Yi with satisfaction.
"I caught two good goods today and will give you a good note later."
Flower arm big fellow immediately smiled and thanked him.
"Thank you, Sister Yamei"
While the bald man rubbed his hands.
"Hey hey this sent in the past, anyway, it is better to die than this beautiful girl …"
The woman immediately looked a cold one feet chuai in the past.
"Are you forget my words when they go in one ear and out the other? What did I say before? If you want to play, I don’t care how you play on weekdays, but if you deliver the goods, you won’t be able to touch things without a finger. If you dare to make a mistake and annoy your face, don’t blame me for sending you there! "
The woman’s strength is not strong enough, and the bald man is still as steady as Mount Tai after being kicked, but his face immediately shows a look of fear, and he quickly condescends to the woman.
"Sister Yamei, I … I just lost my mind. I dare not think about it anymore. Don’t be angry with me. I have to rely on you to help me a lot."
The woman snorted.

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