Natasha’s first reaction when Fury’s list of military supplies was sent was to provide green spinach pills for those who could afford it.


It’s a short-term pain afterwards to give three times the strength-even though it really hurts.
It’s worth it, isn’t it?
This green spinach pill is enough to save lives when you press the button!
Connors, however, is opposed.
First of all, both of them can’t stay in the laboratory for a long time, so it is necessary to study the production of this green spinach pill when the other two pill systems also need a lot.
The cost of sub-green spinach pills is as high as $70,000, and there is no way to allocate staff.
Natasha went out again, and the training Commissioner was responsible for the problem of production. If it could save lives, it would not be a problem.
However, Connors was adamant about the formula, and even Natasha had little knowledge of it.
So the two men have been arguing about this for three days.
It happened that Zhang Lanlai came, and no one could say who could let Zhang Lanlai uphold justice.
"Blue, do you think this green spinach pill is decisive when it can be bonded?" Natasha has a little guilty about looking directly at Zhang Lan per mu.
"Blue Natasha is right, but the time and money are not enough to deploy us." Connors argued.
"Where did the money go? Are they all for you to do experimental research? " Natasha did not let go either.
"Research where there is cheap? The experimental materials are expensive, and I don’t agree with the staff configuration, otherwise, "honest Connors is still very stubborn about the research and just refutes it without thinking."
Zhang Lan looked at two people, and when you bite me, my head suddenly became big.
This is not to seek justice from him, but to take him as the background of the quarrel!
I thought about it painstakingly for a while. After Natasha and her husband came quietly, Zhang Lan said, "Enough arguing, listen to me?"
Natasha: "Say it!"
Connors "Go ahead!"
Two people with different mouth said glance at one another and who also don’t like pleasing to the eye who tilted away.
This makes Zhang Lan more and more headache.
"I said that you two are usually good-tempered now." Zhang Lan thinks it is better to reconcile the two first.
"Blue, you digress!" Natasha rudely interrupted Zhang Lan. "If you agree to my proposal, there will be no dispute?"
"How can this be directly agreed?" Connors couldn’t help saying, "This is a very serious imperial question. It’s not a joke. How can it be so lax?"
"Where am I not rigorous? How can I not be rigorous when I think about the ability of the empire? " Natasha immediately exploded.
"That you let blue directly agree? Is this something that can be said about human feelings? " Connors is not afraid at all.
Seeing the two bickering again, Zhang Lanzhen has two big heads.
Looking at how easy it is to get along with each other at ordinary times, why do two people suddenly get entangled in this issue?
But Zhang Lanneng stopped two people.
"Connors Natasha’s words are not unreasonable. Tricolor pills can play a key role in the future. They must be distributed to them. Otherwise, putting them in your laboratory is just a pile of pills and you can’t eat them."
Natasha was very proud when she saw Zhang Lan leaning towards herself. She picked her eyebrows at Connors, and she was impressed by her words.
How long will Natasha be here? Zhang Lan’s temper suddenly turned-
"Natasha said that you have to talk about you. Connors’ words are unreasonable? Imperial things also cost money, so we can’t pay for everything, can we? That guy Tony must have misled you, didn’t he? "
One person gave them a stick and a piece of blue to show that he was very satisfied.
I can’t teach you a lesson if I bother you.
The consequence of this is that the two tacitly unified the front and turned to Zhang Lan. "So what do you suggest Zhang Lan decide?"
Zhang Lan’s "forehead"
Well, that’s a detour.
Look at the two people blocking the door. If he doesn’t say a black and white today, he won’t come up with the laboratory door.
What is Zhang Lan’s solution to the problem thrown by two people?
A curl of Zhang Lan’s mouth is very proud and says ""
Chapter 464 Making God
"My opinion?" Zhang Lan’s mouth curled. "How come I really have no choice?"
"Yes, it is!" Natasha admitted without hesitation, "We just figured it out. You can’t talk about the two of us."
"Don’t!" Connors quickly excused himself. "That’s why you don’t take me. I always believed that Lan would agree with me."
In the face of Connors’ "defection", Natasha only showed contempt with a pair of white eyes.
Seeing that the two men have signs of quarreling again, Zhang Lan quickly cut in.
"Isn’t it a solution? There is something!"
-"Natasha, you just want to equip the capable people with lifesaving things, right?"
-"Connors, I understand that you consider success, but if success can be reduced, it won’t be a problem, right?"
Zhang Lan repeatedly asked two questions to Connors one leng.
Natasha, on the other hand, reacted quickly with a faint excitement. "Blue, do you mean that you can reduce the green spinach pellets and maintain their efficacy?"
"I didn’t say that!" Zhang Lan quickly denied that "if the three-color pills are reduced, their efficacy will be reduced accordingly, and they will not be reduced to the same power."
"Oh, I see," Natasha asked with a look of excitement. "What do you say?"
Zhang Lan opened his mouth here and was about to say his solution. Connors suddenly patted his thigh and shouted excitedly, "I know!"
-"I know!"
-"What do I know? I can’t automatically produce yellow curry pills and red pepper pills. It’s the pharmaceutical variables that need to be taken into account because of different times!"