Ye Tian’s 30% strength has just been able to break the halo defense of Hagu’s shelter. When Ye Tiandi’s fist blasted in Hagu’s chest, the strength has been consumed almost. At this time, the thorn halo broke out.


Accompanied by a bright silver light, several sharp silver awns were instantly radiated from Hagu’s body. At first glance, Hagu’s whole body seemed to grow tens of millions of silver sharp thorns. At the same time, Ye Tian felt that his fist seemed to be pierced by several sharp needles and rushed down his arm sharply.
Er, in the middle of a stuffy hum, the middle of the day went backwards a few steps in a row, and my chest looked at Huck Yetian with a feeling of tightness and horror. I was secretly horrified. If I had just left seven powerful words, Huck was fine and Yetian was going to get hurt.
At the same time, the fist landed on Hagu’s body, and several needle-like gases broke out on the surface of thorns’ aura, and rushed up along the arm toward the chest. Fortunately, Ye Tianshi’s tone-shifting quarrelling was intercepted, otherwise it would hurt here.
Although Qian Yetian took part in many battles, especially in the deathtrap, he encountered more than 200 opponents, but it must be known that deathtrap is not suitable for the earth warrior, so he felt the lighter of the earth warrior for the first time.
Looking at Ye Tian’s horror expression, Ha Gu Ha ha, how about a smile? Now you know that the thorny halo shelter halo area is in the past 5 miles, right?
Hear the words of Hagu, Ye Tian can’t help nodding. This is too profound. The aura of shelter is actually equivalent to an atmospheric attack. It can only fall after being buffered by him.
The focus of the thorn halo is that once the word thorn breaks out, it will make people feel stabbed by thorns, and the stabbing here is not as simple as entering the meat. The quarrelling needle will go straight to the chest along the limbs, and once it is broken, it will be hopeless.
This thorn halo is equivalent to turning the earth warrior into a hedgehog. If you don’t fight, you won’t be able to prick your hand. Unless you are strong enough, you will definitely suffer a big loss if you can see the damage caused by the thorn reflection.
Appreciate watching Hagu. Although this guy has misunderstood Ye Tian a lot, he has no doubt. This is Ye Tian’s first true mentor in this world. Ye Tian has solved too many questions and personally felt the characteristics of the earth warrior in Yuzryha.
Looking at Ye Tian’s grateful and admiring eyes, Hagu seems to be embarrassed to scratch his head for Ye Tian’s image change. Hagu smiled and said, Are there any other questions?
I was stunned for a day and shook my head. It’s gone for the time being. Thank you for helping me answer these questions.
I smiled and shook my head. Hagu said, "Don’t thank me. I’m a mentor. That’s what I should do. Now that you have no problem, you can run laps. But you are a seventh-order grudge. Is it also a question of 100 laps if you want to run in listening steel armor?"
Facing Hagu’s inquiry, Ye Tian smiled indifferently. No problem. I will do what others can do. Ye Tian ran to the dressing room next to him to change a set of steel armor that weighed a lot.
See Ye Tianzou dressing room, Hagu nodded with satisfaction, paying attention to the fact that the speed can’t be too slow. If your friends are slow, there is no meaning of exercise.
Well a confused look at ha ancient leaves day not too white his meaning.
Facing a face of doubt, Ye Tianhagu explained that the five-terrace lighter is a collision. To complete these moves, you must run mainly on your legs.
Hearing the old saying, Ye Tian suddenly realized that yes, all four collision skills need to rely on the strength of the legs. Although other parts of the body also need strength, the legs are the main ones.
Looking at Ye Tian’s face suddenly, Hagu continued, when you can run at a speed of 3 meters per lap in this armor, you can come to me, and I will give you the fifth-order lighter and savage collision.
Hear the ancient words Ye Tian also not much said directly stepped on the runway with Ye Tiandi’s feet stepping into the emerald runway. At the moment, a heavy pressure came from all directions toward Ye Tiandi’s body.
Ye God knows that this is a slow halo or a gravity halo, but although Ye Tian will also practice this lighter in the seventh order, it is the first time to feel the feeling of being in a gravity halo.
Because this is a five-terrace halo runway, the weight of the body has soared by five times at the moment of stepping into the halo range. It is difficult to move a step even if you run away.
Look at Ye Tian’s painful expression. What’s wrong with Hagu Avenue? No one wants you to run by strength alone. You can play pissing match.
Ye Tian couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard Hagu’s words, even if he didn’t let quarrelling, Ye Tian’s current state root method was running in five times the gravity area.
Five times to gravity area and listen to armor leaf day now bear the gravity seventh-order slow aura is about the same, but can cast quarrelling words this weight is affordable.
Thinking Ye Tian took a deep breath and instilled quarrelling in the running body into his legs and took a big step. It can be said that Ye Tian now plays a small role in every step, and most of them are driven by quarrelling.
After running for a few steps, Ye Tianlai understood this training purpose. For this training, Ye Tianlai is very exclusive. His quarrelling is already the seventh order. Why do you still make this straightforward and brutal collision?
However, after a few steps, everything turned white. This collision is not a force by the roots. Although some forces are in it, the most important thing is to rely on quarrelling.
At the moment, Ye Tian, who is shouldering huge gravity, is the method of relying on the ground force to walk. If you want to take steps, you must rely on quarrelling to push your body. Once you are proficient in quarrelling, you will have to leave the gravity zone and collide with the foundation mode.
Pushing Ye Tian hard in quarrelling, stepping heavily, and then focusing on the other foot to gather quarrelling and push hard.
Ye Tian, who can’t run away from the gravity halo, can’t even walk well now, feeling the great pressure of his body. Ye Tian feels that he seems to have become a stumbling child. Generally, every step is so difficult. Ha ha ha ha. When Ye Tian moved forward step by step, nine hospitals laughed and ran past him, mocking and tilting their heads to look at Ye Tian with a contemptuous expression.
In the face of everyone mocking Ye Tian, everyone came from this time. No one was born a genius. Even Ye Tian finally climbed the highest peak of the game industry through nearly 20 years of hard work.
The venue is very small, and the runway is a ring with a circumference of about meters, so Ye Tian can’t walk twenty paces, and the nine guys will chase him from behind and make all kinds of mocking noises.
Coldly tilting eyes Ye Tian watched nine guys move and look carefully. Those guys seemed to be loaded with bullets, so they jumped off the ground with one foot and glided in the middle for a while, and then the other foot fell to the ground and the body bounced up again, so they jumped forward step by step.
Despise and leave the pie mouth. Ye Tian is full of disdain. In this way, Ye Tian can complete a lap in 30 seconds now. Ye Tian’s strength and physical quality now can complete a lap in 20 seconds.
But in fact, Ye Tian would never do this. Although this can be done in ancient times, it is actually tricky to ask who can jump like this in battle.

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